Friday, October 30, 2009

Call for independent investigation into the collapse of refurbished roof incident at SMK Sg Pari, Buntung.

The Sekolah Menengah Kebangsan Sg. Pari, Buntong, Ipoh has nearly over 400 students.

Some two months ago, the roof of the school was refurbished with an estimated costs of over RM300, 000.

Last evening at about 4.30pm, the awning/ roof just gave way. There after the rain made the situation worse.

I was given to understand that the teachers room and a science lab were destroyed because of the collapse of the refurbished roof. Luckily no students were studying when the roof collapsed last evening. The estimated damage is in the region of RM100, 000.

I was further given to understand similar works have been done in many other schools. How safe is it?

Parents and public have a right to know answers to the following questions:

1) How could roofs which were only refurbished just two months ago collapsed ?

2) Who had supervised and approved this project?

3) Who will now absorb the loss occasioned by the collapse?

A few days ago the nation was shocked and outraged that a newly constructed suspension bridge across Sungai Kampar could collpase . Three precious lives were lost.

Now we have a new incident where a newly refusrbished roof had collapsed. The collapse might have caused student injuries or perhaps death.

We demand an independent inquiry be conducted on this incident . The Inquiry report must also be made public.

Nevertheless, the Education Minister must understand that what the people want is total safety which means zero injury and death at schools or school camps. He must therefore, other than ordering an independent investigation into the above roof collpase incident, also let Malaysians know what are the effective steps and measures which will be aken to ensure total safety for students and teachers.

Does 1 Malaysia also incorporate 1 Single Stream School policy, Mr. Prime Minister?

When presenting he 2010 Budget speech in Parliament last Friday, the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib has said that "The 1Malaysia concept, People First, Performance Now, is a continuous effort in strengthening unity among the rakyat.

This concept is based on positive values centred on social justice and acceptance of a multiracial society."Despite intensive promotions of his 1 Malaysia concept over the last few months, till today, many Malaysians have still not understood what 1 Malaysia concept really means. Nevertheless the figure 1 is very popular now and it also seems that many things can be associated with 1 Malaysia .

Now we have 1 Malaysia FI racing team, 1 Malaysia Camp .It was also recently announced that 1 Toilet policy will be implemented in Terengganu!I have always believed that it will be a matter of time when some UMNO politicians will stand up in Parliament chamber and call for 1 School policy where there will only be single stream schools in the country.

Last Wednesday, BN MP for Ledang Hamim Samuri did that . He said the current multi-stream schooling system did not help people understand the meaning of unity or the 1Malaysia concept promoted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.He said the present system should be restructured where all secondary schools would be in a single stream, thus placing all races under one roof.

In response to the call, the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday that he was all for single stream schools to promote unity and 1Malaysia.Such schools, he said, were the ultimate objective of the Razak Report but due to circumstances involving the country's history, it ended up with a multiple stream system.

How could non Malay communities who oppose single stream stream school system feel comfortable when a Deputy Prime Minister did not state the government's opposition to Hamim's call but yet voiced his personal approval ?In fact, Muhyiddin's mention of Razak Report very likely means that he was talking about his personal approval for single stream schools for primary schools too, not just the secondary schools which Hamim mentioned.

The 1956 Razak Report has recommended that "the ultimate objective of education policy in this country must be to bring together children of all races under a national education system in which the national language is the main medium of instruction".DAP opposes a single stream school educational system as our stand is that all races have a right to learn their mother tongue language and that the existence of multi stream schools is not a cause of racial disunity.

Najib should clearly state whether a single stream school policy is a part of his 1 Malaysia concept.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Government must ensure that all National Service Camps and their training equipments and facilities are safe.

Yesterday DAP Secretary General and Chief Minister of Penang Sdr. Lim Guan Eng, Pakatan Rakyat MB Dato Seri Ir. Nizar, Sungkai Assemblyman Sdr. A. Sivanesan, Keranchi Assemblyman Sdr. Chen Fook Chye party members includinng my political secretary Sdr. Tanabalan and I visited the scene of the incident at Kuala Di pang. After visiting the scene we also called over to meet the family who had lost a daughter in this incident at Mambang Di awan, Kampar.

The collapse of the suspension bridge across Sungai Kampar which has caused the life of a participant at the 1 Malaysia Camp is most shocking 2 pupils were still missing.

