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Court gives Muslim convert one week to hand over daughter to ex-wife

Court gives Muslim convert one week to hand over daughter to ex-wife

May 30, 2014
Indira Ghandi (centre) with her children, Tevy Darsiny, 16 (right) and Karan Dinish,15. Indira is fighting to get her youngest daughter back from her ex-husband. – The Malaysian Insider pic, May 30, 2014.Indira Ghandi (centre) with her children, Tevy Darsiny, 16 (right) and Karan Dinish,15. Indira is fighting to get her youngest daughter back from her ex-husband. – The Malaysian Insider pic, May 30, 2014.

A Muslim convert who has been found guilty for contempt by an Ipoh High Court has been given  until next Friday to hand over his infant daughter to his his estranged ex-wife, M. Indira Gandhi, or face imprisonment.

Judge Lee Swee Seng ordered Muhammad Ridzuan Abdullah to return Prasana Diksa to kindergarten teacher Indira by the deadline or face the consequences.

"Failing which he will be jailed until he purges his contempt," Lee said in directing Ridzuan to hand over Prasana Diksa to the legal firm of Kula & Associates by noon next Friday.

Lawyer M. Kula Segaran is one of the lawyers appearing for Indira.

Lee also ordered the police to help locate Ridzuan and Prasana Diksa whose whereabouts are unknown.

The judge also  ordered Ridzuan, who was not in court, to pay RM5,000 in cost to Indira.
This is the second time in 10 days that the civil court had given relief to mothers who had been suffering in silence when their ex-husbands defied custody orders.

On May 21, a High Court in Seremban granted a similar order to S. Deepa but police had yet to locate her son despite a sealed copy of the document given to Bukit Aman last Friday.

Last year, Indira had filed contempt proceedings against Ridzuan, who was previously known as  K.Patmanathan, for his refusal to hand over their daughter.

In 2010, High Court judge Datuk Wan Afrah Wan Ibrahim ordered custody of the three children – Tevi Darsiny, 16, Karan Dinish, 15, and Prasana Diksa, 3, to be given to Indira.

However, Ridzuan refused to return Prasana Diksa (now known as Ummu Habibah) to Indira.
He has been holding on to Prasana Diksa since April 2009 when she was 11 months old.

The Shariah High Court in Ipoh had in 2009 given Ridzuan custody of the three children after he unilaterally converted the children.

Last July 25, Lee, in a landmark decision, quashed the certificates of conversion of the three children and ruled that the certificates were null and void because they were unconstitutional.

Under the Perak state enactment, it was a statutory requirement for a child to be present before a certificate of conversion could be issued.

He also cited provisions under the Perak Shariah law where the children must be present to utter the affirmation of faith (Dua Kalimah Syahadah).

Lee today also declared as null and void the custody order issued by the Shariah High Court.
He said it was the High Court that has supervisory power over Shariah courts which only had limited jurisdiction.

"The religious court is an inferior court and its powers and jurisdiction are limited by state enactments," he said.

Lee said the Shariah court had no jurisdiction to grant custody order as the other party  (Indira) was not a Muslim.

"The Shariah court is inherently incompetent to deal with the custody order. A child is a product of the marriage of husband and wife, so no custody order can be given by a court of law when the wife is not heard," he said.

Lee said Ridzuan could not depend on a Shariah High Court order as an excuse to not comply with the High Court order.

He said he had jurisdiction to hear the matter (the contempt proceedings) as to decline it would mean that he was was abdicating his duty.

"The Shariah High court's ruling is null and void and cannot be relied upon as a shield to the contempt proceedings brought in the civil court," he said.

Lawyer Aston Paiva also represented Indira Gandhi while New Sin Yew appeared for the Bar Council. – May 30, 2014.

Ex-husband of Indira Gandhi committed for contempt over custody case, arrest warrant issued

Published: Friday May 30, 2014 MYT 2:42:00 PM
Updated: Friday May 30, 2014 MYT 3:18:23 PM

Ex-husband of Indira Gandhi committed for contempt over custody case, arrest warrant issued

Indira Gandhi - file pix
Indira Gandhi - file pix
IPOH: Mohd Rizduan Abdullah, the Muslim-convert former husband of kindergarten teacher M. Indira Gandhi, has been committed for contempt by the High Court here for failing to return their youngest child to the mother.

