Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will MACC investigate alleged vote buying in MIC Youth and Wanita polls?

In the Sunday MIC Youth election, T. Mohan won the chief's post by beating his rival with a majority of 173 votes.Incumbent MIC Wanita chief Datuk Paduka Komala Krisnamoorthy managed to retain her post.

It is reported in today's NST that MIC president Dato Seri Samy Vellu had dropped a bombshell just before announcing the results of the above two polls.The report says that he had warned the 500 delegates that certain members were dabbling in money politics which is now creeping into the party.

Samy Vellu did not mention any name but according to the report titled " Samy Vellu: Voters were offered thousands", Samy had said the party had identified the culprits and would take actions against them.He also slammed the culprits by saying" they are willing to spend thousands of ringgit for each and every vote".

Vote buying and money politics are certainly corruption offences. Persons found involved in such offences can be prosecuted in courts.

Will Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission ( MACC) therefore investigate the allegation made by none other than the MIC president himself? Will MACC on their own initiative call up Samy for questioning or will they wait for a report to be made by Samy first?

The allegation about vote buying in the MIC Youth and Wanita polls must be viewed very seriously by MACC for three reasons:

1. vote buying is a corrupt practice punishable by law
2. the allegation was made by MIC president himself, the number 1 man in the party
3. Samy had said that the party had identified the culprits

It is right and proper that Samy who has claimed to have identified the culprits should lodge a report with and furnish proofs to the MACC. There is no reason for him not to do so. But should Samy fail to do so, MACC officers should move in on their own, as they can do so with such allegation having been publicly reported.

Only one reminder to MACC -- no Gestapo tactics please.

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