Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Media statement by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Seremban Court complex on 8th August 2017

Speedy and hurried disposal of cases itself will not serve the end of justice-Justice hurried is justice buried!!

Teacher Subbarau charged under official Secrets Act (OSA) was ordered by the Court of Appeal to enter his defence on 29.05.2017.

Subbarau was charged for 5 offences under the OSA in 2014. he was acquitted by the Sessions Court in 2015 and this decision was agreed to by the High Court Seremban in 2016. If convicted for each offence Subrrow can be sentenced to a maximum jail term of years thus for 5 charges it can accumulate to 35 years in total!!

Last Wednesday the COA gave the majority written grounds but the dissenting grounds are not out as yet. Thus yesterday an application was filed in the COA to Review the said decision which in normal cases will be heard by 5 COA Judges.

Today we made an application in Seremban Sessions Court for adjournment until the COA disposes of the "Review"

To our utter surprise the DPP objected to our application on the following grounds:

The decision by the COA is not final as the accused still has two avenues to appeal if found guilty.
This application was not done immediately with the COA on 29.05.2017.
That 'justice' for the prosecution must be done.

We replied and said the following issues overtakes the objections by the DPP.

We said inter alia:
We can humanly only make the application yesterday as the grounds of decision was given only 5 days back and adjournment sought was in the interest of justice. Also we have asked for stay of this Sessions Court hearing in the COA review application.
Our application is neither vexatious or frivolous
That in the interest of Justice this case ought to be adjourned as otherwise it would prejudice the accused.
It was difficult if not impossible for us to foresee what the grounds of judgment would be to prepare the Review application before the grounds of judgment were given.

After a lengthy hearing of parties for more then 1 hour the Judge allowed our application and fixed it for continued hearing for October 6th and 13 th

We see no urgency in this trial as the review application out to take its course and president . If otherwise due and fair justice would not be done to the accused . We are puzzled as to the hurried manner the prosecution wants to proceed with the trial. It has to be noted there are 4 more teachers who have been charged under OSA where cases are pending at different levels in the courts. The DPP must only prosecute in the interest of justice and not merely to convict!! Let's not forget in criminal cases the paramount importance is justice and fair play and not forgetting the great saying by William Blackstone who stated "It is better that 10 guilty men escape than one innocent suffer."

ADUN Senawang YB Gunasegaran was in court too.

Parties who appeared for the accused are M. Kula Segaran,Miss Nicole Tan, and Vemal Arasan(pdk)

The Senior DPP's were Tuan Ahmad Thairuddin and Tuan Wan Shaharuddin

This case was presided by Sessions Court Judge Tuan Ramesh.



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Monday, August 7, 2017

Media statement by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Parliament media centre KL.

The sudden withdrawal of the LRA shows non commitment to elevate peoples concern!
It comes as a shock that the bill on Law Reform Marriage Act (LRA) Amendment which was introduced for 1st reading last year has now been withdrawn without the Government giving any valid reasons by the De facto Law Minister Azalina today.

This move is most surprising as all and sundry expected the bill to be passed in this sitting.

It all started in 2007 when a Hindu, one Pathmanathan then married to Indira Gandhi converted to Islam. In the process he had also converted his 3 under aged children to Islam. The conversion was without consent, presence and or approval of the children or Indira.

I immediately raised the matter in Parliament and the then De facto Law Minister DS Nazri said the cabinet has issued a directive that when a parent converts to another religion the religion of the child shall remained unchanged and status quo shall remain until the child attains the age of majority.

In 2007 the Cabinet formed a "Conversion" Committee to ascertain how best the controversial conversions can be handled and appropriate legalisation be so done to address the perineal, controversial and difficult issue. Nothing was concluded by this committee and later three other similar committees were formed but there was still no permanent suggested solutions

The issue was dragged on with no conclusion and finally the bill on LRA was tabled last year.

Our allegations that the Government of the day failed to have the political will was demolished with the introduction of the amendments. But it looks like we are not wrong in this allegation we have made earlier.

I urge the Government to give a proper and full explanation as to why the bill was hastily withdrawn. Did the Cabinet unanimously agree to this? And is this permanent or a watered down bill will be tabled?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Media Statement by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and Cheong Chee Khing ADUN Bercham in ipoh on 5th August 2017

The importance rebuilding Pari Towers as a social obligation to poor.

The DAP has been receiving frequent complains about inadequate housing for the poor in Ipoh. We were invited to have look at SG.Pari Towers the "eye sore" of Ipoh led by former tenant Mr. Mani and others. Mani 65 was a resident tenant for over 20years and when the flats become inhabitable he and many others moved out.

With DAP ADUN YB Cheong,Albert,Ronald,Segaran,Vasu,Ong Jermidah, Cherry and I visited the area today.

The over 200 flats have been abandoned and undergrowths and bushes can be found in the flats. Why these flats have been abandoned when it can serve useful purpose for the poor is mind boggling.

The irresponsible neglect of an iconic building

Social Housing in Ipoh is in a dire state due to inefficient central authority, diminishing role of local councils, and dependency of private sector for housing needs. This is evident when one comprehends the state of an iconic building called Sungai Pari Towers in Ipoh which has great history in housing the poor. Sungai Pari Towers is situated at a highly valued location along Jalan Gurdial Singh Gill and on the bank of Sungai Pari, just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Ipoh railway station. Yet, there is no plan to redevelop the site. Former Ipoh mayor, Datuk Roshidi Hashim, was quoted in 2012 as saying that the Perak state executive council had given the green light to redevelop the Sungai Pari Towers “in a way that the current tenants would not need to be relocated.”Residents there had found it very convenient, as the central bus station, railway station and market are all close-by. They did not want to move out until the situation became unbearable as the city council stopped maintaining the buildings and the surroundings. In fact, there are still some people living in the low-rise units. The Sungai Pari Towers was completed in 1962, during the glorious days of the then Ipoh Municipal Council, which was under the control of the popular People’s Progressive Party. It had stood as the tallest building and a “showpiece” of the success of the public housing projects in the city.

