Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Call on the Federal Government to make primary and secondary school education totally free.

Yesterday, DAP Ipoh Barat gave a helping hand to 76 poor school going children of Kg Chan Thye Lee .

All of them were given a set of school uniforms and shoes.

Despite the fact that the nation has achieved Merdeka for 52 years, there are still many poor school going children who need help .This is why we have decided to do our bit.

Every year when new school session begins, there are many parents who have to worry about finding the money for their children's schooling needs.

This is not something new and many elected representatives, whether from the Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat , are aware of it.

I therefore call on the Federal Government to make primary and secondary school education totally free by abolishing the school fees

Such fees may not mean much to those who can afford, but they can be a burden to many working class parents, especially when they have a few school going children.

I also wish to propose that the Education Ministry considers the system whereby primary school students who have excellent academic performance be allowed to skip a year and move up.

Finally, The Education Ministry has to ensure that mother tongue language subjects must be available in all national schools irrespective of the number of students interested in the subjects.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Next GE: 'Let police stand as candidates'

DAP rep stumped by 'police intimidation' charge

Azmil Tayeb: Ean Yong Hian Wah was only urging the police to stop probing Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. ‘Urging' is only ‘appealing', so what is so wrong?

The police have a more important role in crime prevention involving deaths and robbery. Now, with this case, we must thank the police for giving more points to Pakatan Rakyat in the coming general election.

I hope that should Pakatan walk into Putrajaya the very first agenda is to push for the IPCMC. The Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar should stop these arm-twisting tactics. The rakyat have lost faith in the police, the judiciary and the MACC.

Suhaimi Said: The police should declare that they are part and parcel of the BN coalition and they should stand as candidates in the next general election. They are not neutral and they act oppressively towards the opposition.

Multi Racial: Our government service - be it from the police, state assembly staff and many other government departments - are biased towards BN. Maybe this is due to BN being in power for way too long or that they are intimidated by them.

It means these people are not professional. There are so many things that need to be changed in Malaysia. This is just only one.

KSN: The police should take DAP leader M Kulasegaran's advice which appeared in yesterday's papers in that they should investigate crime and not personalities. In short, they should be professional.

But that seems unlikely to happen under the current circumstances with the leadership of the police and the politicians they appear to take instructions from. That is the public perception as it is.

Ean Yong, police - 'Who is intimidating who?'

Snoopdog: ‘Sack the whole police force and replace them?' Then what, the army, the navy and all the local governments councils? Sack them too and replace them with PKR-friendly people?

If PKR reps are not stopped in their tracks, then they will become more lawless so I say anytime they say anything, go after them.

That is the name of the game. The majority rules and the majority voted for BN. At the next election, we will vote them in again as we do not need the law of the jungle that the PKR will bring.

That's when the judiciary that will set everybody free, criminals will get away carrying guns and killing people and when criminals become more important than their victims.

Mythots: Let's not read too much into all these sideshows and continue to focus on the real issues at hand, namely, working hard to change the government in office at the next general election.

Let's face it - they have the machinery but we have the vote, so let's start using this power of our vote wisely.

Let us not rest until we have effected a change in the country's leadership at the 13th general election. Everything else is a stark reminder to the task ahead.

Kanasai: Who is this Khalid Abu Bakar? He is intimidated by just a statement? What type of courage does the Malaysian police force have? The criminals are laughing. No wonder the crime rate has never improved.

The only improvement is just the key performance indicators (KPI) of the inspector-general of police but he would be a laughing stock unless this Khalid is removed due to incompetency.

Inspectour Klueso: The clueless Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series, notwithstanding his unending bumbling and fumbling actions, in the end always nails the culprits.

Unfortunately, Khalid, despite the ‘Tan Sri', ‘Datukship' and whatever else conferred on him, goes through the same Clouseau-like routines, but in the end, nails the wrong people.

Michael Ng: What do you expect the general public to think of our police? If we all think the police force sounds like it belongs to Umno, can you blame us? Looks like the police hands are alway busy with anything connected to the Pakatan leaders.

Bapak Toyol: Khalid, stop treating the citizens like fools. It appears you do not even know your priorities.

Investigate crime and not politicians, police urged

IPOH: Police should be spending more time investigating crime and preventing it from happening rather than investigating politicians.

DAP national vice-chairman M. Kula­segaran said police were barking up the wrong tree by investigating Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over his alleged seditious remarks.

”What Lim said during the Pakatan Rakyat convention in Shah Alam recently was based on the findings of Thai pathologist Dr Porntip Rojanasunan,” he said yesterday.

Speaking to reporters before distributing calendars at the Jelapang market here, the Ipoh Barat MP pointed out that Dr Porntip had said in court that the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock was 80% homicide.

Kulasegaran was commenting on Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar’s statement that Lim was being investigated for allegedly saying that Teoh was murdered.

On another matter, Kulasegaran called on the Elections Commission to introduce automatic voter registration.

“If the EC is serious in ensuring qualified people become registered voters, it must push for automatic registration,” he said.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nazri tells Utusan to stop racist agenda

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

Enough with the racism, says Nazri. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 — Umno maverick Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has continued to condemn Utusan Malaysia for its “outdated” racist propaganda, saying the Umno-owned newspaper must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country.

“They should stop it because how would we (the Malays) like it if people say that Malays are lazy and stupid? We would also get angry. Don’t do to others what we don’t want others to do unto us,” the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department told The Malaysian Insider.

The Umno supreme council member had earlier castigated the Malay daily for defending the controversial National Civics Bureau, or Biro Tata Negara (BTN), for its courses which he said were racist. The opposition has also claimed that BTN propagated political indoctrination.

“And more so now, under the prime minister (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) and 1 Malaysia, we must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country,” he added.

Utusan has been a mouthpiece for Umno ultra-nationalists and a tool for defending the party’s “Ketuanan Melayu” (Malay supremacy) policy.

The newspaper has also been criticised for being used to attack the opposition and ratcheting up racial tensions.

“I have reiterated that we must learn from Nicole David and other athletes. It is not acceptable to be a racist in 2010. It does not matter if we keep saying that we are not racist if our actions show otherwise. Enough with racism already.

“50 years after Independence, where are we headed to? Are we still going to deny that the Chinese and Indian community have any right to stay in this country? I think it is outdated,” Nazri added.

The Umno-owned newspaper was responsible for running daily stories criticising calls to allow former communist leader Chin Peng to return to Malaysia, linking it to what the newspaper says are moves to question Malay rights.

The paper also suggested that DAP was anti-Islam and said Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was willing to betray the Malays to be prime minister — both incendiary subjects in mainly Malay-Muslim Malaysia.

Its articles have labelled the Chinese community as “pendatang” (immigrants) and the Indian community as “keling”.

Nazri added that Malaysians can longer accept categorising minorities with derogatory names.

“Malaysians, including the Malays, can no longer accept calling Chinese as immigrants and Indians with derogatory terms like ‘keling’.

“I think that if we want to act on a few that question Malay rights, then we should attack them only but not the whole community. If there are one or two individual Chinese or Indians that question Malay rights then we attack them only. We should not label the whole community as anti-Malay.

“As an elected representative, I know that that all the races are enjoying good relationships, so we should not take one or two bad examples as a basis to attack the whole community. I cannot agree with that. I am very much against racism. I hate racism,” he explained.

EC must not harp on the problem but to implement the solution.

A NST report on Thursday has stated that the number of total voters should have been more than 16 million , but because of apathy, Malaysia has only about 11 million registered voters.

Selangor has the most unregistered voters with 787,500 , followed by Johor.(605,000). Other states with large numbers of unregistered voters are Perak with 527,000, Sarawak (475,000), Kuala Lumpur (350,000), Kedah (317,000) and Sabah (280,000).

Election Commission ( EC) deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said the numbers would be higher considering about 450,000 people reached the eligible voting age each year.The statistics revealed are not surprising at all , neither is the revelation something new. Malaysians have often read reports about EC's consistent failures to register new voters.

In fact, In November last year, Wan Ahmad revealed that there will be two million young people who will be eligible to vote at the next general election, in addition to the 4 million who did not register before the 2008 general election. 4 million then constituted about 25 % of the total number of registered voters.

The NST report also quoted Wan Ahamd as saying, “If there are no serious efforts to create awareness of the importance of registering as voters, the number will increase.?“The ‘I-couldn’t-care-less’ attitude or failure to understand the importance of voting are the main causes of this problem.”

But other than stating the causes and problem , why has the EC not proposed an effective solution to overcome the problem?

What ever that are being done today to register new voters were done before the 2008 general election. All year round registration by the EC as well as assistance provided by political parties to increase awareness and to register the voters were carried out but these efforts met with limited success.

Although more people are expected to register as general election approaches but it will take a miracle for EC to be able to register 90 % of qualified citizens as new voters.

The effective and only solution is for the EC to introduce automatic registration of voters.

If the EC is serious about ensuring that qualified citizens will become registered voters , it must push for the automatic registration of voters.

Political apathy could be the obvious problem , but automatic registration is the effective solution. Why does EC keep harping on the problem and not implement the solution?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today ten passengers were killed when a double decker Express bus skided near Ipoh on the North-South Expressway. The bus has been brought to the Ipoh police station. My political secretary Tana and I were there to take some photos of the bus. It was a horrible scene! We met a Bus operator who said the safety standards... in making of the bus could have been compromised. He also asked, are our normal bus drivers who are assigned to drive double decker bus competent and sufficiently trained?
Opening of the car wash center at 1pm at Buntong, Ipoh . Maniam is the operator of the car wash. Locals and his “taxi” friends grace the occasion. We wish the best in this new business venture of his.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Serah siasatan kepada Suruhanjaya Diraja

SHAH ALAM – Kerajaan digesa menubuhkan sebuah Suruhanjaya Diraja bagi menyiasat kehilangan dua enjin pesawat pemintas F-5E milik Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) bernilai kira-kira RM100 juta.