Justice Lee Swee Seng, who presided over contempt proceedings filed by Indira Gandhi to compel Mohd Ridzuan to hand over the child, also issued a warrant of arrest against the ex-husband.
"Execution of the warrant order is, however, suspended until the child, Prasana Diksa, is produced at the office of the mother's solicitors, Kula & Associates.

"The respondent has until 12pm on June 6 to do so," Justice Lee said in his close to three-hour judgment on Friday.

He also ordered the respondent, who was formerly known as K. Patmanathan, to pay RM15,000 as cost for proceedings and another RM5,000 as recovery cost.

In April 2009, Mohd Ridzuan had taken away Prasana Diksa, then 11 months old, and converted the child and her two siblings - Tevi Darsiny, then 12, and Karan Dinish, then 11 - to Islam.

The High Court later granted Indira Gandhi full custody of all three children and on March 11, 2010, Mohd Ridzuan was ordered to return Prasana Diksa to the mother.

Mohd Ridzuan repeatedly failed to appear in court as well as to produce the child despite repeated orders by the court to do so, prompting Indira Gandhi to file contempt proceedings against her ex-husband.

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Kula: Yammy's Perkasa ties 'much ado about very little'

11:43AM May 27, 2014 by Terence Netto ( Malaysiakini )

Kula: Yammy's Perkasa ties 'much ado about very little'

TELUK INTAN DAP national vice-chairperson M Kulasegaran pooh-poohed the notion that Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud’s mother’s membership of Perkasa somehow invalidates her daughter’s credential as DAP’s candidate in the Teluk Intan by-election.

Calling the continuing hubbub over Yammy Samat’s (left) membership of Umno and subsequently of Malay right wing group Perkasa “much ado about very little”, the MP for Ipoh Barat said: “My parents were members of MIC until their deaths but all nine of their children are either DAP members or supporters.”

“In fact, my father V Murugesan was an MIC division leader but he told me before he died three years ago that he had voted for the opposition in the 2008 general election,” revealed the three-term parliamentarian.

Kulasegaran noted that politics in Malaysia is in a state of flux and concerned citizens were apt to “shift, modify and change their opinions as new revelations and facts are unveiled and play upon their minds”.

“The disclosures about Dyana’s mum serve only to show that she does not have the fixed mindset of some opinion leaders in Malaysian society who will deny or falsify the facts to bolster their unsustainable positions,” he said.

News that Yammy Samat is or was a member of Perkasa, he added, would be “very bad news for people of that mindset because it shows that ordinary persons could be enticed to join Malay rights groups but could not be induced to stay if they discovered that that group’s opinions don’t hold water any more.”

Yesterday, Kulasegaran (right in photo) led a DAP team to lodge a report on alleged violations of the Election Offences Act 1954 supposedly committed by groups allied to BN and by Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

The report cited the giving of hampers, valued at about RM150, to voters residing in the Nova Scotia Estate in Teluk Intan by groups said to be allied to BN.

The report also cited the remarks of Zahid at a public gathering at which he pledged funding for new uniforms for 8,639 Rela personnel believed to be voters in the same constituency.

Kulasegaran’s report claimed that both episodes constituted offences within the ambit and meaning of the 1954 Act.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Court of Appeal rejects Muslim convert’s bid to get custody of children from ex-wife

Court of Appeal rejects Muslim convert’s bid to get custody of children from ex-wife

May 27, 2014 The Malaysian Insider

The Court of Appeal today refused a stay application by a Muslim convert to suspend the Seremban High Court's ruling giving custody of two children to their Hindu mother.

A three-man bench chaired by Datuk Mohd Hishammuddin Mohd Yunus said there were no special circumstances in this case to allow the application by lorry driver Izwan Abdullah (pic).

"Further, the conduct of the appellant (convert) in violating the April 7 High Court order precludes him from making this application," Hishamuddin said.

He also ordered Izwan to pay RM8,000 in costs to his ex-wife, S. Deepa.