How could a newly constructed bridge gave way ? Was there design fault or was the construction carried out without complying to design specifications? Was the bridge given the safety green light by any department or agency? Or was the bridge subjected to any pre inspection safety check by the relevant department?
“We want to know how the bridge, which was built by a company for free, could collapse so easily,” Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin said yesterday, adding that the bridge was ready a month ago.

A new question that has now cropped up is why a company would build the bridge for free?
Though the government has set up a Committee to investigate the tragedy and suspend the Camp, the tragedy has frightened many parents in the country and many will in future be reluctant to send their children to participate in such Camps .

I have received calls from a couple of parents who have voice their concern and doubt as to whether the National Service Camps in the country are safe for participants.

Yesterday when we were at the scene we happened to meet the Director of Public Works of Perak. He told us that his department is totally unaware of this bridge and he only come to know about it after happening of this incident.

They claimed that the National Service pro gramme was implemented in haste and many Camps were also built in a rush. They therefore wonder if these Camps were given the Certificate of Occupation by the local authorities and whether their training equipments and facilities are subjected to regular inspection by the relevant authorities.

In this regard, I will ask the Defence Minister to provide an assurance that all National Service Camps and their training equipments and facilities are safe for all participants.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Motion on the collapse of suspension bridge submitted to Parliament

To day at 11.15 i submitted an emergency motion on the collapse of a suspension bridge at Kuala Dipang ,Kampar 2 school children are still missing and one child has been confirmed died.
My motion is as follows:

Yang DiPertua,
Dewan Rakyat,
Parlimen Malaysia

Per: Notis Peraturan Mesyuarat 18(1) - Program Perkhemahan Satu Malaysia menjadi satu tragedi bila Jambatan gantung runtuh diKuala Dipang, di Kampar, Perak.

Ini adalah untuk memberikan notis di bawah Peraturan Mesyuarat 18(2) untuk mengusulkan perkara tertentu berkenaan kepentingan orang ramai yang berkehendaki disegerakan seperti berikut:

“Bahawa Dewan mengizinkan M.Kula Segaran Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat untuk menangguhkan Dewan mengikut Peraturan Mesyuarat 18(1) untuk merundingkan perkara tertentu berkenaan kepentingan orang ramai yang berkehendaki disegerakan mengenai mengenai Program Perkhemahan satu Malaysia menjadi satu tragedi bila Jambatan gantung runtuh diKuala Dipang, Kampar, Perak.

Program Perkhemahan Satu Malaysia anjuran Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia yang diadakan di SK Kuala Dipang, Perak telah bertukar menjadi satu tragedi yang amat menyayat hati pada malam 26hb, Oktober, 2009.

Sebuah jambatan gantung yang melintasi sebuah sungai telah terburai dan roboh menyebabkan beberapa orang murid yang sedang melaluinya jatuh kedalam sungai lalu dihanyutkan oleh air yang dalam dan deras.

Tragedi jambatan runtuh berlaku kira-kira jam 10.30 malam ketika para peserta bergerak ke dewan makan untuk makan malam dan pada ketika itu sekumpulan peserta ini melintasi titi gantung yang menghubungkan 2 kawasan tersebut.

Pelajar-pelajar tersebut dikatakan menggunakan jambatan gantung yang baru 2 minggu dibina.

Bagaimanakah sebuah jambatan yang baru dibina hanya 2 minggu yang lepas boleh runtuh? Adakah suatu penyiasatan yang menyeluruh akan dibuat terhadap tragedi ini dan mereka yang didapati bersalah dihadapkan ke muka pengadilan?

Program malang tersebut melibatkan 296 lebih murid-murid sekolah. Saya difahamkan sehingga pagi ini, daripada 22 orang murid yang hilang, 19 telah dijumpai manakala seorang disahkan mati dan 2 masih hilang.

Mengapakah perkhemahan di bawah naungan dan laungan 1Malaysia membiarkan murid-murid sekolah rendah merentas Sungai yang begitu deras dan di atas titi gantung pad waktu malam?
Saya memohon agar program-program seperti ini dihentikan segera sehingga penyisatan sepenuhnya dilakukan terhadap tragedi ini dan hasil siasatan didedahkan kepada umum.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,

M. Kula Segaran
Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Next general election expected in 18 months but should not rule out possibility of one in 12 months

The 2008 general election was described as a political tsunami. It was indeed the most important political development in the nation's electoral history.

