Sunday, August 30, 2009

BN federal government should declare support for temple relocation.

Yesterday's incident whereby some 50 residents unhappy with the relocation of the Sri Mariaamman temple from Section 19 to Section 23 of Shah Alam had paraded a severed cow's head must be strongly condemned by all right thinking Malaysians.

We live a in a multi racial and multi religious country and yet there could be such an unacceptable, disgraceful and insensitive incident of religious insult.

Everyone knows that the cow is a sacred animal of the Hindu community. By parading, spitting and stomping on the cow's head, the protesters committed dangerous acts which could incite racial anger and religious hatred in the country.

But what was shocking is that the Police did not immediately stop the protesters from parading the cow's head when they had marched some 300 m from the state mosque to the Selangor state secretariat building. Neither did the police arrest any one for such provocative and dangerous behavior. And the protestors had threatened bloodshed too.

Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar had later said " if police report is lodged, we will definitely take the necessary action".

This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Khalid must explain why there was no immediate action by the police and why a police report is still needed after the incident for the police to take action.

I don't see how the police can justify its failure to take immediate action against the protesters. There is really no excuse for police inaction.

Nevertheless I welcome the Prime Minister's directive to the Inspector General of Police to take swift action against the protestors.

I also welcome the statement by Umno Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin . Khairy has rightly condemned the "cow head protest" and he is right when he asked the protestors" how would you feel if the proposal to build a mosque in a non - Muslim area--which is already happening-- leads a group of non Muslims to burn and stomp on the Quran ? ";

However, what is more important is that the BN Federal Government should publicly declare that it supports the temple relocation as the site chosen is a suitable one.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

PM should understand why the people are pointing fingers at MACC?

Yesterday, the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib said that MACC should not be dragged into political games. He said that doing so would create a negative perception among the public about its integrity and credibility.
He also said that the MACC's credibility must be intact and it must be allowed to carry out its role in fighting graft so the country could be administered efficiently and effectively. The Star also reported that when referring to Teoh Beng Hock's death, Najib had said "the government has confidence in the MACC and we should not make negative judgment based on one unfortunate incident".

DAP totally agrees with the Prime Minister that MACC must not be dragged into political games and that its credibility must be intact for it to be effective in combating corruption.

It cannot be denied that the MACC's image has taken a nose dive after Teoh Beng Hock's mysterious death. But even before this unfortunate incident, MACC's image has also been affected due to its failure to act professionally in combating corruption.

Over the last few months, as said many times by DAP parliamentary leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang, MACC has been seen in playing to the tune of Barisan Nasional's "political games". MACC can deny this but public have their own eyes and they can see MACC's harassment against Pakatan Rakyat government and elected reps.

So who has created the negative perception against MACC? It is the MACC itself. MACC should also ask itself why it has attracted nationwide criticisms after Beng Hock's mysterious death.

It is no exaggeration to say that till today, there is still very strong public disbelief and anger that a star witness under the custody of MACC could have plunged to a mysterious death.

MACC's immediate reactions and explanations about the incident have not convinced anyone, but have instead helped strengthen public doubt about MACC's professionalism .

For instance, how could anyone accept the explanation that Beng Hock was released at 3.45 am on July 16 th but had chosen to sleep at MACC office without even first making a phone call home? Surely if his phone was confiscated, he could have been allowed to use the MACC office phone .

Why would not the public feel angry when Beng Hock as a witness who therefore was entitled to have his lawyer present during statement recording by MACC officer was denied such right?

Hence, if Najib wants to help MACC to regain its credibility, he must understand why there has been wide spread criticisms against MACC. Instead of pointing fingers at others for dragging MACC into political games, he should understand and accept the reasons why public are pointing their fingers at MACC

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Has MACC started investigations into alleged corrupt practice at MIC Youth and Wanita polls?

Before announcing the results of the MIC Youth and Wanita polls held on 16.8.2009 , MIC president Dato Seri Samy Vellu was reported to have warned the 500 delegates that certain members were dabbling in money politics which was creeping into the party. The NST report also mentioned that Samy had said he had identified the culprits and would take actions against them.
Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission ( MACC ) should let the public know whether it has started investigations into the corrupt practice and if not, it has to explain why it has not done so.
Samy will also have to explain if he has not lodged a report with the MACC.

As I said in a statement dated 18.8.209, the allegation must be viewed seriously by the MACC for three reasons:

1. vote buying is a corrupt practice punishable by law

2. the allegation was made by MIC president himself, the number 1 man in the party

3. Samy had said that the party had identified the culprits.
MACC has taken its own initiative before to begin investigations into alleged corrupt practice based on media reports. It must therefore explain why if it has not started investigations into Samy 's allegation which was reported in NST. MACC has to understand that its failure to do so will give rise to perceptions that it practices double standards.

Samy will also have to explain why he has not lodged a report with the MACC after making public a corrupt practice.

In fact, public are now interested to know why Samy had not declared the MIC Youth and Wanita polls null and void if he could say that he had identified the culprits.

Surely he had solid and valid ground to nullify the results if he had proofs that there was vote buying the in polls.

If Samy does not lodge a with the MACC, he will add credibility to the perceptions that he had made the allegation merely for political purpose against some delegates - to tarnish the name of some delegate and to justify disciplinary action against them

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Government should make it compulsory for every unemployed to register themselves.

