Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Upskilling retirees for a successful second innings

Upskilling retirees

When are you retiring? Which year will you be retiring?  These questions often come across from friends and relatives, when a senior is about to retire. Once you retire from your job and reach a certain age, you might think that the options are limited. But that’s not the case. What you want to do is to show that you do trust the system and you are willing to upskill and work hard to make it work. And simple things like allowing retirees to acquire more skills, upskilling them and taking them to the next level is not at all a bad idea.
Why do retirees need more skills?
The reason is simple, they can try to pursue some of their own ideas, even become an entrepreneur and so on. The giant KFC owner started in his 60s. The possibilities are limitless, and the best thing here is that you can adapt and adjust to make sure that everything works the way you always wanted. Malaysian retirees are trying to stay active. So getting new skills and trying to activate in a new industry does pay off a lot. About to retire can enrol into a new course and that makes a lot of sense. As of now, the majority of the retirees want to be active, but they are not upgrading their skills, but they want to do the same what they did for years. That mindset has to change; the adoption of new talent will be easy. .
But as you try to get better and better, you finally have the unique opportunity to boost your skills, enhance everything and take it to the next level. The main benefit of upskilling retirees is that they can acquire vital skills and information that will help them enhance their life.
Is it important for retirees to gain new skills?
Yes, not only does this keep their mind active, but it also brings in front of some creative options. It all comes down to making the learning experience better and more convenient for everyone. But at the same time, these things also help remove challenges, adapt to the learning experience and make it a lot better as a whole. Of course, there are bound to be challenges along the way, so what you want to do is to focus on adapting and improving that, then it will be worth it. especially, when industrial revolution 4.0 and manufacturing 4.0 is in place, upskilling has become a necessity.
Retirees might not have a lot of patience to acquire new skills, but getting that is a priority for them. It will bring in some amazing results, and the best part is that they can be ready to tackle new challenges.
The Malaysian job market does encourage retirees to gain new skills, and that alone is more than enough to let them at least give this a shot and check it out for themselves. Even if it might sound a bit challenging and hard at first, the potential will be worth it.
So yes, it’s a good idea for retirees to try and improve the way they work. It is always necessary to push the boundaries and find a way that adapts and adjust to the process as you go along. It’s definitely worth the effort, as long as the retiree never stops learning. Once that happens, the payoff will be amazing, and you will be incredibly happy with the process!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Creativity is in demand, especially in Malaysia.

There’s always Creativity in demand, especially in Malaysia. The job market is growing, and there’s always something good for people that want to be creative and come up with some of the best solutions that they can find on the market.

It's about new ideas or imagined ideas and converting that into reality, that helps our lives better. It has to be valuable.

If the creative work is benefited socially, then it has wide acceptance globally.

Being creative is very exciting since you always have new ideas and want to come up with great stuff. But the best thing about being creative is that you get to have control, to actively push the boundaries and explore new ideas as you go along.

It’s never easy to be creative, but this can be a soft skill that you learn on your own. You should always try to find some ways to improve your skills and make them better, and with the right approach, you can indeed do that without any hassle. That doesn’t mean it will be an easy thing to do, but the payoff alone will be great, and that’s the most important aspect at the end of the day.

Why is creativity important?

We can’t evolve without being creative and stepping the boundaries. We always try to set boundaries for ourselves, but our society would not be here without creativity. We had thousands upon thousands of creative people in human history that worked hard, researched and imagined ways to make life better. This is now an evolution for all of that, and it enhances the way you think about all these things in life. Of course, there are always demanding situations and challenges along the way. But if you have the right approach and you know what you are getting into with this you will be fine.

LinkedIn states that creativity is by far the most in-demand soft skill for 2019 and onward. Even if our society is focused on AI adoption, the reality is that creativity is and always will be one of the major ways to keep a good job and move onward despite the Industry 4.0 and tech revolution.

Creativity changes the world.

If you push your boundaries and stick with a creative set of ideas, no one can stand in your way. What you want to do is to push the boundaries and really take things to the next level. Creativity is not an easy task because you want to have more control and focus on a way that you can continue getting the best results.