Naib Pengerusi DAP, M Kulasegaran berkata, siasatan terperinci perlu dilakukan kerana kehilangan enjin pesawat itu telah menimbulkan pelbagai persoalan dan kebimbangan rakyat terutama berkenaan tahap keselamatan negara.

“Kami menggesa supaya satu Suruhanjaya Diraja ditubuhkan bagi membolehkan kes ini disiasat dengan telus dan menyeluruh memandangkan kreadibiliti pihak polis masih dipertikaikan malah agensi keselamatan itu berada di bawah kuasa Perdana Menteri.

“Laporan berhubung kes itu juga perlu diserahkan ke Parlimen bagi mengelakkan pihak atasan yang berkonspirasi dalam jenayah ini terlepas dan memastikan siasatan terperinci dilakukan,” katanya kepada :Sinar Harian:, di sini semalam.

Dalam pada itu, Naib Presiden PKR, Lee Boon Chye berkata, rakyat kini bimbang dengan tahap keselamatan negara di mana dikhuatiri terdapat benda lain termasuk maklumat keselamatan negara turut diseludup keluar.

“Bayangkan enjin pesawat yang bersaiz besar, malah dikawal rapi juga boleh hilang. Kami tidak menolak kemungkinan ada benda lain seperti senjata dan maklumat keselamatan negara turut dijual.

“Perkara ini adalah serius dan tidak boleh dipandang ringan bukan sahaja membabitkan masalah kehilangan enjin sebaliknya pengurusan TUDM dalam menjamin keselamatan negara,” katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Timbalan Pengerusi DAP Kebangsaan, Tan Seng Giaw berkata, Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dilihat gagal melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya sebagai Menteri Pertahanan apabila jelas tragedi itu berlaku sewaktu beliau memegang jawatan itu.

“Kami menggesa Perdana Menteri menjelaskan perkara yang sebenar dalam hal ini, sama ada dua atau lebih enjin pesawat yang hilang kerana perkara ini ada kaitan soal keselamatan negara.

“Jika enjin pesawat itu boleh hilang, ini bermakna keselamatan kita tidak terjamin,” katanya.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Challenge MCA and PPP to state their stand on Ketuanan Melayu concept

Last Sunday, a group of BN and NGO members held a demonstration outside the DAP Perak office, in protest against me and DAP MP for Taiping, Nga Kor Ming for allegedly raising sensitive issues which could threaten racial harmony in the country.

In response to previous police reports lodged and articles written against me, I have publicly explained that Ketuanan Melayu concept has nothing to do with the position of the Rulers and that such concept is not found in the Constitution.

The allegations that I have questioned the Malay special rights under Article 153 of the Constitution or the position of the Rulers are therefore false and baseless.

What I had said in Parliament on the question of Ketuanan Melayu was that this concept is a hindrance to national unity.

I still maintain today that genuine racial and national unity could only be achieved when all are treated as equal masters . Moreover, Ketuanan Melayu is a political concept propagated by UMNO for its political interest only.

The question of me making an apology hence does not arise .

I am not surprised that those who have wrong understanding of the Ketuanan Melayu concept will react emotionally against my raising the issue in Parliament .

I can also expect some who want to politicise or manipulate the issue will want to lodge police reports or hold demonstration against me.

I was nevertheless surprised that MCA and PPP youth leaders were present at the Sunday demonstration.

But ultimately they have to accept one fact as recently said by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Mohd Nazri-- that Ketuanan Melayu concept is not compatible with 1 Malaysia concept.

Nazri was right to say that we cannot be talking about Ketuanan an Melayu on one hand and at the same time , talk about 1 Malaysia concept.

Since MCA and PPP youth leaders were present at the demonstration , I wish to challenge the national MCA and PPP leadership to make clear their stand on the issue of Ketuanan Melayu concept.

Do they agree with my stand that Ketuanan Melayu concept is a hindrance to national unity in the country?

Do they agree with Nazri's view that Ketuanan an Melayu concept is not compatible with the Prime Minister's 1 Malaysia concept?

Do they agree that the Ketuanan Melayu concept should be dropped and replaced with Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept?

Monday, December 21, 2009

PPP dan MCA jangan bersikap keterlaluan dan meperbodohkan diri sendiri.

Kenyataan Media daripada D. Tanabalan, Setiausaha Politik kepada Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat pada 21/12/2009 di Ipoh.

Berturutan dengan Isu Ketuanan Melayu yang sering diputarbelitkan oleh UMNO, saya ingin menyatakan bahawa Pakatan Rakyat tidak pernah menghina kedudukan kaum Melayu.

Mengikut Dasar Pakatan Rakyat yang pertama dibawah Demokrasi Telus dan Tulen yang diistiharkan di Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat Pertama,

Pakatan Rakyat akan mempertahankan Perlembangan Persekutuan, Islam sebagai agama bagi Persekutuan dan agama-agama lain boleh diamalkan dengan aman dan damai di mana-mana di Negara ini serta melindungi kedudukan istimewa mana-mana antara orang Melayu dan anak negeri mana-mana antara Negeri Sabah dan Sarawak dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain sejajar dengan Perkara 153.

Wakil PPP yang diketuai oleh Ravi Chandran dan Wakil MCA yang diketuai oleh Lim Huey Shen atau mana-mana pihak yang sering menunjukan perasaan akibat daripada angkara UMNO – BN harus mempelajari Dasar Pakatan Rakyat sebelum membuat sebarang kenyataan.

Kami PR hanya mahu mengimplimentasikan Ketuanan Rakyat yang membawa perubahan di Negara yang kami cintai. Bukan seperti UMNO yang sering akuh dengan Ketuanan Melayu malah mereka berbuat demikian supaya Ketuanan UMNO dapat diteruskan.

Kepada pihak berkuasa terutamanya Polis Di Raja Malaysia, setiap kali semasa parti – parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat mengadakan perhimpunan, mereka mengklasifikan perhimpunan tersebut di atas nama “PERHIMPUNAN HARAM” malah menggunakan pasukannya dan gas pemedih mata untuk menghalau penyokong PR.

Tetapi bagi pihak Barisan Nasional mereka mengklasifikan sebagai perhimpuanan aman. Kenapakan Negara Malaysia mempunyai undang-undang yang double standard? Apakah Menteri Dalam Negeri dan Ketua Polis Negara tidur semasa perhimpunan ini berlaku?

Saya ingin menyarankan kepada wakil-wakil yang mengetuai perhimpunan di bawah pimpinan UMNO supaya jangan memutarbelitkan dan memperkecilkan pemikiran rakyat.

Apakah pendirian MIC dan Gerakan mengenai hal? Inginkah mereka mempelajari atau mengambilkira kandungan yang diimplimentasikan oleh Pakatan Rakyat?


Kenyataan akhbar P.Sugumaran (Setiausaha, Kumpulan Khidmat DAP Jelapang) berhubung;
Apakah daya MCA & PPP dalam menjaga martabat kaum Islam dinegara ini? Mereka ini seolah bertindak sebagai kutu-kutu mangsa keadaan dan paksaan oleh UMNO/BN. Tanpa mereka, pelampau-pelampau UMNO/BN sememangnya tidak dapat bersuara kerana UMNO/BN sudah tahu suara mereka untuk menjaga serta mempertahankan hak kaum Islam adalah satu GIMIK POLITIK.

Pemimpin DAP tidak pernah menggangu detik nadi bangsa Melayu dinegara ini kerana kami faham dengan apa yang dinyatakan dalam perlembagaan persekutuan artikel 153. Kelakuan melampau ini bukannya satu situasi yang tidak dijangka tetapi hairan dan pelik dengan kelakuan si pengecut dari MCA dan PPP yang suka mahu menari ikut rentak UMNO/BN.

Dimanakah letaknya maruah dan pendirian ahli-ahli MCA dan PPP dalam isu ini? Adakah mereka ini mewakili seluruh kaum Cina dan India dinegara ini untuk menyuarakan ketidakpuashatian serta membantah tindakan ahli parlimen yang menyoal tentang Ketuanan Melayu? Adakah mereka ini membantah sekeras-keras kepentingan “Ketuanan Rakyat”?

Seluruh rakyat dinegara ini sudah pasti akan terbeliak biji mata yang tidak sangka orang-orang MCA dan PPP yang begitu lemah dan kurang ajar membuat tuntutan sehingga mendesak DAP untuk meminta maaf secara terbuka mengenai isu Ketuanan Melayu. Bagi saya, mereka ini adalah golongan-golongan pengikut ajaran politik songsang UMNO/BN yang langsung tidak mempedulikan kepentingan kaum bukan melayu dinegara ini.

UMNO/BN adalah satu kumpulan politik yang sudah hilang arah dalam menegakkan kepentingan semua rakyat Malaysia dibawah laungan konsep 1Malaysia. Bagi saya, Melayu UMNO/BN yang tidak boleh terima kritikkan serta menegak kepentingan “Ketuanan Rakyat” memaparkan kelemahan mereka. Mereka ini bukanlah Melayu yang bertenaga seperti zaman dahulu yang sanggup mempertahankan maruah berbilang bangsa tanpa mengira kaum dan agama demi kemakmuran dan kesejahteraan negara ini.