Bernama reported yesterday that the Association of Foreign Workers’ Suppliers and Management Firms (Tekam) had proposed that the government make it compulsory for every unemployed in the country to register themselves with the Labour Department.

Its president Datuk Baharum Ghani said thorough the compulsory registration, companies involved in the manufacturing , service, farming and agriculture sectors only need to contact the Labour Department.

I support Tekam’s proposal and urge the government to implement it as soon as possible.

Malaysia is in the same syndrome as many countries in the world which have been landed with economic downturn. Many workers lose their job and unemployment is a major issue around the world. Many European economies are for the first time seeing a double digit unemployment rate and the US is not spared of this predicament either.

Going by official figure, Malaysia has for the last decade achieved a low unemployment rate .In fact, it can be said that we have full employment as the rate of unemployed is said to be less then 3.8%. Economists agree that any country which has less than 4% unemployed is a country which has full employment.

If we have reached full employment, it means we are economically very vibrant and we have a strong economy. Thus, it is the duty and obligation of our government to assist the unemployed with the introduction of unemployment benefit policy. The unemployment benefit will go a long way to help those who need financial assistance especially when they are suddenly unemployed. Why the reluctance by the government to implement such a policy?

I have over the years disputed the unemployment figure given by the government in Parliament. My basis of objection is, the manner in which the figures have been obtained. My question is, how does the Labour Department get its unemployment figures?

If not all unemployed choose to register themselves, how can the Labour Department’s unemployment figures be taken as totally reliable or accurate or reflective of the actual number of unemployed in the country?

The government should therefore make it compulsory for all unemployed to be registered with the Labour Department. In this manner, correct statistics on unemployment will be known and this will help economic planners to strategize their future growth and development plans. Additionally, as mentioned by Tekam, employers can approach the Labour Department to recruit local workers.

High court ruling sought in conversion case

IPOH: A woman challenging the conversion of her three children to Islam by their Muslim-convert father is seeking leave for a judicial review by the High Court here to quash two decisions handed down by the Syariah Court.

M. Indira Gandhi filed separate applications in the civil court earlier this month to quash her children’s conversion, her lawyer M. Kulase-garan said.

She is also seeking a judicial review to quash the Syariah Court’s decision to grant custody of her children to their father, Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah (formerly K. Patmanathan).

“The court has ordered the husband’s lawyer to file submissions on whether the High Court of Malaya has jurisdiction over the matter.

“If the High Court decides that it has no power, then it will not decide on all other issues,” Kulasegaran told reporters outside the High Court here yesterday.

He added that the High Court had set Sept 4 and Oct 20 to hear the submissions on each of the respective applications.

Meanwhile, Indira Gandhi’s application for custody of her children has been fixed for hearing on Nov 2.

Kulasegaran said that Justice Wan Afrah Wan Ibrahim, who heard the matter in chambers, expressed concern that the children had not seen their mother for months.

news source from - the star 25/08/2009

P.Waytha Moorthy please answer to the questions posed.

P.Waytha Moorthy made the following Press Statement in UK. I spoke to those who are alleged to have defamed P.Waytha Moorthy. They are willing to face court action. In fact, they intend to counter sue P.Waytha Moorthy for defaming them. P.Waytha Moorthy has to answer three questions to clear his name
1) How much was collected from the public for the civil suit and HINDRAF and where has all the money gone?
2) Why the suit was not served on the British Government todate?
3) Why is he still in UK and not in Malaysia?



Over the last 10 days I have personally come under criticisms from Indian DAP leaders who have defamed me by unfounded allegations that I had collected RM700, 000 up to millions of Ringgit to file the civil suitagainst the UK Government. The series of allegations beginning from The Penang Deputy Chief Minister, Perak ADUN for Sungkai and finally by ex ISA detainee – all leaders of the Democratic Action Party which is leading the State Government in Penang which is embattled in the Land Scam involving the 200 year old Heritage village of Kg.Buah Pala.
HINDRAF is committed to fight for justice and for the poor and defenceless people of Kg.Buah Pala. We acknowledge the previous BN Government under Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon robbed their ancestral land from them. The current Government, which promised the villagers that their Land would be returned to them should they, win the elections held in March 2008 have instead short changed the people of Kg.Buah Pala. Over the last 2 months HINDRAF have vigorously campaigned to save this last remaining heritage village and in the process have raised various legitimate questions that the DAP led Government could not and dare not answer. Inreturn Lim Guan Eng had instructed his Indian Party Lieutenants to divert attention by attacking and alleging HINDRAF have been compromised by the BN Government. When that allegation did not find its way in the minds of thepeople, they are now resorting with malicious and vindictive allegations that I have personally collected millions of Ringgit to fund the civil suit in UK and had misappropriated those funds.After filing the civil suit in the UK in August 31st 2007, I had attended a total of 10 road shows throughout the country and more than 50,000 people have heard me speak and explain on the civil suit. I was prepared for thesesort of allegations even then. All those speeches and participants were video recorded. I had in all those gatherings specifically said that I would *never collect a single cent from the public to fund the civil suit.* At thesame time I also emphasised that *I will never promise anyone a single ringgit out of the suit*. . I had then distributed almost 100,000 leaflets informing the Malaysian Indians that we will never collect any funds andinstead they could do their part by attending the mass gathering on November 25th 07. The 50,000 over people who attended the road shows perfectly understood that my struggle was a genuine attempt to highlight their plight,thus the wave of support on November 25th.
Apart from this our Press Statements and websites clearly warned the public not to be fooled should anyone seek funds for purpose of the civil suit.The unfounded malicious and vindictive allegations by DAP leaders are defamatory and I will instruct my Lawyers within the next weeks to take the appropriate action.
The purpose of the action is give all 3 DAP leaders thehonour and opportunity to prove their allegations in the Court of Law. It is plainly obvious to me that these DAP leaders and many other cohorts of theirs envy of the achievements of HINDRAF within a short space of time andare doing whatever possible to break the unity of the Indian Community. They failed to realise that we are not competing with them or any other politicalparty. We are an entity only committed to fight for Justice for the Indian community and highlight their plight both locally and at the International forum. We have done what others have failed for so many years and thus theirpersonal attack on us.
I had been very reluctant to counter the allegations against me by these Indian DAP leaders as I did not wish to divert the attention and make the people of Kg Buah Pala scapegoats in their desperate attempt to save theirvillage, however I am now compelled to break the silence. Lim Guan Eng has to act equitably and rule the Penang State with fairness and compassion rather than bully the people who he himself acknowledged had their land robbed by the previous government.P.Waytha MoorthyCHAIRMAN HINDRAF.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

