Monday, October 31, 2016


Media Statement by M. Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Ipoh on 31st October 2016


The local delimitation inquiries should be broad and represent all stakeholders

In line with the local inquiries by the election commission on the delimitation exercise, I would like to bring my attention to the public that the current exercise does not show respect to current parliamentary proceedings where MPs are deprived of participating or guiding their constituencies in delivering objections to one of the most divisive delimitation exercise in history, where the survival of a particular political establishment as a been a paramount factor. There are significant repercussions for the peace and stability in this country if these inquiries are done secretly and haphazardly without the broad participation of stakeholders, what more if it’s done in parallel with parliamentary proceedings that is debating national issues. Is there a deliberate attempt to prevent parliamentarians from guiding their voters to present legitimate objections? I would like to highlight the flawed process and rules used in conducting the inquiry in my constituency.

Notification letter given late

1) I receive the letter informing the inquiry was dated 19th October and we received it on 25th October. The proposed date of inquiry is on the 1st of November 2016. I rang the EC to adjourn the date as parliament is in session..The EC Officers said that this is not possible but a written objection can be made and sent to them. The question is why are Parliamentarians who represent various stakeholders are prevented from attending this inquiry? As the date given is too short i am not able to go to court to seek remedies to strike out the unfair terms imposed for the inquiry

Secretive process of inquiry

2 Those attending the inquiry are not allowed to use hand phones and camera. Why can't we record the proceedings? What is there to fear? We need the society at large to know and be involved in the inquiry. As it is, only 23 voters are allowed into the room. I have over 80k voters. It seems that the 80k voters has no need of any proof of what transpired in the inquiry. The nation faith and integrity will be best place if all stakeholders are allowed to participate in the inquiry.

The prevention of legal discourse

3) Those objecting to the delimitation current delimitation of boundaries are not allowed to be represented by a lawyer. Those who are objecting to the enquiries are among lay people. They may be unsure about the procedure and process of objections. If there are capable specialist lawyers why should they be denied from representing the objectors at the inquiry? Is experts’ opinion not valuable and helpful in the inquiry process?

Limitation in voicing objections

4) Any explanation or briefing during the inquiry is only on the oppose subject matter. This is unreasonable since issues could be interrelated especially on issues like gerrymandering that benefits a certain establishment

Therefore I would like to propose the following action since the delimitation exercise has far reaching implication to Malaysians.

1) The election commission should stop the inquiry immediately so that it does not clash with current parliament proceedings.

2) Parliamentarians, civil society leaders and lawyers who represent public interest should be involved to ensure the delimitation exercise will be reasonable and represent the principle of one man one vote.

3) The inquiry should be telecast live to, show that it is done in a fair and transparent manner.

4) There should not be any limitation in addressing the cause and effect and systemic issues related to the delimitation exercise. Election commission should truly represent public interest in this regard.