UMNO/BN adalah ektrimis Islam sehingga mencemarkan nama baik rakan-rakan Melayu yang lain yang benar-benar faham dengan salahsilah sejarah negara serta kepentingan kaum Islam dinegara ini. Tidak pernah kami menafikan kehebatan dan kebijaksanaan rakan-rakan Melayu dinegara ini yang menjadi penentu dalam segala aspek kemajuan Malaysia diperingkat antarabangsa. Tetapi kelakuan segelintir kumpulan pelampau UMNO/BN mencerminkan kebiadapan serta menggangu keharmonian negara ini boleh dianggap tindakan yang mahu memecahbelahkan perpaduan rakyat.

Kami tidak pernah menuntut supaya kerajaan Malaysia memberikan layanan yang saksama kepada bukan Melayu tetapi kami mahu Kerajaan menjaga kepentingan semua rakyat dari segi social, ekonomi, pendidikan, agama serta kebebasan bersuara harus dijadikan agenda utama pentadbiran negara. Adakah tuntutan ini menggangu emosi mana-mana pihak kaum?
Penyertaan wakil MCA dan wakil PPP yang mengambil bahagian dalam penyerahaan memorandum semalam dipejabat DAP, sudah sah menyatakan bahawa mereka ini diugut oleh puak-puak UMNO/BN serta NGO yang dikuasai oleh UMNO/BN.

Saya ingin mencabar wakil MCA dan PPP supaya nyatakan pendirian mereka dalam isu ini dengan menyatakan bahawa mereka tidak peduli dengan “Ketuanan Rakyat” dan mahu menegakkan “Ketuanan Melayu” sehingga menggadai maruah mereka untuk menjadi hamba abdi kepada UMNO/BN.

Nazri lashes out at Malay supremacy advocates

Humayun Kabir Dec 12, 09 4:25pm - Malaysiakini

Premier Najib Abdul Razak concept of 1Malaysia does not subscribe to Malay supremacy, which is feudalistic in nature and not in line with uniting all the races as Malaysians.

This is the clear message from Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz (left) to extremists who keep harping on Malay supremacy for political mileage and self interest.He said this when asked by Malaysiakini to comment on the current trend of some organisations and groups to play on the Malay supremacy theme, stirring up uneasiness, tension and fear among the other races.

The debate intensified when DAP Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran described Malay supremacy and the New Economic Policy at a recent parliamentary sitting as drawbacks that went against the concept of uniting the various races under the banner of the 1Malaysia concept.This sparked an emotional chain-reaction among various groups which have lodged several police reports against Kulasegaran for questioning the special rights of Malays and some even called for the revoking of his citizenship and deporting him to India.

Responding to this, Nazri said, "It is their personal right to lodge police reports but at the end of the day, this move will only be a setback for the 1Malaysia concept."We are now living in 2010 and I do not subscribe to the Malay supremacy," he told Malaysiakini after launching a new bus service from Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh at the Kuala Kangsar taxi stand this morning.

"It is ridiculous to harp on such an issue which is only regressive to the 1Malaysia concept. To me, it is only the 1Malaysia concept that matters and nothing else," said the Umno politician who does not mince his words when commenting on the issue."We should not split the 1Malaysia concept with statements such as Malay supremacy or Indian supremacy or Chinese supremacy.""Instead we should pool the positive aspects and business experiences of the Indian and Chinese communities to bring greater prosperity to the economy of our country," the Padang Rengas MP added.

The minister, who is in charge of parliamentary affairs, said it is common for each race in the country to fight for the rights of their individual community but at the end of the day they must be united for the betterment of the nation.

Old school buses

On another matter, Nazri said the government's decision on the ban of school buses which are over 20 years old will depend on the feedback from Puspakom on the roadworthiness of such vehicles.

"We have nothing against such vehicles as long as they are considered as roadworthy by Puspakom."He was responding to a news report that quoted the Federation of Malaysian School Bus Operators Association president Chee Ah Tay as saying that such a ban early next year will inconvenience many school-going children nationwide who commute on school buses.

Chee said the move should only be introduced in stages to reduce the hardships of bus owners as new buses cost about RM60,000.On another matter, the call by a taxi association asking for Nazri to resign from his ministry post for stating that taxis are like toilets, Nazri said, "They have shortcomings in their services which should be addressed in a positive manner instead of seeking cheap publicity through the press."As for the feud between him and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he said the matter is closed now as requested by Najib

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Call on the Prime Minister to declare the inclusion of 1 Policy and endorsement of Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia in his 1 Malaysia concept.

Speech by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman at the Florex restaurant on the occasion of Kepayang Dinner “March to Putra Jaya” on 19/12/09

When Dr Mahathir Mohammad became the Prime Minister, he introduced the " Amanah Bersih Cekap" ( ABC) slogan.

Today, most people will talk about the ABC ( Air Batu Campur ) but not his slogan because his slogan did not achieve much to make lasting impressions on the people.

Ask any Malaysian whether they believe that our country has become " Bersih" of the evils of corruption, the answer will be a resounding no.

Ask those people who have failed so many times in the last twenty or even thirty years in their citizenship applications, they will tell you what is their feeling of ' Cekap" to you.

If the government is Cekap, no one who is qualified and deserving has to wait for even one year to have his citizenship application processed and approved .

Although the new Home Minister Dato Seri Hishammuddin is more efficient in handling citizenship applications and deserve some commendation , but the joke now is that more people may have to " ambush " or "hug" him at function he is attending to make personal appeals in order to get speedy approval.

If the government is really " Cekap" , no one will have to " ambush" or " hug " the Home Minister to make personal appeal or to beg for special help.

When Dato Seri Abdullah Ahamad Badawi became the nation's fifth Prime Minister, he made " Cemerlang, Cemilang and Terbilang " the slogan of the Barisan Nasional's 2004 general election manifesto.

Malaysians gave Barisan Nasional its biggest win in 2004 general election but gave it its worst ever electoral defeat in 2008 general election because the government had failed to walk the talk with its promises.

Today, few Malaysians remember the " Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang" , and not a single Cabinet Minister has talked about it. Some Malaysians still remember the general election joke that the word " Terbilang" actually means " Temberang"..

When Dato Seri Najib Razak succeeded Abdullah Badawi, he decided to introduce his 1 Malaysia concept. So many beautiful words have been said about this concept. It will definitely become the main theme of BN's next general election manifesto.

But whether Malaysians can actually see justice , fairness and equality in this 1 Malaysia concept depends on whether he can walk the talk.

The first test of his walking the talk is whether the Prime Minister is prepared to declare the inclusion of 1 Policy and endorsement of Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia in his 1 Malaysia concept.

If I Malaysia concept means justice and fairness for all , it must include 1 Policy -- the implementation of just and fair policies irrespective of race and religion.
If 1 Malaysia concept means equality for all, Najib should declare that it does not mean the outdated Ketuanan Melayu concept but the Pakatan Rakyat's proposed Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept.

Ketuanan Melayu concept has nothing to do with the position of Malay Rulers and is not to be found in the Merdeka Constitution . It is a political concept propagated to serve not the Malay race, but the political interest of UMNO.This concept should be replaced by the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which rightly stresses the people as the masters , not any one race.

The I Policy and Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concepts will make all Malaysians feel they are all truly Malaysians and ensure that they can all have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.I call on the Prime Minister to declare the inclusion of 1 Policy and endorsement of Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia in his 1 Malaysia concept.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Raja perlu perjuang perpaduan rakyat


PUTRAJAYA 14 Dis. - Raja-raja Melayu harus bersatu dengan memberi gambaran bahawa kedudukan kuasa politiknya tetap utuh dengan sokongan rakyat yang sedar kepentingan institusi tersebut.

Menolak kemungkinan Malaysia menuju republik dengan sentimen politik sekarang, Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim berkata, institusi raja perlu memperlihatkan titik-titik sentuhan antara raja dan rakyat agar kewujudannya dinilai secara adil oleh masyarakat.

Beliau menarik perhatian mengenai gambaran yang dipaparkan hari ini khususnya kalangan anak muda terhadap majlis-majlis raja yang terlalu tradisi seperti penganugerahan pingat dan darjah kebesaran.

''Institusi raja perlu menampakkan nilainya kepada masyarakat seperti mana yang dilakukan oleh Raja Nazrin Shah dan Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah yang sering membuat teguran seperti 'jangan pihak berkuasa lebih sangat politiknya'.

''Ini cara yang lebih nyata iaitu raja menyuarakan sesuatu yang pokok berkaitan soal perpaduan (rakyat).

''Jika tidak buat demikian, Perkara 153, 160 atau Perkara 152 berkaitan Islam dan seterusnya akan dilupai. Ini cara hendak menghentikan trend seolah-olah kita sedang menuju ke republik," katanya.

Beliau mengulas kolum Bisik-Bisik Mingguan Awang Selamat bertajuk Malaysia menuju republik terbitan Mingguan Malaysia 13 Disember lalu.

Dalam kolum itu, Awang Selamat menyuarakan kekhuatiran mengapa konsep ketuanan Melayu yang tidak dilaung-laungkan oleh masyarakat Melayu kebelakangan ini, dijadikan isu oleh DAP.
''Ketuanan Melayu bersandarkan perlembagaan negara. Apakah para pemimpin DAP yang memperjuangkan gagasan Malaysian Malaysia kini menolak kedudukan Raja-raja dan mahu menjadikan Malaysia negara republik? Awang percaya itu yang tersirat.

''Tetapi disebabkan rasa terdesak DAP kerana perkembangan politik tidak memihak kepada pembangkang, banyak perkara tersirat sudah menjadi tersurat. Semakin banyak petunjuk memperlihatkan persiapan DAP begitu sistematik menuju ke arah negara republik dengan sasaran utama untuk menulis semula perlembagaan," menurut kolum tersebut.