With help from creativity, you can uncover new things; you can push ideas to the next level and take full advantage of everything. There are always some challenges to face and things to deal with. But if you know what you are getting into and how to improve on the process, the payoff will be huge.

Rest assured that creativity is and will be the top soft skill you need to learn and improve. It’s something most of us have to work on, but once you are creative and always strive to improve, you will find it a lot easier to bring your life to new heights!

Why Microlearning for you? - Its convinience, relevance and Impactful


Microlearning is a new type of learning focused on using short bursts to memorize what you want, whenever you want. The great thing is that it can be used for both formal and informal training. It works, and it delivers the value you want in no time, exactly the way you would expect.

Intense and not time-consuming

Most learning methods are time-consuming, so it’s nice to have a method that’s reliable, easy to use and adaptable to your requirements. It delivers the value and impact you want and so much more while also removing most of the pressure that usually comes on you with this kind of features.

Using rich media

The use of rich media is great because it encourages retention. And it’s just a much better way to learn new stuff, especially if you are very interested in the topic. It’s easy for people to forget notions and ideas, so Microlearning makes things a lot easier.

Focused on the learning experience

Microlearning is offering most of the attention to learners. It gives a higher control and relevance to the learner, when it comes to making the learning path flexible. It’s reliable, convenient, and one of the best systems that you can find out there in learning. It will be worth all the time.

Accessible & Convenience

Thanks to Microlearning, you can start learning from any device that you may want. It’s helpful, and it puts the power in your hands. You want to make things better and more convenient, and with such an approach, you get to do that without any hassle.

Easy to update

The Microlearning process can be kept up to date all the time. This helps a lot, and it encourages you to push the boundaries in a way that works. You should give it a try the best way that you can. It’s totally worth it and the value itself will be among some of the best. Being able to enhance the learning experience and making it more comprehensive helps a lot. It will give you a resounding set of results, and the payoff alone can be among some of the best.

High impact

Microlearning nuggets bring in an excellent and impactful outcome. They improve behavioural change, all while encouraging improvements in the long run. Thanks to Microlearning you get to learn at your own pace, all while remembering what you learned for quite some time.

If you wish to boost your career and learn new skills fast, Microlearning is the future. It’s designed to offer you the quintessential learning experience, and the best thing about it is that it’s adaptable, exciting to use and with a huge range of features for you to explore.

All you need is to check it out, give it a shot and the potential can be second to none if you do it right. With the right system in place, digital transformation such as such as Industry 4.0 can be adopted fast, this will be one of the best ways to learn new skills!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Do not skip practical training?

practical training

ANY fresh engineering graduate could be thinking as to how to get an engineering or manufacturing job within a reputed firm. But do you have practical training? How are others getting practical training? Are the engineering institutes providing effective practical training programs?

The objective of practical training is to get a feel of the real work experience for the graduating student.  Practical Training will allow freshers to acquire skills necessary for entering a competitive job market. Employers are looking for candidates completed practical training with industry experience, or, working in similar businesses, his or her aptitude suitability and their acquired knowledge. Best in class training mentors, coupled with superior training methodologies, make graduates improve their skills and abilities and bridge the market academia gap.

Programs Need: 
In case you've just passed from college and searching for a job, then you ought to know a few things that help you get your dream job immediately. You should make a career portfolio that will consist of note about yourself, your academic qualifications, technical and non-technical competence and hobbies at the portfolio. By presenting a career portfolio to your employer, you provide a possibility to let your employer knows about yourself and your career dreams. Besides, to get into the manufacturing sector, if you undergo short term programs such as manufacturing operations, manufacturing technology and production technology training, then it is a strong point for your selection.  There are many such programs run by Government and private institutes in Malaysia. Find out the practical training centres and choose the one that suits your profile. Selectors will assess your knowledge, skills, techniques, and its interrelations found in a high-performance manufacturing and production environment, especially our companies are in the doorway for Industry 4.0.