MIC, what is your stand?

I wish to commend the Selangor Mentri Besar's clear stand in facing the threat made by some local residents and UMNO on the relocation of the Sri Mariaamman temple from Section 19 to section 23 in Shah Alam.

Section 23 Association Action Committee deputy president Ibrahim Sabri was quoted in a media report that there would be a massive protest if their concerns were not addressed. An Utusan Malaysia report has reported that the Section 23 residents had protested that the proposed site is not appropriate to build a temple in a Muslim majority neighbourhood.

Selangor UMNO state deputy chief Datuk Noh Omar has said that filing an injunction is necessary to protect the interest and sensitivities of the Muslim majority in Section 23.

It is comforting to know that the Selangor Mentri Besar,Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is not bowing to the pressures.

We live in a multi racial and multi religious society and mutual respect for each other is of utmost importance . Malaysians must always be sensitive to each other's feelings an sensitivity.The residents' therefore have the right to object and protest but the ground for doing so must be reasonable , fair and justified.

Pakatan Rakyat ( PR ) Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad has explained that the most practical and strategic location for the temple is in Section 23, where it will be 200m from the nearest house and 200 m from a surau.

Datuk Noh Omar must therefore explain how the building of a temple on such a suitable site will cause "disharmony" among the residents.I dare say that the temple relocation itself will not and cannot cause racial disharmony. Racial disharmony can only be created due to policitical manipulation by irresponsible people.

Khalid Samad's statement that" the state government has to be reasonable to every ethnic group and that the relocation is based on this policy " shows not only his sense of courage and fairness, it also proves the fair policy of the PR state government.

Since the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak has promoted so much about the 1 Malaysia concept with justice for all as its basic principle, Pakatan Rakyat's policy of being reasonable to every ethnic should be adopted by him. If his 1 Malaysia concept truly means justice for all, Najib who is also the Selangor UMNO state chief, should advise Noh Omar to support the PR 's decision to relocate the Hindu temple to Section 23 .

In this regard, I wish to challenge MIC to publicly state its stand on the temple relocation issue.Why are MIC leaders keeping their silence on this issue? It is time that MIC leaders, especially its Minister Datuk Subramaniam , must break their silence .

Friday, August 21, 2009

Substance more important than form

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin had on Tuesday said that the Cabinet was studying the move to drop the column requiring a person to provide information on his race in official forms. He had made the revelation after the Malaysian Insider portal had reported the Cabinet's proposal.

Muhyiddin's comments have draw all round support, judging by public comments made in the media.

This is not surprising at all as most Malaysians have long hoped that they can all be addressed and treated as Malaysians. In fact, such requirement in the official forms and documents should have been removed long time ago.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has also lent his support. He even suggested the " religion " column should be removed. From my feedback however, there are reservations as to whether the " religion" column should be removed. Some people feel that the government will still have to know the people's religious background as some policy formulation will have to take into consideration such a factor. They say that a person's religion sometimes cannot be identified from a person's name. For example, it is impossible to identify from Chinese names whether they are Buddhists or Christians.

Undoubtedly, the Cabinet's proposal to remove the " race" column is a step in the right direction. However, it is just a small step. The Cabinet should still remember the saying " substance is more important than form." 1 Malaysia concept will ring hollow if efforts to forge national unity is only confined to a change in the form only.

The Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib must prove to Malaysians that in his I Malaysia concept, policies which have divided and even discriminated Malaysians along racial lines should be abolished.

Genuine national unity can only be forged if all Malaysians feel that they are Malaysians first and have an equal place under the Malaysian sun. They can only feel so when the policies implemented by the government are fair and color blind.

Najib's 1 Malaysia concept must therefore mean and include the implementation of ' Malaysian First" policies. Whether it is government department manpower recruitment, JPA scholarship offer , building of new schools, fund allocation to schools or economic incentive and policy announcement , Malaysian First must be the guiding principle and actual practice.

Most important of all, raced based political parties should be banned as they have been the main cause of racial politics in the nation. I will therefore suggest that Najib should in implementing his 1Malaysia concept , there should be no place for racial politics and race based political parties.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let the people decide through a National Referendum whether ISA should be abolished

Thursday 20thAugust09
A report in today's NST says that in legislative amendments expected to be tabled in the October parliamentary sittings, the detention period under the Internal Security Act ( ISA) may be shortened.

