Wednesday, October 25, 2017

MEDIA STATEMENT BY M KULASEGARAN MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman on 25th October 2017

DPM twists and turns on reasons for Octoberfest cancellation

Yesterday, I asked the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi to furnish details of arrests of Islamic militants alleged by the Police as having threatened to strike at the Octoberfest scheduled for earlier this month but was called off for security reasons.

At first, the DPM did not want to answer, contending that my question which was a supplementary one was unrelated to the original query posed by the BN MP for Paya Besar.

The BN MP had asked about the 7 Abu Sayyaf terror suspects arrested by Police in Sabah recently.

However, the DPM proceeded to answer my question, revealing that Police had arrested 3 suspects in connection with alleged threats to Octoberfest and are expecting to arrest a few more.

The DPM went on to say that Octoberfest is not Malaysian culture which suggested that reasons other than security were behind the cancellation.

For years, Octoberfest has been held in Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia without any incident caused by revellers or by elements supposedly hostile to the event.

Because the Octoberfest event is held within a controlled space, the argument that security considerations factored in the cancellation indicates that we are now at the mercy of terrorist elements who can force the cancellation of events organised within controlled premises.

This means that Police are hard put to ward off alleged terrorists from inflicting their nefarious designs on events and people in Malaysia.

This year the annual Octoberfest event in Penang was held without any disruption. But in KL and Klang, scheduled events had to be called off because of threats to security, so say the Police.

The DPM, in the course of fielding my supplementary question, said the policy to cancel the Octoberfest was colour-blind. Apparently, this was said to allay non-Muslim frustration at the cancellation.

The DPM's statement is a mess in the sense that one cannot make head or tail of what the government is trying to convey by the cancellation of the KL and Klang stagings of Octoberfest.

All that the public can infer from the confused government stance is that terrorists can dictate what events can be or can't be held and that Police provision of security within a controlled public space cannot be guaranteed.

All in all, this is a pathetic state of affairs. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has assured President Donald Trump during his recent visit to the White House that the Islamic State will not be allowed to gain traction in Malaysia.

But in KL and Klang, alleged members of Daesh, if the DPM is to be believed, have bored holes into the security assurances rendered by Najib to Trump.

Meanwhile, the non-Muslims leaders within the ruling BN coalition, save for some vocal members from the federal coalition's Sarawak chapters, are mute before Umno's supine yielding to the threats, fabricated or otherwise, of Islamic militants.

M.Kula Segaran

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Media statement by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in ipoh High Court on 10th October 2017

Pamelo farmers faces eviction. Will the Government step in to help genuine honest and hard working farmers







Facts of the case

1. The Plaintiffs are a group of pomelo farmers and have resided at a land known as PT 24482, H.S. (D) 225652, Mukim Sungai Raya, Daerah Kinta (hereinafter referred as “the said land”) either by themselves of their family members for the past 70 years.

2. In 1948, when Emergency was declared to combat the Malayan Communist Party’s activities, the forefathers of the Plaintiffs resided in the said land with the assistance of the Perak State Government who appreciated the assistance of the Plaintiffs’ forefathers combating the Communists.

3. They have diligently harvested pomelos and durians in the said land amongst others. It also still exists on the said land provisional huts erected by the Plaintiffs to aid them in harvesting fruits, especially pomelos.

4. Via assistance and encouragement from the 2nd Defendant, the Plaintiffs and/or their family members have for all material times applied for alienation of the said land to themselves, as this is their only means of income for generations.

5. In fact, the Plaintiffs and/or their families successfully got Temporary Occupational Licenses (“TOL’s”) in the 1980’s. In fact, all through this period, the 2nd Defendant and/or their agents and/or their servants duly assisted and encouraged the Plaintiffs to apply for the said land.

6. The Plaintiffs have invested a substantial amount of monies to maintain, upkeep and improve the farming conditions of the said land.