The unprecedented opposition success in smashing the BN's traditional parliamentary two thirds majority and capturing Perak, Penang , Selangor , Kedah and Kelantan was made possible by the people power of the multi racial voters.

The people who have longed for political changes finally unleashed their power and dealt the BN its worst ever electoral defeat.

The people have placed their trust , hopes and expectations on Pakatan Rakyat ( PR) and we must never fail them.

Hence, there are a few issues which PR leadership must give its utmost attention:

1. public inter spat among PR component parties must stop.

2. PR state governments must be able to deliver to meet or even surpass the public expectation

3. PR must be able to provide confidence that it is a better alternative to the BN federal government

4. PR must be prepared to go into the next election as one united coalition with common objective and even with one contesting symbol.

Although Prime Minister Najib's 1 Malaysia still lacks real substance, we must not underestimate Najib's determination and ability to regain popularity for BN.

Many people had said that it was impossible to defeat BN in the by election as Bagan Pinang had always been UMNO's traditional stronghold..But we had hoped for an upset win.

So when BN won the by election, it was not a real surprise at all. What was surprising and unexpected was the thumping majority won by BN's candidate, Tan Sri Mohd Isa. There was a swing of the Malay and non Malay support to the BN and Isa had won all the eight streams..

Isa won with a majority of more than 5000 votes while in the 2004 and 2008 general elections, the BN candidates had won the same seat with a majority of 4411 and 2333 votes respectively.

The PR 's defeat must serve as wake up call to the PR's leadership as a swing of such magnitude in the next general election will have detrimental effect on PR's chances in many constituencies currently held by PR's elected representatives, whether parliamentary or state constituencies. If we do not learn the lesson from this by election defeat, the political tsunami in the next general election will be one that destroys the PR.

It is expected that Najib will , for the next 18 months , go on national road show with heavy promotion and campaigning of his 1 Malaysia concept, after which he is likely to dissolve the Parliament.

However, with BN's huge Bagan Pinang victory and the haste in which Najib has forced MCA 's Ong and Chua factions to accept a peace formula which goes against the decision of the MCA central delegates, we cannot rule out the possibility of the next general election being held in 12 months, though it does not seem likely yet.

However. the PAS leadership turmoil, if prolonged and is able to cause serious internal party disunity, will make this possibility even more probable as Najib may be tempted to bring forward his electoral battle with the PR.

The PR's victory in the last general election did not come easy. But our mission in the next general election is not to maintain the 2008 victory, but to go for bigger victory, at the Federal and state levels. We must therefore begin preparing for the next general election.

Let us never forget our mission to bring about a better Malaysia . Let us all work hard and march towards the great electoral battle .

Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you believe in political morality, Mr Prime Minister?

Today's NST report says that MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and his former nemesis Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek have decided to bury the hatchet after more than a year of acrimonious squabbling, agreeing on a "greater unity plan", which is said to have the support of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
This dramatic development came as a big surprise not only to outsiders, but to many MCA members even.
There is no doubt that the Prime Minister Najib must have intervened and forced the formula on the two factions. The interesting question is why has he decided to force upon them a solution that has not met the three factors which he has publicly declared as a must in any solution.

On Oct 16, Najib told the MCA that the solution to MCA's leadership quandary must not only be legally correct but also morally and politically acceptable.He said that the MCA must take steps based on these factors or it would never win the support of the Chinese community.

Many political analysts have interpreted Najib's comments as his clear message to both Ong and Chua that they will have to go as morally both are not suitable to lead MCA. Ong has to relinquish his presidency because the MCA's recent EGM has passed a no confidence motion against his leadership while Chua's DVD sex scandal has tainted his image.

Can Najib say that the MCA's unity plan has met his three factors? The answer is definitely no.Is the greater unity plan in accordance with the decision of the EGM ? The answer is also a definite no.
Why then has Najib ignored his earlier demands? The obvious answer is that he is desperate to see MCA crisis resolved as soon as possible.
It is generally expected that Najib will be making all out election preparation by way of promoting his 1 Malaysia concept for the next 18 months and then announce dissolution of Parliament. So it is only natural that he does not want news of MCA crisis to derail his election preparation.