Her lawyer, K. Shanmuga, told reporters that the court, in dismissing the application today, took into account that Izwan did not come "with clean hands" to seek the remedy through the legal channel.
On April 9, Izwan abducted his son from Deepa at her home in Jelebu, Negri Sembilan.

Although she had lodged a police report, Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the police would not interfere as there were two custody orders by the civil and Shariah courts.
The High Court had on April 7 ordered that custody of the couple's two children be handed over to Deepa.

Judge Datuk Zabariah Mohd also allowed Deepa's application to dissolve her civil marriage as the husband had converted to Islam.

The decision overrides a Shariah Court order early last year granting custody of the children.
Zabariah said Deepa's application was allowed as the civil court had jurisdiction over the matter and provide the relief for custody and dissolution of the couple's marriage.

The court also allowed Izwan limited visitation but not an overnight stay.

In December last year, Deepa filed an application to get custody of the chidren who were converted to Islam by the husband after he embraced Islam in 2011 and to quash the custody order by the Shariah Court.

The 30-year-old clerk from Jelebu said her husband, then known as N. Viran, had left her and her children three years ago, and had never supported them financially.

Following his conversion, he also converted his children, Sharmila, 9, and Mithran, 6, in April last year, without informing his wife.

Deepa later came to know that the Shariah Court had given him custody of the children, and lodged a police report as the conversion of the children was against the law.

Deepa, who is assisted by the Women's Aid Oganisation in her legal battle, however, has yet to file an application to declare her children's conversion illegal and unconstitutional. – May 27, 2014.

Kula: Mom’s link with Perkasa won’t hurt Dyana

Kula: Mom’s link with Perkasa won’t hurt Dyana

May 27, 2014-FMT
The DAP vice chairman says even his parents, who are lifetime members of MIC, did not stop him from subscribing to DAP's ideals.
Dyana and YammyPETALING
JAYA: It does not matter which organisation DAP Teluk Intan by-election
candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud’s mother belongs to, said party vice
chairman M Kulasegaran today.

Kulasegaran said that Dyana’s mother, Yammy Samad, who is Malay right
wing group Perkasa’s founding member, will not effect on voter
sentiments especially from the non-Malays.

“There are a lot of people who join an organisation only to leave
later. It does not necessarily mean that when you join an organisation,
you condone all its actions,” he said.

Drawing a parallel between Dyana and himself, Kulasegaran said that
he was brought up by parents who are lifetime members of MIC.

“Mind you, my father was not just an ordinary member, he was a
divisional leader in Setiawan. It did not stop my siblings and I from
joining DAP.

“My father even admitted that he had once voted for the opposition in
the 60s,” said Kulasegaran. He said that Dyana should be given a chance
to serve the Teluk Intan constituents.

“She should be looked as a future leader and be given a chance to
shine. BN candidate Mah Siew Keong has been rejected before. How else
would Dyana get experience if she was not given a chance?

“Teluk Intan is a tough battle as BN is pouring millions into the
constituency,” he said, adding that when he contested in the Teluk Intan
by-election in 1997, he was also considered a political greenhorn.

‘Perkasa behaving like an Umno lackey’

Kulasegaran yesterday lodged a police report alleging that BN has
breached the Election Offences Act 1954 by giving out hampers worth at
least RM150 each to Teluk Intan constituents.

He also urged the police to investigate Home Minister Ahmad Zahid
Hamidi’s remarks that he would buy Rela members new uniforms
shouldMah win the by-election.

Meanwhile, at a press conference earlier today in Teluk Intan, Yammy
said she was leaving Perkasa, and urged the media not to involve Dyana
in this matter.

“I am still a member but given the current situation, I declare that I
am leaving Perkasa,” Yamy was quoted as saying by The Malaysian

Teluk Intan has 60,349 voters, including 410 early voters and 12
absentee voters. The constituency has 23,301 Malay voters (38.6%),
25,310 Chinese (41.9%) and 11,468 Indians (19%).