Today the matter was heard by High Court Judge Yang Arif Datuk Che Mohd. Ruzima Ghazali,. Lawyer Yunus Ali for the land owner Lee toon Hian and 1nd Defendant. Government lawyer Teoh Chin Thong acted for the second Defendant- the Land Office Perak

M.Kula Segaran and Mr.Omar Kutty appeared for the all Plaintiffs.

Today the case was argued in full.

The Government lawyer Teoh said the Government has absolute discretion to give the land to any one which includes the first Defendant Lee Toon Hian. As such the action of the 7 Plaintiffs is wrong.

Lawyer Yunus Ali argued the 7 Pliantiffs are occupying the land without permission from his clients. His Client has legal title over the land and the 7 Plaintiffs out to be thrown out. It was their land earlier as they were mining for tin there.

We said the 7 Plaintiffs applied for the land many years before the land was given by the Government to Lee Toon Hian. Only after the land was given to Lee Toon Hian did they know how they have been mislead. The 7 who are farmers toil the land and it’s the only souce of income for them. If there is Justice these farmers should not be evicted.

Case is now fixed for Decision on 15th November 2017

M.Kula Segaran

Monday, October 9, 2017

Media Statement by M. Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat, DAP National Vice Chairman In Ipoh on 9th October, 2017.

PM's concern for Indians belated and expedient, not principled.
Najib's Indian flurry is polls attuned, not people-centred


The apparent show of concern by Prime Minister Najib Razak on the slumping intake of Indian Malaysians into tertiary institutions smacks of political expediency more than principled concern.

Malaysian from minorities groups, Indians in particular, have been disgruntled over declining admission rates at public universities.

Although these disaffected minorities are part and parcel of the Malaysian population, their growing marginalisation continues without any government measure to counter the trend.

When it concerns university admissions, this relegation of minorities to the periphery in a field considered the indispensable means for upward moblity in society only underscores the steepness of the clmb up the ladder faced by the disadvantaged.

How often have we heard of suitably qualified minority students failing to obtain admission to courses of their choice?

For example, if their choice is medicine and if they have the appropriate grade point average, the student fails to gain admission to a medical seat and is instead given a place to do an unconnected course, causing much frustration to the applicant.

There have been instances when even foreigners have ganed admission to MARA, which is funded by taxpayer money, but deserving students from local minorities are not accommodated.

Will the Prime Minster have the courage to correct this lopsided admission process?

As a consequence, suspicion surrounds the intake of apparently qualified students into universities.

Why hasn't the Government held up the university admission process to public scrutiny?

There is a legitimate concern that underqualified students have been admitted to local universities due to insider connections.

Furthernore, the admissions' interview board should encompass all races and not be restricted to one race only.

Malaysians are intrigued by the statement by Prime Minister Najib that if meritocratic criteria are applied, the intake of Indians into tertiary education will see a sharp drop.

The PM seems intent on conveying the impression that after 8 and 1/2 years in the saddle, he is focused on being the prime facilitator of the economic and social advancement of Indians.

This is intrguing for just before the last general election in 2013, he signed an MoU with HINDRA, setting out in detail how his Government will assist to alleviate the socioeconomic situation of Indians.

That signing was historic. It proposed to help the Indian poor in four areas, namely:-

1) Aid displaced estate workers from low income households

2) Rectify statelessness

3) Increase education opportunities from pre-sschool to university

4)Increase employment and business opportunities

None of these nostrums materialised in the four years that have elapsed since the signing of the MoU.

This led to HINDRAF leaders losing hope in Najib's promises and to their abandonment of BN.

Today they have decided to support Pakatan Harapan instead.

If Najb had been sincere when he signed the MoU with HINDRAF, there would have been no need for him to renew promises to the Indian community. He has broken 'nambikae' with the Indian community.

Indians have wised up the ways of BN who come a-wooing when an election looms. They have waited too long for delivery of promises that were not intended to be kept.

Pakatan Harapan promises nothing more than to let loose a tide in Malaysian affairs that will lift all boats.