The Home Minister Dato Hishammuddin Hussein was reported to reiterate that the government had no intention of abolishing the act but would incorporate into it an effective system of checks and balances. He also said that the government aimed to remove the false perception that the ISA had been used as a political tool.

Hishammuddin's remarks have clearly shown two things. Firstly, the government is not prepared to accede to public demand that ISA be abolished. Secondly, he is not prepared to admit the fact that ISA has been used as a political tool.

The Internal Security Act 1960 was originally enacted to combat the remnants of communist insurgency but though the communists have laid down their arms many years ago , it has continued to exist in Malaysia.

When the legislation was proposed in Parliament, the then Prime Minister had assured legislators that ISA would not be abused. But in the 1960's ,ISA was already used against political activities and parties. Time has shown that again and again the government has broken its promises. Over the years, political dissidents, labour activists had been detained. History of ISA is a record of abuses by the then Allliance and the present BN government.

How could Hishammuddin claim that the people have false perception that ISA had been used as a political tool when the record of ISA abuses is so clear to all ?

Was he not aware that in 2008,Cabinet Minister Dato Shabery Chik had said that during Tun Dr Mahathir's leadership" many were detained under the ISA supposedly because they were a threat to national security when in actual fact they were a threat to his leadership"."

Was he also not aware that former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah had said on 18.7.2009 that the government had to be bold and consider abolishing the ISA?.

ISA which provides for detention without trial, and it goes against the fundamental human rights of a person. In a democracy, everyone has a right to an open trial. The government must not give any more excuse and must abolish the draconian ISA.

If Hishammuddin is not convinced that the majority of Malaysians want ISA repealed, then I challenge the government to carry out a national referendum and let the people decide whether ISA should be abolished.

New homes in radioactive - waste dump site

Write up in MalaysiaKini -

About 1,000 squatters from the demolished Kampung Chekkadi in Ipoh have finally been offered new homes. The catch is that these will be in Papan

The town is about 2km from a site in the Bukit Merah area, used by the Japanese-led Syarikat Asian Rare Earth to bury low-level radioactive waste from its itrium extraction operations in the early 1980s.Although the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) had, on April 28, 2006, given its assurance that the site is safe from radiation leakage, this has not convinced everyone.

The Kampung Chekkadi residents have been waiting almost 30 years for new homes, occupying temporary premises in the interim.On Feb 29, 2008, Kinta district land officer Razali Othman wrote to them, stating that they would be relocated under a resettlement scheme.

As there was no further information, they contacted DAP Buntong assemblyperson A Sivasubramaniam who found out where the housing scheme would be located. Papan is a 25-minute drive southwest of Ipoh.He told a press conference at state DAP headquarters today that the Barisan Nasional (BN) state government is sending the residents to “certain death” because of diseases associated with radiation exposure.“A detailed study on the effects of radiation leakage at the dump site found that it is dangerous for people to reside in the Bukit Merah area, as there is a possibility of radiation leakage,” he said, citing a newsletter (July-August 2008) of the Consumers Association of Penang.

When contacted, former BN exco member and MIC state chief G Rajoo said: “In 2006, I was informed by the AELB that the area is safe for resettlement.“As a precautionary measure, about 20ha of the 160ha has been set aside as a buffer zone between the proposed housing scheme and the dump site.”Responding, Sivasubramaniam pointed out that the dump site was last inspected for safety in 2006.“Why put the lives at risk when there are about 16ha of vacant land in front of the Buntong police station that can house the 200 families of Kampung Chekkadi?”

‘Blueprint required’

DAP national vice-chairperson M Kula Segaran, who was at the press conference, claimed that the BN only made the offer for political mileage.“It is a ploy to deceive the residents. The BN government has no political will to solve the housing problems in the state,” he said.Former mentri besar Tajol Rosli Ghazali had set 2000 to achieve a squatter-free state, but current mentri besar Zambry Abd Kadir has shifted the deadline to 2012, he noted.“What we need is a blueprint and political will by BN state government to resolve the squatter problem.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Increase more JPA scholarship for medical degree applicants

Health Ministry director general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said yesterday that the Ministry wants to hire more private doctors to work in government hospitals to supplement the 50% shortage of medical officers and specialists in the country. He revealed that there were currently a total of 25,000 doctors in the country but the health sector still lacked manpower in every department,especially for positions such as anesthetics, physicians and surgeons. Ismail's statement that there is a 50% shortage of doctors will mean that our public hospitals lacks 12, 500 doctors! This is not a small number .

For past many years , the government has been talking about the doctor shortage problem but the current shortage revealed by Ismail certainly indicates that the problem has not been effectively solved.

Undoubtedly most Malaysians still go to public hospitals for their medical need and treatment .This is because they are unable to afford the high fees charged by the private hospitals. Accessibility and entitlement to good health care at public hospitals is one area a good government must be able to ensure. Unfortunately, the government hospitals still face a 50% shortage of hospital doctors today. Certainly quality of service will be affected.

The problem of inability to retain doctors at government hospitals is a main problem that must be addressed. The Health Ministry should propose competitive pay scheme and monetary incentives which can help to retain government doctors.