But MCA's solution has again proven that Najib does not really care about the meaning of " political morality" .If he truly believes in political morality, he should have asked both Ong and Chua to relinquish the MCA leadership positions and roles. If he is serious about upholding political morality, he ought to call for the dissolution of Perak state government.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Judges Ethic Bill

Speech by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat while debating the Judges Ethic Committee on 22ndOctober 09

The Judges Ethic Bill was introduced for first reading on 15thDecember08. So it has taken the government over 10 months for this bill to see its second reading. Why the delay?

Unsuccessful Abdullah's legacy

This Bill was then touted by the then Abdullah's administration as some of the promised changes by the former Prime Minister's administration. Unfortunately the former PM who acceded as PM on 31stOctober03 was not able to have this bill passed by the time he resigned on 3rdApril09. The reason for this long delay could only be attributed to lack of true commitment. If it was not because of the strong message of change sent by the people through their votes in last year's general election, this Bill will most likely not see the light of day.

Inadequacy of the Bill

Was there consultation with stake holders in relation to this bill like Judges? Why the reluctance to consult with stakeholders? The government and its machinery should have been fully used to reach all players to get their opinions before this Bill was drafted. Judges, lawyers and the ordinary people should have been consulted when this bill was formulated. In a sense we can conclude, that just because the government has a majority in Parliament it can by pass public inputs and opinions.

One pre condition of this Bill is the existence of the Code of Ethics.

In this Bill section 7 mentions that the principles and procedure as set out in the Code of Ethics. The question is where is the code of Ethics of 2008? We have the code of Ethics of 2000 but not the 2008 so how will this act operate?

Further the Bill seems to be silent on the procedures as to how to lodge a complain against a judge

  1. 1(b) Further the Bill specifies that a breach of ethics is as mentioned in the Code of Ethics. This limits the scope and power of a complaint. Like for example as when a Judge makes a highly inappropriate comment. Some years ago a senior lawyer complained to Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz against a High Court Judge who made highly inappropriate comments( with sexual references) in his chambers to a few pupils and international students. When the former CJ requested for a statutory declaration of the event, a very courageous young lady unhesitatingly did so. Unfortunately, no public disciplinary action has been taken against the Judge.

  1. One glaring absence in this Bill is the requirement for the publication of an annual report listing the number of complaints lodged. Without an annual report, there will not be any accountability. The public are still wondering what has happened to the criminal investigation 1

and the royal commissions findings on the 'Lingam-gate' incident. Without the above annual report we will be unable to ascertain how many complaints have been lodged, how many have been disposed off and whether action has been taken.

  1. 2(b) unlike other jurisdictions there is no disciplinary sanction; Under Article 125 of the Federal Constitution , the only sanction provided for against misbehavior of a judge is removal.. The Bill does not address this either what are the disciplinary sanctions. The Bill should provide punishment/sanction when a breach has been committed. The failure to prepare an annual report can mean matters of Judges discipline is done in secret. This is what happens in a private club. But Judges are public officers and disciplinary action should be made public as it happens say in the Bar council.

The failure to prepare and submit a annual report denies a chance for Parliament to scrutinize and provide check and balance on the report.

  1. In any disciplinary action the decision on a complaint will be conveyed to all affected parties. But this seems to be absent. It is hoped that notwithstanding the absence of this requirement the committee will duly inform all of its decision.
  2. One other glaring absence in the Bill is a provision for a time limit to lodge a complaint and a time limit for the Committee to hear the case. The worry is the Committee can drag a complaint for years.
  3. On June 10,2008 Justice Ian Chin revealed that he and selected judges were sent to a “boot camp” He stated that there were 'veiled threat' from the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir after he handed 2 Judgments in 1997- the M.G.G Pillai case. A month later, Justice Ian Chin said he and select Judges and Judicial officers were packed to a boot camp from May 26-30 1997 where there was an attempt to indoctrinate them with the views “ that the government interest was more important than all else”

This goes to show very clearly that PM and politicians would like to force their views on Judges so that judges toe the line of the interest of the Government. Failing which Judges are threatened.

May be the present PM is more slick as I doubt he has threatened to send any Judges to a boot camp. But unknown to the Malaysian public all High Court Judges have secretly got an increase of salary of RM6000 a month. Some say this is another way of buying or influencing Judges

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Perak government legally correct, morally and politically acceptable, Mr Prime Minister?

