Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Challenge PM to dissolve Perak state assembly

1. PM is riding high. Personal approval ratings have gone up. BN almost won the recent Manik Urai by election.

2. But does he dare to direct that Perak MB asks for a dissolution of the State Assembly from the Sultan ?

3. Although BN has taken control of the Perak state administration, this is a government that lacks legitimacy. It can be said that BN has taken over the state administration but not the voters' hearts.

4. PR state government was robbed of its right to rule when PM was the Perak UMNO state chief. He can never hold his head high so long there is no fresh election in Perak.

5. BN can delay a fresh election but they will not be able to run away from it. They will have to face the voters finally. The judgment day will come.

6. DAP leaders and members must continue to work hard to ensure that when a general election is held, Perak will be returned to PR with a bigger majority than was obtained in the 2008 general election

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