Sunday, December 6, 2009

Racial Discrimination by GMP

After I had raised the ketuanan melayu issue in Parliament on December 3 , the Gagasan Melayu Perak had sent a memo to my office on December 5 when I was away.

The group also brought along a huge banner displaying words , among others, which advised and warned me not to question the ketuanan melayu concept and the New Economic Policy as well as asking me to give up my citizenship.

Their protest clearly shows that there are people who still cannot understand that ketuanan melayu is not compatible with the Prime Minister's 1 Malaysia concept.

I dont wish to devote much time to reply to these people who should first understand what Bangsa Malaysia and 1 Malaysia concepts mean.

Let me just say that I was born here in Malaysia, I live and shall die here. I will not give up my citizenship . No one can take away my citizenship.

In fact, I have spoken up on many issues simply because this is my country and home that I love and want to see it becoming a better place for all Malaysians.

I shall continue to speak up without fear and favour and true to my conscience and principles.

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