Saturday, October 9, 2010

"True gold fears no fire" A person of integrity can stand severe tests

I have given much thought to my “plans’ in relation to the Perak crisis. I shall not at this stage divulge what my decisions are.

Suffice to say that my final decisions will depend very much on the outcome of the meeting to be soon held to seek a unity formula for Perak DAP.

I reiterate that the recent Perak crisis is one which should be quickly resolved so that all can move on with our important political missions of recapturing Perak state power as well as Federal power in the next general election which is quite likely to be held after next year’s Chinese New Year.

I urge all DAP members and supporters to be aware of people with hidden agenda to try to “fish in troubled waters” by making baseless accusations against Perak DAP leadership, including via the distribution of poison letters.

In so far as the “ logging concessions allegation” poison letter is concerned, I suspect it is the work of irresponsible people out to tarnish the good name of DAP elected representatives.

The letter alleges that all Perak DAP elected representatives have received kickbacks from the logging concessions. I categorically deny that I have received any kickback as alleged.

If anyone has any evidence that there is wrong doing by any Perak elected representative, he /she should forward it to the DAP national leadership for an investigation to be carried out.

There is a Chinese saying that “true gold fears no fire” (真金不怕紅爐火). This basically means that a person of integrity can stand severe tests.

I have no doubt whatsoever that every DAP elected representative is prepared to be investigated if there is a basis for investigation.

As a Party that practices the Competency, Accountability and Transparency principles, DAP will not hesitate to conduct a full probe if there is a basis for us to do so but will not act on poison letter with generalized allegations.

Finally, I wish to take this opportunity to clarify various media reports which said that I had stormed out of the Perak leadership meeting held on Friday, October 08, 2010. This is inaccurate. I had informed the meeting that I had to attend to a dinner which my family was hosting for a foreign guest and I had excused myself to leave the meeting early. Permission was granted for me to leave early.

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