For the past few years, there have been news reports annually that some top SPM scorers who wanted to pursue medical undergraduate degree found difficulty in obtaining JPA ( Public Service Department ) overseas scholarship.

It is ironical that our bright students who are qualified and interested to pursue medical degree are denied the opportunity simply because their parents cant afford to sponsor their studies and yet JPA is unable to provide them with scholarship when our country still faces shortage of doctors.

The government must therefore be prepared to increase the number of JPA overseas scholarship for medical degree applicants. If high cost of an overseas medical programme is a hindrance , certainly JPA can offer the applicants the chance to pursue the medical degrees at private universities in our country.

Lets hope that when JPA scholarship results are announced next year, not a single academically qualified applicant will fail to obtain JPA scholarship to pursue his/her dream of becoming a doctor.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will MACC investigate alleged vote buying in MIC Youth and Wanita polls?

In the Sunday MIC Youth election, T. Mohan won the chief's post by beating his rival with a majority of 173 votes.Incumbent MIC Wanita chief Datuk Paduka Komala Krisnamoorthy managed to retain her post.

It is reported in today's NST that MIC president Dato Seri Samy Vellu had dropped a bombshell just before announcing the results of the above two polls.The report says that he had warned the 500 delegates that certain members were dabbling in money politics which is now creeping into the party.

Samy Vellu did not mention any name but according to the report titled " Samy Vellu: Voters were offered thousands", Samy had said the party had identified the culprits and would take actions against them.He also slammed the culprits by saying" they are willing to spend thousands of ringgit for each and every vote".

Vote buying and money politics are certainly corruption offences. Persons found involved in such offences can be prosecuted in courts.

Will Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission ( MACC) therefore investigate the allegation made by none other than the MIC president himself? Will MACC on their own initiative call up Samy for questioning or will they wait for a report to be made by Samy first?

The allegation about vote buying in the MIC Youth and Wanita polls must be viewed very seriously by MACC for three reasons:

1. vote buying is a corrupt practice punishable by law
2. the allegation was made by MIC president himself, the number 1 man in the party
3. Samy had said that the party had identified the culprits

It is right and proper that Samy who has claimed to have identified the culprits should lodge a report with and furnish proofs to the MACC. There is no reason for him not to do so. But should Samy fail to do so, MACC officers should move in on their own, as they can do so with such allegation having been publicly reported.

Only one reminder to MACC -- no Gestapo tactics please.

Rest in Peace, Sdr Beng Hock

She had planned to try out her wedding gown that July weekend.They would then go ahead and register their marriage.

But he never came home after going to MACC's office to assist in an investigation as a witness.

He was not able to come home. He could not come home. He had died in a mysterious death which caused outrage in the country.

The incident was July 16 when Sdr Beng Hock was found dead.

His fiancée Cher Wei was totally shattered. His parents were devastated.

Though in shock and grief, Cher Wei bravely and publicly revealed that she was then already two months pregnant.

Such was the tragedy. A young Beng Hock lost his life and a pregnant Cher Wei lost her man who was to marry her in a wedding planned on October 3.

Till today, no one knows what is the cause of his death. Many questions remain unanswered. The Inquest has entered into 9th day of its hearing. What will be the verdict? Malaysians are anxious to know.

There was a new report yesterday that Cher Wei was formally been welcomed into the Teoh family.

She prayed to the Teoh family's ancestors and she offered tea to Beng Hock's parents. The ceremony signified that she was recognized as daughter in law of Beng Hock's parents.

Cher Wei has become a part of the Teoh family. So too for the unborn child that she is carrying.

So rest in peace, Sdr Beng Hock. Cher Wei and your unborn child will be loved and well taken care of by your parents and siblings.

Monday, August 17, 2009

MACC must be independent and professional it its war against corruption

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) director of investigation, Datuk Shukri Abdul , has announced yesterday that MACC will stop investigating politicians indefinitely. He said his men felt that they could not carry out their duties effectively in cases involving politicians as they were being slammed no matter what they did . He said scorn was another reason for the decision.

Obviously Shukri is very frustrated and the frustration has got the better of him .

Let me first make three things clear about DAP's and Pakatan Rakyat's positions on anti corruption war. Firstly, DAP and the Pakatan Rakyat Coalition have always called for and supported all out war against corruption in the country.Secondly, we are prepared to cooperate in the MACC's war against corruption.
Thirdly, we don't believe anyone or any political party is immune from any corruption probe by MACC.

Instead of announcing a suspension of MACC's probe involving politicians, it is only right, proper and necessary that Shukri ask himself two questions. Firstly, why the MACC has been slammed by the Opposition parties ? Secondly, why is there public scorn against the MACC, more so after the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock ?

The answer to the two questions are simple and straight forward-- that the MACC has failed to act as an independent and professional agency, giving rise to public perception , conclusion and belief that it has been unfairly targeting or persecuting Pakatan Rakyat politicians.

I must in fact tell Shukri that we and the general Malaysian public are equally frustrated with the MACC when it cannot act independently and professionally.

Shukri should therefore prove to the public and the Opposition that MACC can act as an independent and professional body fighting all out against corruption, instead of allowing his frustration to get the better of him.