In the 2013 general election, Mah, the Gerakan president, was defeated by DAP’s Seah Leong Peng by 7,313 votes.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Call on the Election Commission to investigate BN’s violations of Election Offences Act

Press Statement by M. Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Ipoh on 26th May 2014
Call on the Election Commission to investigate BN’s violations of Election Offences Act 

The Teluk Intan parliamentary seat now sees the 3rd by election since Merdeka. No other constituency has seen three by elections. The first was in 1962 when former Deputy Education Minister, Too Joon Hing won on an Independent ticket. In the 1997by election, I was chosen by DAP to contest and had won with a majority of 2961 votes.  
In the present by election where polling has been fixed for May 31, DAP has fielded Dyana Sofya, a young and talented Malaysian Malay against Gerakan‘s Mah Siew Keong.
As campaigning enters the second week, Dyana’s winning chances have been increasing from the 40 % on nomination day.  However, it remains an uphill battle for her and the DAP.
The way BN is fighting the campaign is making the by election look like Dyana is fighting against Umno.BN and Umno are going all out to ensure Dyana is defeated and will definitely rely on the politics of money, machinery and media against the Opposition.
Last Thursday on 22nd May 2014,  while I and DAP campaigners  were doing a house to house campaign in Novia Scotia Estate,  we met residents who were given hampers estimated to worth at least RM150 a packet. We were told the hampers were given only to locals and voters, but not to foreign workers who are residing there too.

We interviewed some of the recipients and we were told that the event was sponsored by political parties friendly to the BN. We took photos of the event.  
This is clearly a form of corruptive act which violates the Election Offences Act.
Further, the Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahamd Zahid Hamidi  has also committed an offence when he openly said that he would sponsor new uniforms for the 8,639 Rela members eligible to vote in Teluk Intan should Barisan Nasional candidate Mah Siew Keong win the May 31 by-election.
As Zahid has promised benefits if the voters vote in the BN, this is a serious breach of the Elections Offences Act.

The Act of giving monies or its equivalent is an offence under the Election Offences Act 1954, in particular Section 10 which talks about bribery.
The above acts of giving out hampers to voters as Zahid’s promise to RELA members definitely constitute an offence.

I have therefore met the Perak Election Commission today and urge them to take immediate action.
It has to be noted the above are corruptive acts that have come to our knowledge. It will not be surprising if many other corruptive acts have been occurring.
The Election Commission must therefore act fast and effectively to ensure a fair and clean election.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Use ballot box to reject Umno’s political hooliganism, Kit Siang tells voters

Use ballot box to reject Umno’s political hooliganism, Kit Siang tells voters

May 24, 2014 The Malaysina Insider
The DAP has called on voters in Bukit Gelugor and Teluk Intan to punish the “political hooligans” in Umno and defend democracy by voting out Barisan Nasional in both by-elections.

Its parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang (pic) urged voters to use the ballot box to reject the “mob-ocracy” advocated by Umno members who stormed into the Penang legislative assembly, threatened to burn down the DAP's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and attacked the party's Kuantan office earlier this week.

"Voters of Bukit Gelugor tomorrow and voters of Teluk Intan next Saturday should cast every available vote to defend democracy and reject in unequivocal terms the mob-ocracy advocated by political hooligans in Umno.

"The voters have a special task in these two by-elections, which is to punish the Umno Youth political hooligans and to teach a lesson to everyone in Barisan Nasional," he said in a statement today, in reference to Wednesday’s incident when a group of people, who admitted they belonged to Umno Youth, barged into the Penang legislative assembly.

They were protesting against DAP's Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer’s “Umno celaka” (Umno be damned) remark in the state assembly on Tuesday.

On Thursday, a group of Federal Territory Umno Youth members stormed the DAP headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and threatened to burn down the building. Yesterday, the DAP's office in Kuantan was pelted with eggs.

Lim, who is the MP for Gelang Patah, said political hooliganism as seen in the past few days, the rise of racial and religious extremism since the general election last year, the increase in hate speech and growing intolerance of a moderate approach and a plural society must be stopped immediately before they ruin Malaysia's diversity.

He urged all Malaysians, including those in BN, to unite and deplore in the strongest terms the rise of political hooliganism and breakdown of civility in the political arena.