"Learning never exhausts the mind". Leonardo da Vinci

Thursday, June 13, 2019

4 traits of a smart entrepreneur

Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business taking on financial risks. He or She takes responsibility for overcoming challenges, earns all laurels of success or suffers when it fails. The word entrepreneur is from the French language. This word was first used by the renowned French Economist Jean Baptiste in the year 1800. He identified an entrepreneur as one who undertakes a business, particularly a contractor, acting as a middleman between labour and capital.
Fundamentally, entrepreneurs are individuals who initiate a brand-new company or thoughts and implement it by the plan until it becomes a success story which may be embraced or copied by others.
There are many traits and skills that a successful entrepreneur can be identified. Time management, Communication, Curiosity. Confidence and Motivated. However, I feel there are four that are significantly associated with a successful entrepreneur.
This is one of the specific character traits that make an entrepreneur a successful entrepreneur. For a successful entrepreneur, he or she must possess certain unique traits that are a prerequisite for the success of the enterprise.  Self-motivation is the most important traits, and they will be driven to achieve the utmost in any project until they accomplish. This motivation should occasionally be on the point of being an obsession. When he sets goals to be attained, they must be accomplished at any cost. There's nothing that may be achieved without someone breaking a sweat.
Hard Work & Visionary: 
Another character trait of an entrepreneur is which he must work hard to achieve his goals. Working off your socks and putting the eyes on your prize is your only way to come out efficiently as a businessman. To adopt a business idea and work to execute it to fruition, a person has to be a visionary. This is a significant character trait of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur must be farsighted and create if laying the groundwork for his idea. This way, he or she focuses on the broader and overall picture of your idea to be implemented, and your vision brings your passion, which drives the successful execution of the initiative.
Another character trait of an entrepreneur is that he's to be a strategist to execute properly an idea which has fermented well in his mind. This entails proper planning and figuring out which everything is set up and done by the laid down plan. Entrepreneurs must be independent-minded and constantly think outside the box. They shouldn't be conformist who'll be easily swept to toe your line for your sake of agreeing with conventions, but rather self thinkers who follow personal intuition. Achievers are inundated with an endless supply of resilience and ooze with a dedication to achieving whatever it can take attitude. Occasionally it can take a short time to get an idea to be adopted or to sell to the intended clients, but at other times, the entrepreneur has to wait a little bit longer before your idea is accepted.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Have we eliminated child labour?

child labour

Though it's a desirable target, the fact remains that there are still cases of child labour in Malaysia and across the globe. Some will say any socio-economic situation; it is practically impossible to eliminate child labour. One can't dispute the fact that some companies harness kids by paying them less than what they'd pay in mature. The future of these working kids is destroyed. They are not going able to get basic literacy, or attend schools and become educated for a better future. But when if someone believes the financial compulsions of the families that force the kids to work, then complete elimination of child labour will be a distant dream. But we have Laws that are made to protect kids from exploitation.

Recognizing the injury caused by child labour to our society, we have laws and amendments. To make it simple. Anyone who employs children aged below 15 may end up spending five years behind bars. Under the amendments, we have brought penalties or fines from a minimum of RM5,000 to a minimum of RM50,000.
Jail terms were also increased from a one-year minimum sentence to at least two years, with offenders liable to face a maximum of five years' jail. The amendments also define hazardous work relating to the handling of machinery and the working environment.

Labour is an impossible task from the current socio-economic situation; our government is committed to professional training, supplementary nutrition and rehabilitation to the kids who're withdrawn from employment. Our government is committed to the task of making sure that no kid remains illiterate, hungry and without healthcare. The new amendments cover against exposing children to hazardous chemicals, dusty conditions, extreme temperatures, noise and vibration.