Friday, August 14, 2009

First three answers public want to know

Who is telling the truth?
This is the first answer Malaysians want to know following the shocking statement by chief executive of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing that he
had donated RM 10 million to Transport Minister Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat last year.
Ong has categorically denied the allegations.
In today's news report, Ong was quoted as saying that he would institute legal proceeding against Tiong if he did not withdraw his statement and apologise within 7 days .
He had yesterday also lodged a police report against Tiong for alleged criminal defamation.
Tiong was not backing down from his statement. He was quoted as saying " I will not retract my statement. Why do I need to retract? I welcome him to lodge police report. He can go ahead and sue me".
Now the first answer the public want to know is - who is telling the truth? Ong or Tiong? Or could it be that both are not telling the truth?
Ong is a Cabinet Minister in charge of transport and therefore PKFZ. Tiong is the chief executive of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the PKFZ turnkey contractor .
The second answer the public are curious about is whether there is any abuse of power by Ong and Tiong?
The relevant authorities will have to conduct their thorough investigations.
Tiong is not just a businessman. He is also the Chairman of BN Backbenchers' Club.
Since he has made such a serious statement against a Cabinet Minister, it is his responsibility to reveal details/proofs to substantiate his statement.
The third answer the public want to know is who are Tong's witnesses whom he claimed could corroborate his story?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MACC Advisory Panel Members duty bound to speak without fear or favour

A Malaysiakini report has said that recently emails were sent to members of the MACC Advisory Panel to find out their opinions on adverse media comments made by panel members Tan Sri Robert Phang and Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam.

Robert Phang has today shot back in an interview, questioning the role of the Secretariat's role and intention.

He said that it was unbecoming of the Secretariat to poll the Advisory Panel members in this way. He asked if the Secretariat was trying to divide the members and pit them against each other.

Phang is right to feel humiliated and angry . In fact, I feel all members of the Advisory Panel members should feel angry at such unwarranted and unbecoming move by the secretariat. They must demand action against the person who was responsible for such action.

MACC must know that the Advisory Panels members were appointed with the aim to scrutinize MACC. If members cannot even speak their minds, how can they play their "watchdog role "effectively ?

To play their roles well , the Panel members must not only be able to speak without fear or favour at closed door meetings , they must also be able to do so publicly.

Some people at the MACC obviously have the wrong view about the role of the Panel members. They could also be people who are unable to take public criticism or who
take public criticism as being against the MACC itself.

The Prime Minister should come out publicly to declare that the Panel members are truly independent advisors who can speak publicly without fear or favour

Samy is overstaying in Malaysian politics

In his article today, Bardaran Kuppusamy said that when the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib made his symbolic pitch to the Indian community at Batu Caves on Sunday, MIC President Dato Seri Samy Vellu was the most notable absentee.

Bardaran wrote" his absence appears to indicate a distancing in ties between the Najib Administration and the traditional MIC leadership dominated by Samy Vellu."

Has Samy become such a liability to the BN coalition? Is this also the beginning of the end of Sammy's political leadership?

I believe many people will answer yes to the above two questions without much hesitation.

It is true that Samy was attending a MIC function in Perak on the same day. But he could have postponed it. Why did he not postpone it and accompany Najib to the Batu Caves event?

It certainly defies logic that Samy would want to miss being in the Prime Minister's company at such a big Indian event. It thus gives rise to conclusion that his absence is more of a case of a distancing in ties between him and the Prime Minister.

It has been a BN's traditional practice to rely on MIC to garner the Indian votes. But Najib should know better that he cannot depend on Samy Vellu or MIC anymore.

In fact, Samy was BN's biggest political liability in the last general election.Yet he is still clinging on to MIC presidency.

I will not be surprised that in more upcoming programmes where it has been a traditional practice for the MIC President to accompany the Prime Minister, Samy will be most noted absentee.

The earlier Samy can accept the fact that he has become a political liability whom the Prime Minister has to distance from , the less embarrassment he has to suffer.

He should seriously consider doing what is right and required--step down gracefully from the MIC presidency. Be like Tun Ling Leong Sik who upon retiring from MCA has now moved on to be the head in the MCA educational arm.

Challenge PM to dissolve Perak state assembly

1. PM is riding high. Personal approval ratings have gone up. BN almost won the recent Manik Urai by election.

2. But does he dare to direct that Perak MB asks for a dissolution of the State Assembly from the Sultan ?

3. Although BN has taken control of the Perak state administration, this is a government that lacks legitimacy. It can be said that BN has taken over the state administration but not the voters' hearts.

4. PR state government was robbed of its right to rule when PM was the Perak UMNO state chief. He can never hold his head high so long there is no fresh election in Perak.

5. BN can delay a fresh election but they will not be able to run away from it. They will have to face the voters finally. The judgment day will come.

6. DAP leaders and members must continue to work hard to ensure that when a general election is held, Perak will be returned to PR with a bigger majority than was obtained in the 2008 general election

Challenge PM to dissolve Perak state assembly

1. PM is riding high. Personal approval ratings have gone up. BN almost won the recent Manik Urai by election.

2. But does he dare to direct that Perak MB asks for a dissolution of the State Assembly from the Sultan ?

3. Although BN has taken control of the Perak state administration, this is a government that lacks legitimacy. It can be said that BN has taken over the state administration but not the voters' hearts.

4. PR state government was robbed of its right to rule when PM was the Perak UMNO state chief. He can never hold his head high so long there is no fresh election in Perak.

5. BN can delay a fresh election but they will not be able to run away from it. They will have to face the voters finally. The judgment day will come.