Rais berkata, dalam menentukan arus perjuangan, orang Melayu sebenarnya turut serta dalam penekanan 'sama rata, sama rasa' mengikut acuan 'pihak tertentu' tanpa mengenal hak dan kedudukan dalam Perlembagaan atau di bawah sekatan-sekatan budaya.

''Keadaan ini menyebabkan sebahagian masyarakat menyokong tanpa memandang ke belakang (sejarah). Konsep igalitarian (republik) ini mewujudkan satu keadaan di mana kita seolah-olah tidak ada ketuanan atau sekatan sosio-budaya.

''Jadi, persoalan timbul mengapa sebahagian besar orang Melayu dalam Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan Pas tidak fikir begitu (mempertahankan perlembagaan sedia ada)," katanya.

Jus soli bukti kemurahan Melayu

KUALA LUMPUR 14 Dis. - DAP serta kaum minoriti di negara ini sepatutnya berterima kasih kerana mereka diberi status kerakyatan secara jus soli iaitu kerakyatan sama rata iaitu taraf kerakyatan yang diberi berdasarkan tempat kelahiran tanpa mengira bangsa dan keturunan dan bukannya mempersoal ketuanan Melayu.

Penganalisis politik yang juga tokoh akademik, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak berkata, perbuatan yang berterusan mempersoalkan ketuanan Melayu adalah perbuatan biadap dan tidak menghormati kaum Melayu sebagai teras bangsa Malaysia.

"DAP sepatutnya bersyukur kerana diterima sebagai rakyat Malaysia melalui kaedah jus soli. Di China, kerakyatan ditentukan berdasarkan darah keturunan dan jika negara mengamalkan dasar yang sama, DAP dan kaum minoriti di negara ini adalah sekadar pendatang," katanya ketika dihubungi Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas tulisan Awang Selamat dalam kolum di Utusan Malaysia hari ini yang membayangkan sama ada DAP cuba menjadikan negara ini sebagai sebuah republik kerana menolak ketuanan Melayu yang sekali gus turut menolak kedudukan Raja-Raja Melayu.

Bagi Awang Selamat, hasrat DAP itu jelas kerana secara sistematik pemimpin-pemimpin kanan parti itu mempersoalkan ketuanan Melayu yang didakwa kononnya menzalimi kaum lain, malah, lebih berani turut mempersoalkan peruntukan pembinaan banyak masjid berbanding rumah ibadat lain.

Ditanya sama ada DAP berhasrat untuk menjadikan negara ini sebuah republik, Mohamed berkata, semua orang sedar bahawa itulah matlamat parti pembangkang tersebut melalui perjuangan Malaysian Malaysianya.

Menurutnya, untuk mencapai matlamat Malaysian Malaysia, DAP perlu menghapuskan ketuanan Melayu dan kedudukan Raja-Raja Melayu kerana selagi raja mempunyai kuasa matlamat jahat mereka tidak akan tercapai.

"Sebab itu, DAP mempergunakan kumpulan politik Melayu untuk memecah-belah perpaduan masyarakat Melayu.

''Jika perpecahan berlaku, hasrat berkenaan lebih mudah dilaksanakan tanpa banyak penentangan. Pada ketika itu Melayu akan kembali menjadi seperti waktu dijajah dahulu," jelasnya.

Dalam pada itu, seorang lagi penganalisis politik, Prof. Datuk Dr. Zainal Kling berkata, tidak mustahil tragedi 13 Mei 1969 berulang tetapi dalam skala yang lebih besar jika orang Melayu tidak segera bersatu bagi menyekat cita-cita DAP yang mahu menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negara republik.

Jelasnya, kemungkinan itu berasas jika melihat kepada tindak tanduk DAP yang begitu 'rakus' mempersoal dan mengguris hati masyarakat Melayu dewasa ini.

"Itu sebelum mereka berkuasa ... bayangkan apa akan jadi jika negara ini dipimpin oleh DAP atau boneka mereka pada masa depan. Kita boleh menilai destinasi melalui langkah pertama (DAP) lagi. Sudah pasti tiada lagi ketuanan Melayu dan hak serta kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu juga akan dihapuskan.

"Jika ini berlaku, maka saya pasti tragedi berdarah akan berulang kembali kerana sebahagian besar masyarakat Melayu masih lagi menghormati raja memandang institusi tersebut adalah lambang sebuah identiti Melayu," katanya.

Mengulas lanjut, Zainal berkata, DAP mungkin percaya bahawa mereka akan berkuasa selepas Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 nanti, maka, pemikiran rakyat cuba dimomok secara agresif agar masyarakat menolak ketuanan Melayu.

"Ini bagi memastikan hasrat mereka untuk menjadikan negara ini sebagai sebuah negara republik lebih senang kerana pada masa itu nanti pemikiran-pemikiran Melayu moden ini sudah menolak semua yang menjadi asas yang dipertahankan dalam Perlembagaan," katanya.
Sementara itu, Presiden Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), Datuk Ibrahim Ali percaya, usaha terancang DAP itu adalah lanjutan perjuangan komunis yang dijelmakan melalui pertubuhan politik.

Kata beliau, tindakan DAP secara berterusan mempersoalkan ketuanan Melayu adalah tidak lebih untuk meraih sokongan politik penduduk bukan Melayu, kerana fakta jelas membuktikan kaum minoriti di negara ini menikmati kehidupan yang selesa sehingga boleh menguasai ekonomi.

Sehubungan itu, beliau menggesa kerajaan supaya tidak berlembut dan memberi muka kepada golongan yang berani mempersoalkan Perlembagaan.

It is time that the Prime Minister must speak up.

A December 12 Malaysiakini report titled " Nazri lashes out at Malay supremacy advocates " says:-

" Premier Najib Abdul Razak concept of 1Malaysia does not subscribe to Malay supremacy which is feudalistic in nature and not inline with uniting all the races as Malaysians.

This is the clear message from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz to extremists who keep harping on the community’s supremacy for political mileage and self interest.

He said this when asked by Malaysiakini to comment on the current trend of some organisations and groups to play on the Malay supremacy theme, stirring up uneasiness, tension and fear among the other races.

This cry for blood intensified when DAP Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran described Malay supremacy and the New Economic Policy at a recent parliamentary sitting as drawbacks that went against the concept of uniting the various races under the banner of the 1Malaysia concept.

This sparked an emotional chain-reaction among various groups and organisations that lodged several police reports against Kula for questioning the special rights of Malays (read as Malay supremacy) and some even called for the revoking of his citizenship and deporting him to India.

Responding to this, Nazri said “It is their personal right to lodge such police reports but at the end of the day, this move will only be a setback for the 1Malaysia concept."

Although I do not often see eye to eye with Nazri on many issues, I must commend him for his honesty and courage in saying what is right on the question of Malay supremacy.

Actually, it is plain obvious to all that the Malay supremacy concept is not and cannot be the right recipe for forging genuine racial unity in the country.

But why are the other BN ministers keeping silent on this issue when Utusan Malaysia and its writer Awang Selamat are playing fire with the Malay supremacy controversy by making false, dangerous, seditious accusations against me and the DAP?

It is nonsensical and irresponsible for Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat to accuse me and DAP of wanting to sideline the position of the Rulers and to rewrite the Constitution.

They must not be allowed to continue with playing with fire which can cause inter racial animosity and public unrest in the country.

It is time that the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib must speak up .He must declare that Malay supremacy is not compatible with his 1 Malaysia concept.

Let Malaysians know clearly that in his 1 Malaysia concept, the way to go forward is Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which stresses that the rakyat , irrespective of race religion , are the equal masters of this beloved land.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Utusan Malaysia must stop playing with fire

I have lodged a police report today against the Utusan Malaysia for publishing and its writer Awang Selamat for writing highly seditious and irresponsible article which can incite racial hatred and cause public unrest in this country.

In his article dated December 13, 2009 about the Malay supremacy issue , Awang Selamat has said:-

"The DAP Vice-President, M. Kulasegaran had even pledged that he would continue to raise the issue and was not afraid of anyone.

Awang has explained time and again that the Malay supremacy has never made the Malays as masters and the non-Malays as slaves. The Malay supremacy is just a symbol and the position of the Malay rulers act as a foundation of the nation in safeguarding the interest of Islam, Malay cultures and Malay language.

The concept of Malay supremacy is based on the national constitution. Does the DAP leaders which struggle for the Malaysian Malaysia concept want to push aside the position of the Rulers and prefer to turn Malaysia into a republic?

Awang tends to believe that this is the underlying struggle of the DAP. However due to the forced circumstances that does not favour the party, many of its underlying struggle has come out to the fore.

Indications are aplenty in the systematic preparation of the DAP towards achieving a republic nation with the main target to rewrite the Constitution. "

Since the eruption of the Malay supremacy controversy, I have explained what is the Malay supremacy concept.

On December 9, I have said the following:-

Ketuanan Melayu concept has nothing to do with the position of Malay Rulers and is not to be found in the Merdeka Constitution . It is a political concept propagated to serve not the Malay race, but the political interest of UMNO.

This concept should be replaced by the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which rightly stresses the people as the masters , not any one race.

The Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept is the necessary and right concept for Malaysia as it will make all Malaysians feel they are all truly Malaysians and ensure that they can all have an equal place under the Malaysian sun."

It is therefore most unfair and highly seditious and irresponsible for Awang Selamat to accuse me and the DAP of wanting to push aside the position of the Rulers.