By the current thinking, countries, societies and we individuals must stop imports of these goods that involve child labour in their production. Business to Consumer eCommerce portals should check the sources of the products. Example: Toys, Carpets. Still, in the world, a lot of children have been used to make these luxury carpets. These carpets that are being exported and sold might soon lose their market overseas if the producers of those carpets persist with child labour. These families who send their kids to work, and they do not think that they are ruining the future of these innocent kids.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How to improve employability?

skills for Malaysia jobs

UPGRADE SKILLS: BOTH TECHNICAL SKILS & SOFT SKILLS are efficient ways to boost employers confidence. These abilities allow you to have deeper than ordinary understanding of contemporary systems and might make you infinitely more desirable amongst recruiters.
Here are ways to reinforce your skills! 
Enroll in Technical Courses or Workshops - Learning in a class room setting could be more valuable than studying on-line or studying on your own. Classrooms allow you to socialize with the knowledgeable teachers along with other pupils. You can acquire knowledge through their questions and contributions. Most universities , community colleges & institutes provide classes and applications for technical and business communications, so make sure you use this advantage. The excellent thing about these books is that your book could be chosen by you based on your level of knowledge. You could get them books from the local library or search online, most of it is free.  Most tutorials are simple to access, are updated, and are offered at no cost.  
Volunteer for Technical Projects - Be in search of chances to volunteer on technical projects. Volunteering will allow you to gain experience working with members that are specialized. This gives you amazing opportunities to encounter projects which you might not have access to. Interpersonal skills are incredibly valued in tasks, and jobs are an excellent way to have quality interactions with coworkers and business partners. 
Subscribe to Technical Sites and Magazines - that's a cost efficient method to keep yourself in all the loop with all the latest advancements in technology.
They help build your understanding of skills, insights into innovation and give you tips about software. These give you a regular and continuous update on the trends. 
Develop Knowledge of a Second Language - Knowing numerous languages opens many doors and breaks barriers between you or your clients or employers. Languages are very significant if you work at an international context. Our Malaysia  is a good example of a big melting pot with different races and ethnicities, so being able to talk to individuals in their languages is a big plus! - Practice What You Learned - Practice makes perfect.
Writing takes practice and a desire to progress and get better. Another fantastic way to practice is editing others specialized writing. This fine tunes the eyes to pick up on details and also exposes you to numerous kinds of technical writings. Using present tense and keeping sentences easy is a good way to the writing to be clear and accessible. Keep a notebook of your mistakes. Trial and error is a good way to learn, so do not be afraid of making mistakes and take criticism. A terrific way to strengthen your technical abilities is to work on jobs and take courses to gain encounter and perspective. Mastering new abilities is a crucial way to update your set of skills and stand out from the crowd.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Skills gap, a problem for employers

The fear of job losses in the labor market is something that is worrying employees in Malaysia. Their major source of concern stems from the need for them to take advantage of digitalization and the opportunities that are opening up with the technological advancements and the introduction of new innovations.
Graduate Skills
Malaysia has become a digital hotspot with a competitive job market. Meanwhile, on completion of their tertiary education, many graduates find that they are lacking in the technical skills required to fill employment positions. Unemployment is a problem for them. Positions are often filled by employees from abroad and it’s obvious that a shift is needed in learning methods.
Learning techniques at universities require rote learning, this is helpful in remembering information, but allows no room for practical experience.
These shortcomings in the education system are being addressed by supplementing the knowledge with skills through additional government funding.
Employee Skills
Our employees also have a keen interest in training and development. In a recent study, 96% said that they were willing to invest money in order to upgrade their skills through training programs.
Companies in Malaysia are filling their requirements for highly skilled workers by encouraging their workforce to up-skill while also offering incentives and career progression opportunities.
Besides hiring people from abroad, Industry also encouraging Malaysians to repatriate and bring with them the knowledge gained abroad.
In conclusion, our employers can play a major role in creating a competitive advantage for their organizations by providing relevant training courses to accelerate the skills they require from their workforce.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Make Malaysia a Global Design Hub in products designs and prototypes.

The need for Malaysia to maintain its international competitiveness requires that it plans ahead. Its industries, whose past reluctance to adopt new technologies, have now adopted a new attitude that is driving the demand for specialized job candidates.