Lim said the present BN leaders have lost the art of their founding generation like Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Tun Tan Siew Sin and Tun V.T. Sambanthan “to agree to disagree agreeably”, and practise “gentleman politics” without resorting to lies, falsehood and calumny or the most corruptive influence of the politics of money.
Lim also took another swipe at Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also Umno deputy president, whom he has accused of encouraging such political hooliganism.

"Muhyiddin has emerged as one of the patrons of political hooliganism when he said that it was a natural reaction by Umno Youth members to storm the DAP headquaters in Kuala Lumpur when their party was challenged.

"Muhyiddin would be the first to demand that police take the strongest action against anyone from the DAP, PKR or PAS, if they stormed Umno's head office at the Putra World Trade Centre, but he has shown his hypocrisy and chicanery when he exonerated the Umno Youth of political hooliganism by saying that their reaction was natural.

"(His remark) has provided the latest and worst example of double standards and double mindset of government leaders occupying important offices like that of the deputy prime minister and senior cabinet ministers," he said.

Censuring Muhyiddin for making excuses for the behaviour of the Umno Youth members involved, Lim said Muhyiddin has "dishonoured the office of Deputy Prime Minister by blessing the political hooliganism".

"He should have been in the forefront to denounce such unacceptable misconduct in the Malaysian democratic society.

"If the deputy prime minister is so cowardly, not daring to be in the forefront to denounce such political hooliganism and to demand that the strongest action be taken by the police and the Attorney-General's Chambers, then let the voters of Bukit Gelugor and Teluk Intan decide.

"Let them speak loud and clear in the two by-elections this month on behalf of 30 million Malaysians that the people want to protect and defend democracy and reject the mobocracy advocated by the political hooliganism advocated by Umno Youth political hooligans, who have found a patron in the deputy prime minister."

Muhyiddin said yesterday that "a party challenged will not stay silent" when commenting on the Umno Youth members’ actions had done in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, although he reminded party members to obey the law.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak also hit out at Rayer in his Facebook posting today, saying it was unbecoming of the DAP rep to resort to ways that incited disharmony.

"We may differ in our political opinions but being abusive is uncalled for," Najib said.

Najib, who is also Umno president ,appealed to Umno members not to overreact by taking the law into their own hands, reminding them that any reaction should be within the boundaries of the law to maintain the image of Umno.

"Do not do anything irresponsible as we must strive to continue upholding the good name and reputation of our party," he said. – May 24, 2014.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Campaigning in Teluk Intan on May 21, 2014

Campaigning in Teluk Inatn on May 21, 2014 . Dyana is the underdog in the by election and we
are fighting an uphill battle. We must go all out to ensure that the voters will once again " write history , create miracle " like they did in the 1997 by election where I was fielded as the  DAP candidate.

Call on the Prime Minister to ensure a clean, fair and free Teluk Intan by election

Press Statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Teluk Intan on Friday, May 23rd 2014
Call on the Prime Minister to ensure a clean, fair and free Teluk Intan by election
The by election for Teluk Intan has entered its fifth day. DAP‘s candidate Dyana Sofya winning chances on nomination day was rated at 40 %. Although the big turnout at DAP ceramahs have been most encouraging, she is still obviously the underdog.
The whole BN machinery is now in Teluk Intan campaigning for the BN candidate Mah Siew Keong. Mah, a former two time local MP and a former Deputy Minister as well current Gerakan’s President is more than strong in this area.
This by election has great political significance and implications and it is thus a crucial battle that DAP will go all out to ensure Dyana‘s victory.
A win for Dyana will not only mean that the Teluk Intan voters are ready to break BN’s politics of race, it will also mean that the voters are showing their objections to BN’s continued incompetency in running the nation.
A vote for DAP will mean a vote against BN’s GST. It will also mean a vote against the abuse of the 1948 Sedition Act against opposition leaders.
Although Mah refuses to admit this but the fact is clear, If he loses in the by election, he will definitely be appointed a Senator and then a Minister. In this scenario, the people of Teluk Intan should vote in Dyana to have DAP‘s first female Muslim MP, with a Gerakan Minister from the back door. Vote one get one extra free!
It is a fact that in all elections, the BN is known to use its power and advantage in the 3 M’s- money, machinery and media. All these are already happening in Teluk Intan.
Yesterday I led a team of volunteers to make a house to house visit and campaign at Nova Scotia Estate Teluk Intan. Initially we were not permitted to enter the Estate but when we drew attention to the fact the BN chaps have landed in the estate, we were reluctantly permitted to enter.
As we were campaigning, we noticed a lot of cars parked near a hall. As we were approaching the hall, we saw people coming out with hampers worth approximately RM150 each.
Upon making enquiries, we were told that the meeting was sponsored by BN supporters and the hampers were given to the locals who are all voters at the locality.