Centralized delays and inefficiency

In a recent reply to YB Encik Cheong Chee Kin concerning Sungai pari towers the Menteri Besar of Perak has stated the MBI had applied for financial allocation for public housing from the Jabatan Perumahan Negara under 11th Malaysian plan in a letter dated 7th March 2014, and the JPN responded in letter dated 16th May 2016 that the PPR Sungai Pari Ipoh is one of the new project under JPN in line with 11th Malaysian plan but would depend on the approval of the economic planning unit under the budget 2017. It is a puzzling that it took two years for JPN to respond. This is how a centralized housing system could be inimical to well being of the poor who are dependable on social housing. The question is why has Pari Tower is seen as a new project when the building could be redone without destroying its foundation? Is there economic motive by the authorities to collaborate with well connected developers to destroy the current structure of the building and create new housing projects, since Pari Towers is in a strategic location?

Sg.Pari towers needs to be rehabilited

When we in Government in Perak in 2008 at one of the local council meetings we were told the building is still very much in tact, the foundation is solid and can last for over 100 years more. I am now surprised that the answer given by the State Assembly to YB Chong states the Sg. Pari Towers would be torn down and a new building would be built instead. Why is there a necessity to demolish the Towers if it can last for another 100 years. In fact the committee at the local council where I was a member even did a structural study and found the Towers was fit for a further 100 years. But what has happened was the proper maintenance and upkeep of the Towers slaked and thus the Towers was left to rod. As a consequence over 200 hundred of the lower income group lost the opportunity to rent and live in the Towers.

Ecosystem of social housing and economic empowerment
Besides reviving the structure of Pari Towers it also vital to enhance the social economic well being of its residence through income subsidies, training on job skills and adequate public transport. Merely building homes without a proper ecosystem to empower the poor would create ghettoes that would be hideouts for crime. It would be unwise if the so-called 11th Malaysian plan for Pari towers is given to developer or private entities that might not have interest of the poor citizens at heart. Developers or Private Management who sole motive is profit would only be interested in collecting rents while paying scant attention to the overall social- economic well being of the poor.

The empowerment of Local Government

To ensure there is no unethical collaboration between the state government and developers it is vital that the local government is empowered to facilitate the project of rebuilding Pari Towers without destroying its foundation. The local government who is far more aware of the realities within its vicinity is the rational authority to undertake the project of rebuilding Sungai Pari Towers. This would require decentralization of housing projects, and adequate financial allocation to local government. The rebuilding of Pari Towers is a importance social obligation to the poor.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Press Statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for
Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on 2st August 2017

Home Minister’s allegation about Tun Mahathir’s lineage is sign of Umno’s political desperation

It was most shocking that the Deputy Prime Minister cum Home Minister Datuk Seri
Zahid Hamidi has accused the longest serving Umno president and Prime
Minister Tun Mahathir who had struggled the Malay agenda was actually using the Malays.

He has alleged that Mahathir’s original identity card stated his name as Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty.
Zahid’s comments are baffling because in terms of logic, how could one who had struggled the Malay agenda be accused of using the Malays?

By revealing details of a person’s identity card, Zahid has violated the data protection act and he should be investigated by the police.

Since there have been police reports lodged against Zahid, the police should immediately investigate Zahid. As the Home Minister is the political superior of the Police, to facilitate investigation, Zahid should take temporary leave as Home Minister.

It has to be noted that Mahathir’s daughter has refuted Zahid’s allegation .She said that Mahathir’s name should be Mahathir bin Mohamad because her grandfather’s name was Mohamad Iskandar.

The only reason why the Deputy Prime Minister would go the extent of playing such dirty tactic against Mahathir is obviously that Umno is getting desperate due to the ability of Mahathir in spreading Pakatan Harapan’s political message to the Malays, including traditional Umno supporters.

Umno leaders will not want to public admit it but the truth is that Mahathir and his party have been able to garner Malay support for the opposition.

There are very clear signs that there will be a Malay tsunami in the next general election. And when the tsunami peaks at the general election, Umno and BN will just fall.

In order to frighten the Malays, Umno leaders have been using the publicity strategy of Chinese versus Malays in its attacks against the DAP. Malays have been warned to be fearful of DAP.

It is now clear that Umno, by alleging Mahathir’s supposed lineage, is also embarking on a racist approach in its continued attacks against Mahathir.

What Umno cannot see is that the voters including the traditional Umno supports are now more politically aware and informed. They can see how the Malays not only have not suffered but have been fairly treated even though opposition have formed the state governments in Selangor and Penang since 2008.

The racist approach used to attack Mahathir will not work and can even back fire as young Malaysians especially reject racial politics.

It is clear and simple that there is a racist element in Zahid’s allegation.

For months, UMNO has used the racist approach against the DAP
They have claimed that DAP is a Chinese party that will control the opposition
.Malays have been told to be fearful of DAP.

Now with Zahid using Mahathir’s lineage to attack him, the public should be surprised
that Umno has decided to adopt the racist approach against Mahathir after all its attacks
have not been effective.

Why has Umno become so desperate that it can adopt such low and irresponsible tactic against
its former president and the nation’s prime minister.

M.Kula Segaran