The thought process that encourages a country to excel and innovate in design is not only focused on creativity, but is a process that demands thinking out of the box to ensure products designs and prototypes to attract international attention.

Slow adoption of skill-sets requirements

Malaysia has seen a huge increase in the demand for UX and UI design professionals, especially front end developers with strong design instincts.

Unfortunately, the candidates to fill these job positions are few and far between, caused mainly by the slow adoption of these technologies.

Improving employee skills

One of the solutions to the problem is for companies to hire individuals with learning potential rather than looking for the necessary skills. People with learning potential can be trained on the job and through upgrade skill courses. This will not only help in faster developments, but is also a worthwhile investment.

Young people already in the job market should seek self improvement by continuously upgrading their skills in order to ensure that they are a step ahead.

In order to become a global design hub, Malaysia will have to encourage business to change mindset and young school leavers to consider tech design studies. This interest can be sparked at school level by the strong development of research, problem solving, collaboration skills, communication and digital design from a young age.


Saturday, June 8, 2019

Tech skills required for our Industry

Today’s technologies, especially those involving IT, are undergoing rapid and dynamic changes, to the point where skills learnt now, may not be relevant in 5 years time.
Preparing for the future of the workplace requires a commitment to lifelong learning in order to keep up with the technological innovations that will change within every job position within the workforce.
The current tech skills for that will be relevant for Industry 4.0 include:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine intelligence has existed from before the rise of the internet, but the internet has given the technology the boost that it needed to get it off the ground. AI is the new technology that the world will not be able to do without. Besides being in our smartphones and homes it is essential in every industry.
Blockchain is what powers bitcoins, the new currency taking the world by storm. The understanding of blockchain and how it can positively affect healthcare, real estate, law enforcement, and even elections can lead to a bright career.
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has changed how the businesses world interacts with consumers, how medical professionals and pilots train, and how learners and gamers interact.
Cloud Computing saves companies money and simplifies the space needed on computers; it is popular now and will remain prevalent in years to come.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is reducing the need for humans to do repetitive tasks. Bots and machine learning are going to continue to be in demand in the future.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Addressing the skills gap in Malaysia

The new age industrial revolution in Malaysia, or otherwise Industry 4.0, was initially frowned upon in the fear that it would reduce the need for workers. 
Addressing the skills gap
This fear is proving unfounded as technological advancement is driving the need for a skilled staff force. Manufacturers are increasingly relying on Industry 4.0 to increase their productivity. This entails the use of data, cyber systems and cloud computing and the trained workforce to work side-by-side with these technologies.
It is expected that across the globe there will be an increased demand for human staff in manufacturing, despite the fact that many positions in the manufacturing line have been replaced by automation. This is something that was previously also seen during the Industrial Revolution.
Creation of new work opportunities for employment
Opportunities are opening up at all levels and departments for skills to support the new technologies. These include machinery operators, vehicle drivers, camera operators and workers will need improved mathematical and analytical abilities. Other career opportunities include AR/ VR, utilizing blockchain, 3D printing, and all opening up job opportunities across all departments, including production, engineering, sales, marketing and managerial.
The manufacturing industry will have to ensure that its workforce are trained, skills upgraded and ready to fill the new role expected of them. This can be done by concentrating on giving existing staff the training need to be re-skilled or by recruiting a new workforce that has the required skills.
It is up to the Malaysian manufacturing industry to ensure the creation of a productive “21st century workforce”.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Why a skill upgrade is necessary for our youth?