Awang can have misguided idea and wrong understanding of the Malay supremacy concept, but he must not make baseless, false and dangerous accusations against me and the DAP .

Such accusation can cause racial animosity and lead to public unrest in the country..

Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat must stop playing with fire.

If they intend to carry on their false accusation and political propaganda against me and the DAP, they should first read what Datuk Mohd Nazri and Lim Keng Yaik have recently said about the Malay supremacy advocates.

The December 12 Malaysiakini report on the question of Malay supremacy has clearly quoted Nazri , Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, as saying that Malay supremacy is not compatible with the Prime Minister's 1 Malaysia concept.

A few days ago, the former president of Gerakan, Dr Lim Keng Yaik has also said that "if anyone pushed for Malay supremacy, then this person must be an ‘extreme racist’.

So are Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat going to say that both Nazri and Lim Keng Yaik have plans to rewrite the Constriction, should be detained under the ISA or should emigrate to other country?

Police Report by M. Kulasegaran

In yesterday’s Utusan Malaysia Awang Selamat wrote false and seditious news under an article titled “Is Malaysia heading towards a republic?"

He said in the article that “Indications are aplenty in the systematic preparation of the DAP towards achieving a republic nation with the main target to rewrite the Constitution”

I have never questioned the special privileges as set out in Article 153 of the Federal constitution or any rights of the Malay Rulers.

He also asked YB Nga Kor Meng and I to migrate or if we continue to live in Malaysia , we should be detained under the Internal Security Act or alternatively be charged. This clearly shows, the writer has concluded we have committed wrongs which should result in detaining us.

The above actions and the words read together with the other averments in the article clearly shows the writer in inciting racial hatred.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Is Malaysia heading towards a republic?

A write up in Utusan Malaysia 13thDecember09
ARKIB : 13/12/2009
Is Malaysia heading towards a republic?
Why is that the concept of Malay supremacy which no longer shouted about by the Malays, being made an issue by the DAP? Is this another ploy to cover up the shortcomings of the opposition and the coming of Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial, which Awang incline to believe?
All knows that DAP need Anwar badly to break the Malay social structure which is the backbone of the country’s strength. After attacking the National Civics Bureau (BTN), the party sparks another issue – the Malay supremacy.
The argument is still the same, that there is no justice in the so-called Malay supremacy as it treats other communities as slaves.
The DAP Vice-President, M. Kulasegaran had even pledged that he would continue to raise the issue and was not afraid of anyone.
Awang has explained time and again that the Malay supremacy has never made the Malays as masters and the non-Malays as slaves. The Malay supremacy is just a symbol and the position of the Malay rulers act as a foundation of the nation in safeguarding the interest of Islam, Malay cultures and Malay language.
The concept of Malay supremacy is based on the national constitution. Does the DAP leaders which struggle for the Malaysian Malaysia concept want to push aside the position of the Rulers and prefer to turn Malaysia into a republic?
Awang tends to believe that this is the underlying struggle of the DAP. However due to the forced circumstances that does not favour the party, many of its underlying struggle has come out to the fore.
Indications are aplenty in the systematic preparation of the DAP towards achieving a republic nation with the main target to rewrite the Constitution.
The action by another DAP leader, Nga Kor Ming questioning the hefty government’s allocation in the construction and maintenance of mosques compared with other houses of worship, is another attempt to question Islam as the official religion of the country (it is in line with other DAP leaders in opposing Malaysia being referred to as an Islamic country).
The statement by Kor Ming is nothing but extreme and totally unacceptable. The suggestion by Karpal Singh in making English as the second national language is also deplorable.
It is an attempt to weaken the Malay language as the national language, which enjoy an exclusive position in the Constitution.
Several months ago, all still remember that the Malay Rulers were ruthlessly ridiculed by the opposition leaders, a situation unprecedented in the country’s history.
On the issue of Malay supremacy, Awang find it strange why the DAP is so fearful of the concept which has been giving the best safeguard to other community.
It never happened in other countries where the majority race and backbone of the population is so generous to the minority.
Today, the real master in Malaysia is not the Malay, especially in controlling the economy. Majority of the poor and backward are the Malays in the Peninsula and the bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak.
The sacrifice of the Malays in giving the citizenship rights to non-Malays and giving way to other community to control the country’s wealth is being reciprocated with betrayal.
Just like Kulasegaran, Awang has nothing to fear any of the DAP leaders who are getting overboard in their action and throwing the political reality of the country to the wind.
Since the DAP’s action is becoming more extreme, it is suggested that Kulasegaran and Kor Ming migrate to other countries. Live there where there is no shadow of the Malay supremacy to haunt them.
He can live in India, where the religion of its core community is Hinduism which is inherently linked to the Indian sovereignty. Or he can migrate to
Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where everything is in the control of the Chinese.
It will be better if they want to live and die in the United States, Britain and Australia, where the whites are the supreme race.
But if they want to continue to live in Malaysia, Awang suggest that Kulasegaran and Kor Ming be detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) or legal actions be executed against them as done by the Singapore government towards the opposition leaders.
Leaving them free to stir up racial sentiment is dangerous and posed a high risk on the national harmony. Many of the minority leaders in other countries uphold the Constitution of the land where they live.
The United States President, Barrack Obama, as an example, defends the constitution of the US since the early stage of his involvement in politics and never veered from its foundation.
Unfortunately, the DAP leaders are none of that picture. They are too racist by taking cover behind the cry of democracy. In this context, Awang would like to ask what if the interests of other communities are being drastically questioned.
There are many matters which are seen as unjust to the Malays and bumiputeras. In the end, those who become victims are those in the majority representing the people of various races who want to live in harmony.
Failure in handling such issue will spark racial extremism. Many of the Malays are keeping silent. But that does not mean they agree. A time will come when they are running out of patient, the outcome of which will bring disaster to the country.
Awang is mixing around with the Malay at the grassroot involving all parties and can feel their overwhelming sentiment. So do not take for granted the patience and generosity of the Malays.
Does the DAP leaders like Kulasegaran and Kor Ming want to be responsible when the explosion come?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time to introduce automatic registration of voters and to lower voting age from 21 to 18

At 9am today, i launched the voter registration exercise at the Bidor(Perak) market in the presence of A.Sivanesan( Assemblyman of Sungkai) and fellow supporters.
The following is my speech made at the event.

In the 2008 general election, 4 million voters could not exercise their constitutional right to vote simply because they were not registered voters. 4 million is not a small figure and this constitutes about 25 % of the eligible voters.

In November last year, the EC deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar revealed that there will be two million young people who will be eligible to vote at the next general election, in addition to the 4 million who did not register before the 2008 general election.

Despite the Election Commission (EC) having implemented all year round registration of voters since 2002, , it has not been successful to get 90 % of eligible citizens to register as votes. The problem will continue to occur again come next general election where it will again fail to register 90 % of the eligible people.
There are many reasons for the EC's past and consistent failures. An obvious and effective solution to this problem will be to introduce automatic registration of voters.

However, despite claims by BN government that it is committed to a vibrant democracy, it has not supported such a proposal made by the DAP many years ago.

A vibrant democracy will involve the active participation of eligible voters in the polling process and I see no valid ground for the BN government not to support the automatic registration of voters, except that it continues to fear that automatic registration will increase the number of young voters who are seen as anti establishment, therefore being detrimental to the BN's political interest.

But political interest cannot be the ground why the government continues to reject the proposal of automatic registration of voters.
In fact, since the nation has seen 12 general elections , it is also time that the minimum voting age at general election should be lowered from the present age of 21 to 18.

If we can let our young people of 18 years to drive motorcycles and cars, surely we can trust their maturity and ability to make political choices and decisions.
More importantly, this is the internet era where so many young people have become internet savvy and are very aware and concerned with political issues and development in the country.

The time has therefore come for the country to trust our youths' maturity and respect their right to participate in the election process.

M.Kula Segaran, Chairman Voters Registration Campaign DAP Perak.

Write up in Malaysian Indider on Malay supremacy

DAP veep lodges report on Malay supremacy attacks
By Clara Chooi
IPOH, Dec 11 — Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, who has come under severe criticism recently for allegedly questioning "Malay supremacy" and the New Economic Policy in Parliament, lodged a police report here today against those who threatened his safety.
The national DAP vice-chairman said that he “feared” for his safety and that of his family as threats had been made against him over the issue.
He cited People's Unity Action Committee deputy chairman Ibrahim Sabri as one of the alleged perpetrators in issuing the threats, when the latter lodged a police report against him at the Shah Alam police station on Dec 8.
“Ibrahim Sabri actually threatened to 'hunt me down' and what he said might also influence some individuals to do what is wrong and unacceptable,” Kulasegaran (picture) said outside the Ipoh district police headquarters this afternoon.
He added that his report would also be against all those who had issued threats against him as well as defamed him over the same issue.
The other groups are the Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) and the Gagasan Melayu Perak (GMP).
“GPMS handed over a memorandum to me at the Parliament lobby on Dec 10. In the memorandum, among other matters, the following was stated — 'If you still continue to question Malay supremacy and refuse to apologise openly, we will take whatever action necessary to protect Malay supremacy',” said Kulasegaran.
He said that such a statement was tantamount to a threat against his person.
The GMP, on the other hand, had recently staged a small protest outside the Perak DAP headquarters and had erected a large banner bearing Kulasegaran's name urging him to go home to his “countrymen” and give up his citizenship.
Kulasegaran maintained that he had not questioned “Malay rights” but had raised the issue that the concept of “Malay supremacy” was an obstacle to racial unity in the country.
“In the first place, Malay supremacy is not enshrined in the Federal Constitution. It is a political concept propagated to serve not the Malay race but the political interest of Umno.
“It should be replaced by people's supremacy instead,” he said.
Kulasegaran added that Article 153 of the Federal Constitution encompassed “Malay rights” and not “Malay supremacy” as claimed by some parties.
“I am not questioning Malay rights. They are entitled to their rights. What I am raising is 'Malay supremacy', which is just a creation of Umno's,” he said.
He added that the people of PAS never once championed the concept of “Malay supremacy”.
“In fact, both PAS and PKR are with us on this matter,” he said.
Kulasegaran also lauded former Gerakan president Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik's recent statement calling all party members to speak out against “Malay supremacy”, even if it meant a jail term.
“According to a report in a Chinese daily, Lim said no race had the right to lord over another and therefore, there is no room for Malay, Chinese or Indian supremacy in Malaysia. He also said that any person who pushed for Malay supremacy must be an extreme racist,” he said.
Kulasegaran also urged the police to take appropriate action against those who had issued him threats.