6. DAP leaders and members must continue to work hard to ensure that when a general election is held, Perak will be returned to PR with a bigger majority than was obtained in the 2008 general election

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat will prove DPM's prediction wrong

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said in Perth two days ago that Pakatan Rakyat ( PR ) was on the verge of implosion.

He said that the polemics and squabbles among its component members showed PR could not last.

He even estimated that PR would be history in a year or two.

It is unfortunate that since last year's general election, PR has faced some inter party spat and differences. The BN controlled media has of course given prominent coverage on such spat and differences.

I have pointed out that such open inter party spat and differences have done damage to PR's image, even to the extent that some of our own supporters have started to worry about up the possibility that come the next general election, up to three PR state governments may fall into BN's hands. Some have wondered whether PR will last long as a coalition.

Muhyiddin was certainly talking about the perception some voters have of PR.

But I have said that I believe our ground support is still strong. I certainly don't believe that PR will not last more than 1 year or till the next general election. Yes, it cannot be denied, there are times we can’t see eye to with our coalition partners but don’t forget we are a young coalition formed just after the last general elections. PR top leaders will soon meet to work out some internal mechanism to address the grouses among the PR members.

PR must not only prove Muhyiddin's estimate wrong, we must even shock him at the next general election by performing even better than last year's general election.

In the early seventies, a former Deputy Prime Minister also once predicted DAP's early demise by saying that DAP's one leg was already in the grave. But DAP has weathered all challenges and obstacles . We are still around today, stronger than before.

I am confident that PR can weather our challenges. It is imperative that as a first step, we must stop giving public the perceptions that we are a coalition in disarray .

PR must therefore buck up and go all out from now to prepare for the next general election and aim for results which will totally shock Muhyiddin.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why is Samy silent on MAIKA issue?

After failing to champion for the betterment of Indian community while he was the longest serving MIC Cabinet Minister, Dato Seri Samy Vellu has a few days ago called for at least 7.4. % quota in employment for Indians in Government Linked Companies, including senior managerial and executive positions.
But he should realize that what the Indian community wants today is results, and not mere calls or rhetoric.
But he seems to know to choose when to keep silent. His recent silence on MAIKA issue is rather strange.
Many Indians, including those from the rural poor, had invested in MAIKA Holdings when it was launched more than 20 years ago due to Samy’s promises.
With MAIKA Holdings in its present ”rotten state" and being unable to return investments to the shareholders, Samy must not and cannot keep silent.
In fact, he must bear total responsibly for the shareholders' plight. He must give answers demanded by the shareholders. In early November 2006 Samy will attending a temple function in Johore announced that MAIKA shareholders would be refunded their investments within 90 days on the basis of RM1.30 for each ringgit invested in MAIKA. Why has he not fulfilled his promise to date?
Subsequently in 2007 Samy’s son and MAIKA Holdings CEO Veil Paari promised that investments would be returned to the shareholders within 3 months. He has not fulfilled his promise till today.
Nesa Cooperative which has taken an injunction over MAIKA's sale of Overseas Capital Assurance BHD ( OCAB), has been blamed for obstructing the planned payment back to the shareholders.
But Nesa Cooperative Chairperson L Meyyappan has yesterday said that they were not against the sale of OCAB.
In a news report, Meyyappan was quoted as saying" nobody is saying that it should not be sold but we want the process to be transparent."
He had also said that the Nesa Cooperative Board felt that insufficient details were given in the agenda and the annual report. Nesa directors were also concerned about the lack of valuation of OCAB and that there were absolutely no details on the sale of all the other assets as well no mention on the basis of the distribution of surplus..
Aren't such questions and demands by Nesa Cooperatives Board reasonable and fair ?
MAIKA shareholders have waited for too long. They deserve answers from MAIKA Holdings and Samy Vellu.

Samy should publicly answer the questions and concern of Nesa Cooperative Board and in particular as to why his promise to return the investments made in MAIKA has not materialize?

Friday, August 7, 2009

A One Term Wonder?

I have yesterday expressed my concern at the damage the Pakatan Rakyat inter party spat has done on the opposition.

DAP parliamentary leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang has also yesterday expressed his grave concern.

In a public statement, he has said that " All Pakatan Rakyat leaders of PKR, DAP and Pas must exercise responsibility and discipline to strengthen public confidence in the credibility, cohesion, integrity and common sense of purpose of Pakatan Rakyat if PR is not to end up as a one term wonder. "

Until two months ago, my feedback showed that Kedah state government had become the weakest among the four PR state governments. There had been talk among Opposition supporters that BN was feeling more and more confident that come next general election, they would be able to wrestle the state power back from PR Kedah government.

The general feeling then was also that PR state governments in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan were still strong and supporters did not talk about the possibility of any of these states falling into the BN 's hands in the next general election.

However, with PAS's slim majority win in the recent Manik Urai by election and the recent various unfavorable issue against the PR, viz the Kg Buah Pala controversy and the PR inter party spat, some of our supporters are beginning to worry and even talk about the possibility that up to 3 PR state governments may return to BN's hands in the next general election.

I personally believe that ground support for PR is still strong . But we must not take these initial worries and talk for granted .

Most important of all, we must work hard to enhance public confidence in and support for Pakatan Rakyat.