The benefits of training and skill upgrades cannot be emphasized enough. These are important for all young people seeking to become professionals across all jobs, in all industries around the globe.
Career prospects that come from skill upgrades include: improved on-the-job performance, opportunities to move up within a company, and applying for a more rewarding opportunity elsewhere.
Importantly, certifications for any upgrades should be internationally recognized, giving the holder an advantage over other candidates.
The benefits of an internationally recognized certification upgrade include:
Global Demand
Global demand for skilled professionals is at an all time high as organizations fight to have a competitive advantage, boost revenues, develop new products and services, and maintain customer satisfaction.  Skill upgrades offer the certification holders the opportunity to vie for high paying jobs across the globe.
Competitive Edge and Enhanced Performance
Skill upgrades effectively instill updated best practice methodologies that can be successfully put into practice to bring the most demanding workplace requirements to termination. Besides the methodology, an upgrade also introduces important updated terminology for a particular domain, enhancing teamwork, collaboration and performance.
Enhanced performance, together with the delivering of results ends in recognition, and the ability to move into leadership roles.
Staying ahead
In many industries, the demand for skills evolves continuously. One good example of this is the IT sector, but remains important throughout the workforce. Professionals within these sectors can only but benefit from skill upgrades because technologies evolve at a rapid pace.
In conclusion, the immense benefits of skill upgrades for youth cannot be ignored as the global demand for professional within every industry grows.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Learn, unlearn, relearn - getting ready for Industry 4.0

The wise men often reckon to prepare for the future, and with the pace new technologies have popped up and changed industries in recent years, the profundity of the aforementioned advice seems even more vivid.

Futuristic quantum computers and the age of robots aren’t only constrained to sci-fi movies, they’re our reality now. You might have noticed how the nature of jobs has changed around you and it’s safe to say that an awful lot of skills and jobs would become obsolete in the coming years. So, just to make sure these new changes don’t look foreign to you and robots don’t give you a run for your money, here’s a list of skills that you should be honing to make sure the arsenal of your skill set doesn’t look antiquated.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”- Alvin Toffler 

Cognitive Flexibility: 

As the name suggests, Cognitive Flexibility is how flexible your cognitive skills are, and how easily you can comprehend and find answers when new patterns are introduced to you.
In case you’re clueless about what mental gymnastics would foster your relevant skills, try indulging into new activities like learning a new form of dance or maybe a musical instrument.


Robots could be miles ahead of humans in terms of calculations but when it comes to negotiations, a lot of factors that robots—even after emotion-reading technology—struggle to fathom.
If you’re witty and know how to influence people with your knowledge, the future shines bright for you.

Emotional Intelligence: 

Akin to the last one, emotional intelligence encompasses all the social skills that make an individual take efficient decisions in an environment of social complexities and perhaps, toxicity too.
It is clearly going to be a crucial skill in the coming years and could always give you an upper hand if you’ve mastered it.

Critical thinking: 

Pundits often call this one as one of the most crucial skills for the future but what exactly does Critical thinking mean?

It’s the most efficient use of logic and reasoning to carry out solutions to complex problems. Humans have an intrinsic zeal to explore more and with answers getting more complex as we delve deeper, shrewd critical thinkers would be welcomed by organisations with arms wide open in the future.


Creativity has always been an evergreen quality and even in the age dictated by robots (possibly), creative people would still be hot-prospects.
If you’re someone who could find unique ways to create innovative products using available information and ideas, you’re a creative person.
The game has always been the survival of the fittest. And in the rapidly-changing world, the ones who adapt well would have higher chances of survival.

Getting ready for Industry 4.0 for Malaysia 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Dasar Penggantian Pekerja Asing

Why We Need Skill Upgradation for Industrial Revolution 4.0?