Police report made on the threats on my life

First let me thank the numerous supportes who came to the Ipoh Police Station at 12pm to give morale support to me. Immediately after the report, i gave a statement to the police for over 1hour. The contents of the police report is as follows;

Name: M. Kulasegaran
On 8thDecember while speaking to reporters in Shah Alam one Ibrahim Sabri Committee Deputy Chairman of Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Ummah (Peoples Unity Action Committee), Selangor had uttered the following words “We are giving him (M.KulaSegaran) two weeks to apologies or retract his statement or we will gather as many Malays as we can and seek him out no matter where he hides to pressure him to leave Malaysia”

2) On 9thDecember while I was at the Parliament lobby at about 11.30am Jais Abdul Karim President of Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semanjung (GPMS) handed over a memorandum dated 10thDecember09 to me. In the memorandum among other matters the following was stated “Jika Pihak YB masih terus mempersoal Ketuanan Melayu dan enggan memohon maaf secara terbuka, kami akan mengambil sebarang tindakan yang difikirkan perlu untuk mempertahankan Ketuanan Melayu”

The above statements are a threat to my personal and family safety. Request the Police to investigate the above persons and take appropriate action.

M. Kula Segaran
MP Ipoh Barat me.

My written statement for the public is as follows:
1. I shall continue to speak up without fear or favour , and true to my conscience and principles

During a supplementary question in Parliament, I had said that the Ketuanan Melayu concept and New Economic Policy remained as obstacles to racial unity in the country.

Over the last few days, a few groups have made unjustified and unreasonable public attacks, allegations and accusations against me. Police reports were also lodged against me.

To those who have accused me of questioning the Malay special rights or hurting the Malays' feelings, let me say that they should first learn to truly understand the Ketuanan Melayu concept.

The Ketuanan Melayu concept is no where to be found in the Federal Constitution.

If calling for the abandonment of Ketuanan Melayu concept can be interpreted as questioning the Malay special rights enshrined in the Constitution, ,are they going to accuse the deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin who has said that all races in the country shall enjoy equal rights and privileges as questioning the Malay special rights?

Of course, it will be ridiculous to make such an attack on the deputy prime minister for his remarks. Likewise it is an illogic to say that I have questioned the Malay special rights.

To those who have asked that I give up my citizenship or make an open apology, my reply is that the question of apology does not arise at all .

Let me reiterate that I was born here and I shall live and die here. I will never give up my citizenship.

As a Member of Parliament and a patriotic Malaysian, I shall continue to speak up without fear and favour , and true to my conscience and principles.

On December 8, Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Ummah lodged a police report against me at the Shah Alam police station.

Its deputy chairman Ibrahim Sabri has said that I should apologise in two weeks..
"If not we will go to Kulasegaran's office and ask him to do so and if continues to be defiant, we will look for him even if he hides in a hole," he was quoted to have said so to the media.

I view the few police reports lodged against me as mere tactics by misguided and emotional people out to paint me as anti Malay and hence to incite public hatred against me.

I am lodging a police report today because Ibrahim Sabri has actually threatened to "hunt me down" and what he said might also influence some individuals to do what is wrong and unacceptable .

I also wish to take this opportunity to correct an error in the Wednesday’s Bernama report. The report mistakenly said I had apologize on the Ketunanan Melayu issue, which I did not do so.

2. Prime Minister should endorse the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept

Ketuaan Melayu concept is a political concept propagated to serve not the Malay race, but the political interest of UMNO.This concept should be replaced by the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which rightly stresses the people as the masters .

To achieve genuine unity and harmony, there must exist no master and servant relationship among the people.

In fact, the Ketuanan Melayu is no longer supported or endorsed by BN component parties.

In May last year, the advisor of Gerakan , Dr Lim Keng Yaik.gave an interview and part of the tanslated media report was as follows:-

He agrees with MCA vice-president Datuk Ong Tee Keat’s recent statement that the Malay Supremacy, or “Ketuanan Melayu” creates a scenario of presumed “master and slave”, or “tuan dan hamba”

“If you are the master (tuan), then I am the slave. Although the Malays form the majority, “Ketuanan Melayu” cannot be used as a slogan as it will create hate amongst the non-Malays towards the Malays. I hope UMNO stops using the slogan, the faster the better.”

A few days ago, Dr Lim Keng Yaik has called on all party members to speak out against Malay supremacy, even if it lands them in jail.

Malaysiakini's report on what he said is as follows:-

Describing it as a 'foul word' in politics, the former cabinet minister said 'Ketuanan Melayu' or Malay supremacy should be resisted even if it is espoused by Umno."Why do you keep quiet? Are you afraid of being sent to jail?" he asked during his speech at Gerakan’s 41st anniversary dinner in Ipoh last night. "Don't worry, if you get thrown into jail, I would visit you everyday with shark fin soup," he said.According to a report in a Chinese daily, Lim said no race had the right to lord over another and therefore, there is no room for Malay, Chinese or Indian supremacy in Malaysia.The former Gerakan president stressed that if anyone pushed for Malay supremacy, then this person must be an ‘extreme racist’.

It is a test of Najib's leadership whether he will do what is right-- endorse the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which is compatible with the Bangsa Malaysia and 1 Malaysia concepts.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ketuanan Melayu: Aduan polis terhadap wakil DAP

By, Jimadie Shah Othman Dec 8, 09 1:28pm, Malaysiakini

Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Ummah membuat laporan polis terhadap naib pengerusi DAP M Kulasegaran yang didakwanya telah mempertikaikan hak-hak keistimewaan orang Melayu.Laporan tersebut dibuat oleh sekumpulan anggota badan bertindak tersebut di ibu pejabat polis daerah Shah Alam hari ini.

Mereka membuat aduan itu berdasarkan laporan akhbar Utusan Malaysia hari ini, antara lain, memetik Kulasegaran sebagai berkata beliau berpandangan dasar ketuanan Melayu bertentangan dengan slogan 1Malaysia dan tidak mencerminkan kesejahteraan rakyat negara ini.Akhbar itu juga melaporkan Kulasegaran sebagai berkata, beliau tidak faham mengapa setelah bertahun-tahun lamanya, masih ada kelompok manusia perpcaya kepada warna kulit atau penampilan yang lebih tinggi daripada satu kaum yang lain.

Ahli parlimen DAP bagi Ipoh Barat dilaporkan memberitahu pemberita demikian di lobi Parlimen semalam.Dalam aduan tersebut, mereka meminta pihak polis mengambil tindakan terhadap Kulasegaran ekoran kenyataannya itu.

Bercakap dalam sidang akhbar kemudiannya, timbalan presiden badan bertindak itu, Ibrahim Sabri berkata, pihaknya memberi tempoh dua minggu - mulai hari ini - kepada Kulasegaran untuk memohon maaf terhadap kenyataannya.Jika tidak, katanya, mereka akan mencarinya "sampai ke lubang cacing" sama ada di pejabatnya atau di tempat-tempat lain.Beliau juga meminta menteri dalam negeri supaya menahan Kulasegaran bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) kerana membuat kenyataan tersebut.

Manakala presiden badan bertindak itu, Ahmad Mahayuddin Abd Manaf pula berkata bukan Melayu tidak patut mempertikaikan hak-hak keistimewaan orang Melayu.Tambahnya, orang Melayu sendiri tidak pernah mempertikaikan hak-hak bukan Melayu di negara ini.Mahayuddin dan Ibrahim antara 12 orang yang dihadapkan di Mahkamah Sesyen Shah Alam pagi ini berhubung kes mengarakkan kepala lembu dalam satu perhimpunan bantahan di SUK Selangor, hujung Ogos lalu.

Mereka berdepan dengan tuduhan menyertai perhimpunan haram. Manakala enam daripada mereka turut menghadapi dakwaan menghasut. Mahkamah menetapkan perbicaraan pada 12 April depan.Selepas keluar dari mahkamah, mereka dilihat memegang kain rentang yang bertulis "Jangan bodoh macam lembu, jaga sensitiviti dan perasaan orang Melayu".

Kain rentang tersebut juga turut memaparkan gambar tiga pemimpin DAP Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng (setiausaha agung) dan Nga Kor Ming (setiausaha Perak).Ditanya mengenai kain rentang tersebut, Mahayuddin berkata, ia sebagai reaksi kepada pemimpin DAP yang memijak gambar tiga ADUN bebas di Perak baru-baru ini.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, bukan mereka yang membawa kain rentang tersebut.Sebaliknya, kata beliau, ketika keluar dari mahkamah, mereka ternampak ada oran gyang membawa kain rentang tersebut dan mereka turut memegangnya sama sebagai tanda sokongan.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Najib should declare inclusion of 1 Policy and endorsement of Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia in his 1 Malaysia concept.