Under the Election Offences Act, any form of grafting to buy votes is an offence. But the relevant enforcing department rarely enforces the law against the wrong doers.
 I am sure this form of corruptive act is very prevalent. The Election Commission and law enforces must take action on the people who are involved in corruptive acts.
Besides, there have been displays of gangsterish and bullying behaviors by some BN members or supporters. Such conduct must stop.
I call on the Prime Minister to direct BN campaigners and supporters to fight us fair and square. Make this by election a clean, fair and free election.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let Dyana Sofya roar in Parliament

Press Statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on Wednesday,  May 21, 2014

Let Dyana Sofya roar in Parliament

Teluk Intan by election is not going to be an easy fight for the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat as BN will definitely go all out to try to win back the seat. 

With the present hudud controversy still going on, we can expect Gerakan and BN to continue with their politics of lies and falsehoods against the DAP. Without a doubt, BN will also resort to its usual politics of money.

DAP candidate Dyana Sofya at 27 is young, but she is a brave Malaysian Malay who will fight for all races. 

Although she has not become a wakil rakyat,  she already dared to make a  suggestion  that no Gerakan leader , including the BN candidate  Mah Siew Keong has  ever dared to say – that is , UiTM  type university should be set up to allow non Malays to seek  good university degree with minimum fees.

But Dyana Sofya is the underdog in the by election.  She is fighting an uphill battle. Can this young, brave and principled talent triumph on May 31? 

In 1997 , DAP had turned around a BN majority of 13,968 in the 1995 general election to a DAP majority of 2,916 in the Teluk Intan by-election which I was fielded as the DAP candidate.

In 2008, DAP’s Manogaran defeated Mah Siew Keong with  a majority of 1470 votes. In the last general election , the late Seah Leong Peng had won with a majority of 7313 votes.

These victories show that the Teluk Intan voters  could rise to the occasion and create  history.  I therefore call on the courageous Teluk Intan voters to again rise to the occasion and vote Dyana Sofia into Parliament on May 31. Let her roar in Parliament! 

Of course, DAP’s victory in Teluk Intan will not be just about sending a brave young Member of Parliament to roar in Parliament, it has other significance too.

Although Pakatan Rakyat’s mission to capture Putrajaya did not matreiliase at the last general election, Malaysians who have been  yearning for change  must never give up the mission  to bring about a political change and a better country for all. 

Teluk Intan by election , just like the Bukit Gelugor by election, must lay stronger foundation for Pakatan Rakyat to march towards the Capture  Putrajaya objective in the next general election. The momentum of Pakatan Rakyat’s mission to  capture Putrajaya must be sustained and given new boost and victories in these two  by elections  are important .

Teluk Intan by election should also be used as an oppourtunity for the voters to send a clear message , on behalf of Malaysians , to BN government on how the people are disappointed and angry with the continued incompetency of the BN government after the 2013 general election. 

The people should vote to tell the BN government their unhappiness about the hasty implementation of GST, the abuse of the draconian 1948 Sedition Act against opposition  leaders, the government’s non action against extreme groups which made racially and religiously  provocative remarks  and  many other issues which have proven that the BN government is not a government that can walk the talk on its 1 Malaysia concept.

Some newspaper analysis have recently said that the bigger DAP majority in 2013 was due to the fact that many Teluk Intan parliament voters who reside in other states and Singapore had returned to vote and it is unlikely that many of them will make  a special trip for the upcoming by election.

I therefore would like  to call on all Teluk Intan voters who are now residing outside Teluk Intan to return and vote on the polling day to ensure DAP’s victory.