Many countries, including Malaysia, are steering themselves into Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This new term focuses on the use of automation in the manufacturing process, how computers are connected, and they can easily communicate with one another to make decisions automatically and without human input. On top of that, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is set to bring in smart factories in Malaysia, not to mention it can connect machines to boost productivity, fully interact with each other, all while sharing real-time information with you.
Why is Malaysia heading to this new Industrial Revolution 4.0?
Manufacturers and companies in general always try to find new, reliable ways to speed up the production process and lower costs. With help from Industry 4.0, you can automate many tasks and save lots of time as well as money. In addition, the seamless interconnection will make it a lot easier to identify problems and pinpoint their source. It will also be easier to acquire big data and study exactly what’s happening within your entire business in real time.
Can this affect the younger Malaysian generation?
Yes, as society evolves and the manufacturing process relies on Industry 4.0, those that want to establish a new career will have to acquire new skills and think outside the box. That’s why Skill Upgradation is very important for the current Malaysian youth. The faster you acquire and implement the right skills and knowledge, the easier it will be to be ready when the Industrial Revolution 4.0 arrives.
Thanks to Skill Upgradation you get to stay ahead of many technologies, not to mention you will learn how to enhance business performance and maintain the company’s exposure and growth in the long run. Plus, it’s also a wonderful way to step out of the crowd as a business professional with lots of future-focused knowledge. That will make it a lot easier to find a job in the business world. And yes, you will also have the chance to become a global professional at the same time.
What skills should you acquire or improve as you prepare for the Industrial Revolution 4.0?
If you want to prepare yourself for future employment in the Industry 4.0 era, the good idea is to learn more about robotics. Problem-solving was and still is a crucial aspect to focus on. You should also consider focusing on creativity, critical thinking, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility, service orientation, and people management. These are all top of the line skills that you have to focus on.
As many tasks become automated, you will need to learn more about handling problems, coming up with product ideas, and also implementing programs and features through the use of robotics. These skills are pivotal even in today’s Malaysian job market, and they will become even more important in the long run. Make sure that you start working on all these skills and also focus on learning more about cybersecurity, data science, virtual reality, software engineering and so on. These are all important skills that Malaysia’s youth should focus on, as they can help establish a powerful and very lucrative career!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

We should be Ready For Industry 4.0

Skill sets for Industry 4.0 in Malaysia

Industry 4.0 is essentially referred to as the fourth industrial revolution that the entire world is slowly gearing up for. We are to emplane on a technological revolution that will radically revamp the way we live, work and relate to one another.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution will gradually be felt in every industry and in every country.
While we cannot foresee how the workspace in the future will turn into but with the incorporation of smart technological operations; capture of business, enhancement of workforce capabilities, working pattern, etc. will surely take place at a rapid speed.
The trend will surely merge the real and the virtual world and with the extensive use of artificial intelligence, more human jobs will be taken away. Malaysia is already trying to keep at pace with Revolution 4.0, with core technologies like Artificial Intelligence , Robotic Process Automation, and Internet of Things being invested in. If access to information can be made easier for Malaysia, the time is not far away when it transforms  to a  design and manufacturing hub.
It can well be predicted that a large part of the jobs inclusive of the ones like distress managers, photographers, clergy, etc. will face a large impact owing to robotization. Likewise, taxi drivers, anglers, bakers, models, and fast food workers are likely to be reinstated by technology.
To combat such a situation, employees ostensibly should keep honing their present skill sets and start to master competencies beyond their Key Result Areas. The focus must be on deep-rooted learning and training of the employees. This way we will be equipped with many advanced technological disciplines and may go through a seamless industrial revolution journey.


Friday, May 31, 2019

Soft Skills You Will Need In The Workplace

Top 10 Soft Skills You Will Need In The Workplace 

In today's world, the ‘world of work' seems to grow every hour. The advancement of technology, on the other hand, has made it imperative for each one of us to get adapted with a few top-notch soft skills so as to endure our position in the workplace. The dynamics are shifting in the workplace and unless you have adequate skills, and some extra ones up your sleeves, it might very well be a very dreary situation for you if you are looking to secure a job or professional growth.
So let us discuss 10 such top skills, which will help you thrive in your workplace in the coming years:
·       Creativity

·       People Management skills

·       Negotiation abilities

·       Complex problem-solving abilities

·       Emotional and social intelligence

·       Innovative and Adaptive thinking abilities

·       Cross culture adaptability

·       Cognitive flexibility

·       Articulate, assertive and possess good interpersonal skills

·       Competence in ‘decision making'.
There are however varied factors that are slowly replacing the ‘human' indispensability; viz- advanced applications, machines, and structures, powerful computer languages and organizations having global connections in terms of sourcing ‘people'.
Nevertheless, if you are immune with the above-mentioned parameters then you can very well flourish and get places in the present work scenario of Malaysia.