The people have placed their hopes on PR and PR must not end up as a one term wonder.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat must immediately stop its open inter party spat

Malaysians who wanted change voted overwhelmingly for the Opposition parties at last year’s general election.
The mood for change caused unprecedented victory for the Opposition parties.
Brave voters had not only smashed the BN’s political hegemony by denying it of its traditional two thirds parliamentary majority, they had also installed ,for the first time, opposition as state governments in the states of Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor.

Though BN has subsequently robbed the Perak state power from Pakatan Rakyat (PR), there is absolutely no doubt that the Perakians are still with PR

PR’s unprecedented victory has brought much hope to the people. Our supporters have high expectations from us.

We must therefore not let the people down.

PR leaders must therefore be sensitive and take heed of the ground sentiment and immediately stop the seemingly unending, open inter party spat.

The latest and unfortunate incident is the open call by Selangor PAS state chief Datuk Hassan Ali that DAP state executive councilor Ronnie Liu be removed from his present portfolio.

Although it is fortunate that all previous PR inter party differences have been able to be resolved amicably, some damage has already been done.

I am not suggesting that any differences should be swept under the carpet. I am proposing that PR internal party differences and problems should be referred to the PR Leadership Council, instead of going to the media.

Previous spat highlighted in the media has caused some PR supporters to even agree with BN propaganda that PR component parties cannot cooperate well and therefore cannot last long.

We must not underestimate the negative impact of such perceptions.

Our supporters have placed their hopes on us. We must therefore not let them down.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why now, Dato Samy Velu?

When opening the Terengganu MIC delegates conference a few days ago, MIC president Dato S Samy Vellu has asked for at least a 7.4 % quota in employment for Indians in government linked companies (GLC), including in senior managerial and executive positions.

He said that the quota was based on the minimum 7.4%target set by the government for the recruitment of Indians in the civil service.

Will MIC’s demand be agreed by the BN government? Time will tell.

However, Samy should not be too surprised or disappointed that his call has not brought much excitement to the Indian community.

MIC is a party with long history and Samy is its president for the longest period. He was also MIC’s longest serving Cabinet Minister until he was booted out of Parliament in the 2008 general election.

The question therefore is - what had he done and accomplished when he was MIC’s longest serving Cabinet Minister?

It is because of MIC’s failure to champion for the Indian community that many Indians feel like being “third class citizens” in this country.

Samy must therefore produce results and make no more calls which are mere slogans or rhetoric.

A RCI with expended scope?

A Bernama report has reported the Prime Minister as saying today that the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to be set up following the death of Teoh Beng Hock will take into account the findings of the Inquest.

The Malaysian Insider has carried the similar story with the title “Najib signals back down in scope of Royal Comm”.

Has the Prime Minister really backed down and decided that the RCI will investigate Beng Hock’s cause of death.

A clearer statement is needed.

However, if Najib’s statement means that the RCI’s terms of reference will include investigating the cause of Beng Hock’s death, it is a good and welcomed move.

DAP has been stressing that the RCI must investigate the cause of death, so has the Teoh family.

The question that Najib should still answer is why such a RCI can’t be formed immediately. ?

Why do we need an Inquest if we can have a more comprehensive RCI? Do we have to go through the sequence as claimed by Najib?

The government’s stand that Inquest must be first conducted has been questioned.

Unless the Prime Minister can categorically state that the Cabinet is forbidden by law from immediately setting up a comprehensive RCI to investigate the cause of Beng Hock’s death, he must not delay the formation.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

State elections in Perak soon?

There is growing anticipation that a snap elections may be called in Perak to end the political turmoil in the state by the end of the year.

This is based on the people-friendly measures taken by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak through his 1Malaysia concept.While Barisan Nasional touts the 1Malaysia concept as a move to unite the various races, Perak DAP deems it as 'throwing bait to fish for votes' in the state.DAP vice-president M Kulasegaran told Malaysiakini that Najib is sending out feelers to gauge the mood of the voters."Najib is carrying a lot of baggage which includes the power seizure in Perak, which is politically weighing him down."By calling for a snap state election, he hopes to mend bridges with the public," he said.

According to Kulasegaran, there is also speculation that the two former PKR members - Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu - are having second thoughts about their decision to quit Pakatan."There are indications that they may want to come back as it seems their expectations of the crossover did not materialise," he said. He said whether Pakatan wants to take them back is another question but the uncertainty in the political climate of the razor-thin majority of BN in Perak is showing its effects.
And Najib, he added, does not want to be held for ransom by the 'three frogs'.Apart from Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman, another Pakatan rep DAP's Hee Yit Foong also quit the opposition alliance, leading to BN seizing control of the state.

Manek Urai boosts confidenceMeanwhile, Najib's confidence has also been bolstered by the result of the July 14 Manek Urai by-election in Kelantan.BN had only lost the state seat - which is considered a PAS stronghold - by a mere 65 votes. Another theory comes from DAP Perak chairperson Ngeh Koo Ham who stated that the Pakatan held state assembly sitting under a tree on March 3 is legal by law so the next sitting must be held by September.But for BN, the last sitting was the infamous one held on May 7 and therefore the next sitting is only due in November.
10(2) of the Standing Orders of the Perak State Assembly states that the assembly must sit within six months of the last sitting but is silent on the consequences if the sitting is not convened.The last state budget was held last November and the next state budget is due this year. If the state assembly sitting does not materialise then the civil service in the state will be financial paralysed .Another reliable source has confirmed that the cabinet had recently discussed the possibility of calling for a snap election in Perak.