Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Has MACC started investigations into alleged corrupt practice at MIC Youth and Wanita polls?

Before announcing the results of the MIC Youth and Wanita polls held on 16.8.2009 , MIC president Dato Seri Samy Vellu was reported to have warned the 500 delegates that certain members were dabbling in money politics which was creeping into the party. The NST report also mentioned that Samy had said he had identified the culprits and would take actions against them.
Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission ( MACC ) should let the public know whether it has started investigations into the corrupt practice and if not, it has to explain why it has not done so.
Samy will also have to explain if he has not lodged a report with the MACC.

As I said in a statement dated 18.8.209, the allegation must be viewed seriously by the MACC for three reasons:

1. vote buying is a corrupt practice punishable by law

2. the allegation was made by MIC president himself, the number 1 man in the party

3. Samy had said that the party had identified the culprits.
MACC has taken its own initiative before to begin investigations into alleged corrupt practice based on media reports. It must therefore explain why if it has not started investigations into Samy 's allegation which was reported in NST. MACC has to understand that its failure to do so will give rise to perceptions that it practices double standards.

Samy will also have to explain why he has not lodged a report with the MACC after making public a corrupt practice.

In fact, public are now interested to know why Samy had not declared the MIC Youth and Wanita polls null and void if he could say that he had identified the culprits.

Surely he had solid and valid ground to nullify the results if he had proofs that there was vote buying the in polls.

If Samy does not lodge a with the MACC, he will add credibility to the perceptions that he had made the allegation merely for political purpose against some delegates - to tarnish the name of some delegate and to justify disciplinary action against them

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