In April this year, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has said that no Malaysian should consider himself a second-class citizen nor feel sidelined or left behind in the nation’s progress.

He said under his “1Malaysia” concept, every member of the public who was eligible, in need of help and aid, would be rendered assistance.Last month, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reiterated that there is no such thing as a first or second-class citizen in the country and that all citizens have equal rights.

He stressed that the government would continue to ensure fairness and equality for all as stated in the Federal Constitution and uphold all the principles of the Rukun Negara.

"No Malaysian should feel neglected as every individual, regardless of race or religion and whether he lives in town or the outskirts, enjoys the same rights and privileges. Najib and Muhyiddin have indeed uttered very nice and politically correct words about all citizens being equal in this country.
But the fact that they still have to make such rhetoric 52 years after we have achieved independence simply proves that BN government policies have failed to make all Malaysians feel that they have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

How can all Malaysians enjoy an equal place under the Malaysian sun if the BN government continues to implement policies which are divisive and discriminatory.

Speaking at the UNESCO Conference in October this year, the Prime Minister said his clarion call for Malaysia is 1 dream, 1 people, and 1 nation."

I believe that Najib has referred to the Bangsa Malaysia concept of the 2020 Vision when he mentioned 1 people.

I have two questions for Najib.

Firstly, can some Malaysians not feel sidelined if his I Malaysia concept does not include 1 Policy -- the implementation of just and fair policies irrespective of race and religion?

Secondly, is Ketuanan Melayu concept compatible with the Bangsa Malaysia dream?

Ketuanan Melayu concept has nothing to do with the position of Malay Rulers and is not to be found in the Merdeka Constitution . It is a political concept propagated to serve not the Malay race, but the political interest of UMNO.

This concept should be replaced by the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which rightly stresses the people as the masters , not any one race.

The Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept is the necessary and right concept for Malaysia as it will make all Malaysians feel they are all truly Malysians and ensure that they can all have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

I call on the Prime Minister to declare the inclusion of 1 Policy and endorsement of Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia in his 1 Malaysia concept.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Racial Discrimination by GMP

After I had raised the ketuanan melayu issue in Parliament on December 3 , the Gagasan Melayu Perak had sent a memo to my office on December 5 when I was away.

The group also brought along a huge banner displaying words , among others, which advised and warned me not to question the ketuanan melayu concept and the New Economic Policy as well as asking me to give up my citizenship.

Their protest clearly shows that there are people who still cannot understand that ketuanan melayu is not compatible with the Prime Minister's 1 Malaysia concept.

I dont wish to devote much time to reply to these people who should first understand what Bangsa Malaysia and 1 Malaysia concepts mean.

Let me just say that I was born here in Malaysia, I live and shall die here. I will not give up my citizenship . No one can take away my citizenship.

In fact, I have spoken up on many issues simply because this is my country and home that I love and want to see it becoming a better place for all Malaysians.

I shall continue to speak up without fear and favour and true to my conscience and principles.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tempers flare over Ketuanan Melayu

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3 — The issue of Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy) once again raised the temperature in the Dewan Rakyat to melting point when Members of Parliament (MP) were engaged in a heated argument.

Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia had to intervene to defuse the situation when proceedings threatened to spill over, after Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran (picture) from DAP, had raised the Ketuanan Melayu issue.

“Please act like parliamentarians and not like politicians. When you behave like parliamentarians, you will remember the rules of the meeting and the house. Do not speak in a way that can instigate the feeling of MPs from the other side.

“If anyone wants to speak like a politician, the place is outside, not during debate, so please do not raise issues like this,” he said referring to Ipoh Barat MP.

Kulasegaran, when posting an additional question to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, had said that issues like Ketuanan Melayu had remained a stumbling block to unity in the country because it is regarded as a discrimination of other races.

“It seems there are a number of aspects that remain an obstacle to unity among the various races in the country, among which is Ketuanan Melayu which is a discrimination of the non-Malays.

“The New Economic Policy is oppressive to harmony,” said Kulasegaran, to which a number of MPs from Lipis, Silam, Bagan Serai and Arau, stood up and started shouting in protest.

However, Pandikar Amin ordered all the MPs to seat and asked Koh to answer a question by Dr Lee Boon Chye (PKR-Gopeng), instead.

Earlier, Koh who was answering a question by Datuk Shamsul Anuar Nasarah (BN-Lenggong) said Malaysia ranking (26) in the Global Peace Index was better than Spain (28), France (30), Britain (35), Indonesia (67), the Philippines (114) and Thailand (118).

“The government always took steps to improve the rankings through various initiatives. If everyone is positive and open minded and not only look at the negative aspects, we are confident of resolving many problems,” said Koh.

Koh added that though there were many challenges and obstacles because Malaysia is made up of a multi-racial society that practices different religions, the country remains in peace, harmony and stable.

Meanwhile, Pandikar Amin also reprimanded Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) who stood up in support of a call by Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading), urging Koh to answer the Ketuanan Melayu issue raised by Ipoh Barat MP, Kulasegaran.

“Kinabatangan, that is enough.....I have already told reminded earlier, do not create any trouble because the more important question has been answered. Please avoid issues that can trigger negative sentiments,” said Pandikar. — Bernama

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tan Sri Muhyiddin must know that the era where the government knows best is over.

Yesterday, BN Youth wings from MIC, Gerakan, MCA and PPP called on the Education Mini­stry to review its decision on the 10 subject cap on SPM.

Today's media reports say that MIC president Datuk Seri Samy Vellu has appealed to the prime minister to intervene in resolving the "impasse" over the Indian community's request to allow Indian students to take a maximum of 12 SPM subjects .

I have earlier called on the government to rethink the SPM subject cap decision as I don't see the logic of having to put on a 10 subject cap just to resolve the controversy in awarding the Public Service Department scholarships.

As I have said, the scholarship problem can be easily solved by evaluating an applicant's academic results based on the best 10 subjects, which can be a combination of compulsory core and relevant elective subjects.

It must be noted that in May this year, Samy has also requested the Education Ministry to review its ruling on the subject cap.

Samy Vellu was then quoted to say that he would write to the Education Minister to put on record the MIC’s objection to the ruling.

Before deciding on the subject cap. the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin sought public views on the proposal to impose the subject limit.

The question that Tan Sri Muhyiddin must answer today is why he did not give due consideration to all views? Is he prepared to say that the objections to the 10 subject cap are not rational and valid?

When the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced his Cabinet on April 10, 2009, he has declared: “The era where the government knows best is over. ".

With the failure of the Teaching Maths and Science in English policy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin must accept that the era where the government knows best is over.

The government must also do as it preaches. The government must honour what it has declared and must not still behave as it knows all and best. The government must accept the people's objections on the 10 subject cap.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Government must be prepared to explain the 1989 Hatnyai Peace Agreement to the people.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has said that the Government would remain firm in its decision to bar former Communist Party of Malaya(CPM) secretary-general Chin Peng from returning to Malaysia.

He said the decision was made by the Cabinet and would not be changed despite revelations that Chin Peng had the right to return under the 1989 Hatnyai Peace Accord.

Although he did not reveal the grounds for the Cabinet's decision , it is obvious that Cabinet members were very much concerned with the strong voice of objections expressed by some groups and Malaysians.

However, the important question that the government will have to decide is whether , as a party to the 1989 Hatnyai Peace Agreement, should the government just go along with such voices of objections or take the courage to explain to them its obligations under the Peace Agreement.

No one can deny that the Communists had caused pains and killings of Malaysian civilians and soldiers. For the families of those who have been hurt or killed by the Communists , it will be hard and perhaps even impossible for them to forget or forgive the Communists.

But, at stake here is the nation's credibility and international standing.

Former inspector-general of police Abdul Rahim Noor, has said that Chin Peng has a right to return to Malaysia at least on a social visit as this is provided for in the Hatnyai Peace Accord signed on Dec 2, 1989 between the CPM and Malaysian government.

Abdul Rahim who was Special Branch director at the time ,had helped negotiate the final settlement.

In a recent media interview, he has said , "“To me in any war, in an armed conflict, big or small, there must be casualties... If you say the army, police personnel and civilians suffered the most, ask the CPM (and) they would say the same thing - ‘what about me and my people?’ “So to me, views expressed by (associations representing) veterans and ex-police (personnel) are just emotional.”

So is the government going to let public emotions dictate its decision or is it going to honour the Peace Agreement?

Allowing Chin Peng's return is merely to fulfill the government's obligations and to protect the nation's credibility an international standing, it should not be turned into a debate as if it is a question of deciding whether the Communists past killings should be forgiven or forgotten.

A responsible government will surely have to honour the agreement. The right thing that the government must do is to take the courage to explain to the people the Agreement and why the Cabinet will have to honour it.

Half million unregistered to vote in Perak

By Clara Chooi
IPOH, Nov 28 — More than half a million eligible voters in Perak are not registered with the Election Commission, said Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran.

The DAP vice-chairman said today that the commission’s statistics showed that there were only 1.3 million names on their electoral roll and at least 512,000 eligible voters were not yet registered.

“And the numbers are growing every time,” he told a press conference after attending the launch of the DAP’s voter-registration campaign competition here this morning.

Kulasegaran blamed the present registration system for the poor number of registered voters, adding that as a result, election results predominantly did not reflect the actual choice of the people.

To change this, he said that an automatic registration system should be practiced, whereby voters who come of legal voting age would automatically be updated as a registered voter.

“Why not, since the National Registration Department has everyone’s MyKad details. The information is ready and available there in the system so there is no reason why automatic registration cannot be done,” he said.

Kulasegaran added that he had made such a suggestion in Parliament but the idea was shot down quickly.
“You know what I was told? I was told that it would not be fair to people to automatically register them as voters because it is an individual’s right to become a voter or not.

“This is silly because even though a person is a registered voter, he or she still has the right to choose whether to vote or not,” he said.

To tap into the pool of unregistered eligible voters in Perak, the DAP today launched a three-month voter registration campaign competition involving four state constituencies — Jelapang, Pasir Pinji, Jalong and Chederiang — and one parliamentary constituency — Ipoh Barat.

Pasir Pinji assemblyman Thomas Su said that the competition, launched by DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, was a voter-registration race between all five constituencies and a target of at least 10,000 voters should be registered by the end of the competition in February next year.

“It should not bee too difficult. This means that each constituency should register at least 2,000 voters over the next three months,” he said, adding that the winner of the competition would win RM1,500..

Su said that the low number of registered voters in Perak was a thorn in the side of democracy as not everyone was getting a fair say in who should hold government.

He added that with DAP’s aggressive voter-registration techniques, more people should be given their due right to vote.

“Whether or not they want to vote is still a decision they can make. But at least they are registered,” he said.

Su said that by targetting to register new voters, there was a small likelihood also that those who registered as voters through the DAP might also give a vote to Pakatan Rakyat in the future.

“We are tapping especially into the youths because a lot of support for the PR comes from the youths,” he said.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Government must rethink on the 10 subject cap decision for SPM examination

In response to calls for students to allow students to take more than 10 subjects in the SPM examination, Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom said schools can formulate their own vernacular language examination for students unable to take certain subjects due to the cap

He said the schools can then issue certificates to acknowledge the students’ level of proficiency.

He, however, stressed that it would be a school-based examination and would not count in the SPM certificate.

It is obvious that Alimuddin has not addressed the parents' concern and his response has clearly shown that the Education Ministry does not understand what the people want.

What many Chinese parents want to see is that their children can continue to take Chinese Language and Literature subjects .And many Indian parents want their children's right to take up Indian Language and Literature subjects be maintained.

For Christian parents, they dont want their children to face the predicament of having to sacrifice the subject of Bible Knowledge due to the 10 subject cap.

And all these Chinese, Indian and Christian parents want their children to take those subjects as SPM examination subjects , not as school based examination.

Tan Sri Alimuddin's clarification that certain elective subjects could be dropped is also not providing any solution to the parent's objections.

He was quoted as saying , “For instance, if students are interested in pursuing medicine, they have to take mathematics, biology and chemistry but can drop physics. So, they can pick any other elective of their choice to replace physics."

Alimuddin should know that students may aim to take up medicine but it does not mean that they will succeed in achieving their goals and may have to opt for a second choice which is engineering or other science related courses which will require good grounding in physics.

It baffles me how he could come up with such a suggestion!

In fact, records in many local colleges will show that many science stream students have opted to pursue commerce or accounting courses after their SPM and these students usually have also taken up Accounting and/or Economics as SPM subjects.

The idea of capping SPM subjects actually came about due to the controversy in awarding Public Service Department scholarships. A simple solution will be to limit applicant's academic results to 10 best subjects which is a combination of compulsory and relevant core as well as elective subjects.

Forcing a student to drop a subject will result in neglect and possible ultimate death of the subjects. No student should be forced to make a choice to drop any subject, especially their mother tongue subjects.

The government has made a costly mistake by introducing a policy to teach Maths and Science in English. It must not make another mistake.

The days when the government thinks it knows best is over. The only option for the government is to rethink on the decision to cap the SPM subjects at 10.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Malaysia government must honour 1989 Peace Agreement and allow Chin Peng to return to Malaysia

I personally met Chin Peng a month ago. I was quite surprised to find that he is so IT savvy and updated with current affairs in Malaysia.

In our conversation, I could feel the eagerness in him to want to return to his hometown of Sitiawan.

Although he was once a most feared man, today he is just a 86 old man whose wish is to be able to return to his home country to pray at his parent's graves and to finally die here.

There have been voices of support for and objections against his return to Malaysia.

A major argument against his return centers on the point that the communists led by him had caused injuries and killed lives of our soldiers and civilians during the Emergency period.

It is a fact that the communists had injured and killed our soldiers and civilians during the Emergency period. But it is also a fact that the Japanese caused more injuries and loss of lives to Malaysians during their occupation of Malaya.

So the argument that Chin Peng must not be forgiven because of the sufferings and pains he has inflicted is not totally convincing.

The question that the government should answer is -- why cant Chin Peng who is not a war criminal be allowed to return to his home country if we can forgive the Japanese, especially since he has apologised for the pain and suffering he caused to the people during the Emergency ?

But what is most important is how will the world community look at Malaysia if the government fails to honour the 1989 peace agreement signed between the Malaysian government and Chin Peng.

I have raised this issue in Parliament on November 19 where I mentioned that among the highlights of the agreement was " The Communist Party Of Malaya will disband all arms units in Malaya and Thailand while Malaysia should allow members of Malaysian origin to return. Those not of Malaysian origin can return only if permitted."

Can the government deny that there is no such clause in the Agreement? Of course it cannot.

The government should therefore be truthful to Malaysians and announce to them the existence of such a clause .

Let not Malaysia be seen as a nation that does not honour agreement signed by our own government. The Cabinet should quickly decide what is right and proper-- let Chin Peng return to his home country.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Utusan Malaysia "Chin Peng tidak layak jadi idola"

Write up in Utusan Malaysia ARKIB : 26/11/2009
Chin Peng tidak layak jadi idola
KUALA LUMPUR 25 Nov. - Chin Peng tidak layak dijadikan idola oleh sesiapa pun kerana selain dosa kekejaman yang tidak terampun, bekas Setiausaha Agung Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) itu diyakini masih tegar menjunjung fahaman komunisme.

Sebaliknya Chin Peng perlu dilayan seperti penjenayah perang Nazi yang terus diburu dan dihadap ke mahkamah perang antarabangsa apabila berjaya ditangkap.

Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran, Dr. Mohd. Puad Zarkashi berkata, pihak yang menjadikan Chin Peng sebagai idola perlu menyorot sejarah keganasan komunis membunuh ramai anggota keselamatan termasuk bekas Ketua Polis Perak dan ribuan lagi yang cacat anggota.

Selain itu, jelasnya, nyawa orang awam juga menjadi korban angkara keganasan PKM selain banyak wang negara dibazirkan untuk menghalang keganasan mereka. Beliau turut mempersoalkan kewajaran memaafkan pemimpin komunis itu kerana rekod keganasan PKM lalu dan pendirian Chin Peng sekarang meyakinkan beliau bahawa dia masih berfahaman komunis.

"Saya berani kata demikian (Chin Peng masih berfahaman komunisme) setelah membaca buku tulisan pengasas Rejimen Ke-10 PKM, Abdullah C.D, yang tidak menyesal dengan perjuangan komunis, malah menganggap perjuangan bersenjata sebagai perjuangan kemerdekaan.

"Pada saya dia tetap berpendirian bahawa fahaman komunis adalah betul. Saya yakin Chin Peng mempunyai pandangan sama dan tidak membuang fahaman komunisnya," katanya dalam blognya,

Mohd. Puad mengulas kenyataan Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat, M. Kulasegaran yang memuji dan seolah-olah menggambarkan Chin Peng sebagai 'idolanya' dengan berkata, musuh negara itu mempunyai tahap intelektual sangat tinggi dan seorang tokoh berfikiran jauh.

Wakil rakyat DAP itu berkata demikian ketika membahaskan Rang Undang-Undang Perbekalan 2010 dan Usul Anggaran Pembangunan 2010 Peringkat Jawatankuasa pada Sidang Dewan Rakyat, Khamis lalu.

Malah, Kulasegaran yang mendakwa menemui Chin Peng sebulan lalu memberitahu Dewan Rakyat bahawa sejak kecil beliau meminati pemimpin PKM itu kerana pernah bersekolah dan lahir di pekan sama iaitu Sitiawan, Perak.
Mengulas lanjut, Mohd. Puad berkata, bukan sukar untuk mentafsir sikap wakil rakyat DAP itu yang sebenarnya ingin meraih 'dividen' politik agar dilihat sebagai hero masyarakat India.

"Mengetahui gelagat Kulasegaran, saya tidak perlu mengulas sama ada dia ikhlas apabila menyatakan Chin Peng 'idolanya' sebab itulah politik beliau.
"Dia harap mereka yang bersimpati dengan Chin Peng menyokong DAP. Dengan kata lain, sama ada penjenayah, pengganas komunis atau apa saja, kalau ada 'dividen' politik, beliau akan mempolitikkannya.

"Tetapi apakah sebenarnya pendirian Kulasegaran jika salah seorang anggota keluarganya dibunuh PKM. Adakah Chin Peng tetap 'idolanya'? Melihat gelagat DAP, saya tidak hairan beliau sanggup mempertahankan pendiriannya itu," jelasnya.
Sambil mempersoalkan tindakan Kulasegaran, Mohd. Puad berkata, PKM berjuang bukan menuntut kemerdekaan sebaliknya menjadikan Malaysia negara komunis yang hanya akan menjadi boneka kepada Republik China.

Ini kerana, dakwanya, dari segi latihan ketenteraan, persenjataan serta bantuan logistik semuanya diperoleh dari China, selain Chin Peng dan beberapa bekas pemimpin kanan PKM seperti Musa Ahmad dan Shamsiah Fakeh pernah tinggal untuk tempoh yang lama di Beijing.