Just when everyone thought MIC President Samy Vellu's continued clinging to power was the biggest problem of the BN component parties that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has to face, MCA 's leadership quandary is now Najib's new headache.

Despite a motion of no confidence having been passed against his leadership by MCA's Extraordinary General Assembly on October 10, MCA President Ong Tee Keat has not announced his intention to relinquish his post.

On Friday, Prime Minister Najib told the MCA that the solution to MCA’s leadership quandary must not only be legally correct but also morally and politically acceptable.
He said that the MCA must take steps based on these factors or it would never win the support of the Chinese community.

Good and sound advice indeed. Time will tell whether MCA can find the solution without Najib's interference, whether directly or indirectly, openly or from behind the scene.
On Sunday, Najib told Perak folk to accept that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) takeover of the state government earlier this year was done according to the law.

He was quoted as saying , “I hope the people will accept that the due process of law has taken place in Perak; from the formation of the government and then back to the process in court.“We will not do anything against the provisions of the law. We will follow the rules."

I want to challenge Najib to apply the three criteria that he has set for MCA leadership on the Perak situation. I also challenge him to answer these three questions:

1. Is the BN Perak government legally correct?

2. Is the BN Perak government morally acceptable?

3. Is the BN Perak government politically acceptable?

Najib has said that if MCA does not solve their problem based on the three factors of" being legally correct, morally and politically acceptable", it will never win the support of the Chinese community

Najib may have convinced himself that the Perak government is legal but he knows too well what the people think. He knows that Perak government will not win the support of the majority of Perakians as the BN Perak government do not meet the three factors. That is why until today, BN is still fearful of calling for fresh election and allowing the Perakians to decide.

Najib should not be too surprised if MCA does not accept his advice . After all, if he does not do as he preaches in the Perak case, why should MCA listen to him?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is 1Malaysia concept truly fairness for all, Mr Prime Minister ?

When launching 1Malaysia programme at Stadium Perak in Ipoh yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib had said , “The principle behind 1Malaysia is to create social equality and fairness for all. The concept must be meaningful, it should not be a mere rhetoric or political gimmick".

He also reiterated that he is the Prime Minister for all and no race will be left out.

What Najib said was not something new. Former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah had also said before that he was the Prime Minister for all.

Najib had also said at the recent UMNO Assembly that UMNO is not a racist party.

I will suggest that he conducts an opinion poll among non Malays on two questions. Firstly, do they think that he is the Prime Minister for all? Secondly, is UMNO a racist party?

I dare to predict that majority polled will say that the Prime Minister is not the Prime Minister for all and UMNO is a racist party.

The point that I wish to stress is that people will judge a politician by what he does , not but what he says.

The public view that UMNO is a racist party does not just happen overnight or come about because of personal prejudices or political bias.

Actions always speak louder. Therefore, if Najib wants to convince Malaysians that he is the Prime Minister for all , he has to do so through actions and not mere words or slogans. Malaysians will only believe that 1 Malaysia concept is truly fairness for all as claimed if the concept also incorporates 1 Policy.

How can there be true fairness for all if the BN government headed by him still implements policies based on racial consideration?

How can Malaysians feel "oneness " if government's policies are not colour blind?

Najib can go on declaring that his 1 Malaysia concept means One Dream, One People, One Vision and what not , but his concept can only be meaningful and truly mean fairness for all if it incorporates 1 Policy that will ensure all Malaysians can have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

Friday, October 16, 2009

When will the Prime Minister come up with 1 Policy concept?

Deepavali is festival of lights, it also symbolises victory of light over darkness, good over evil.

Darkness abounds in our country. Religious bigotry, abuses of power, corruption and social injustice are all darkness that must be conquered.

We must all play our part to light up our nation to make this a better place and a just society for all Malaysians.

The seizure of Perak state governmental power from Pakatan Rakyat by BN has cast darkness over Perak. Perakians must not allow such darkness to continue. Come next general election, Perak voters must stand up and be counted, deal the BN its severest ever defeat.

The Prime Minister Najib has said much about 1 Malaysia concept. But many Malaysians still do not understand what his concept means and many have their own interpretations and expectations of this concept.

Some people have joked that does it mean that we used to have 2 or 3 Malaysia ? But the I figure is becoming very popular though. MCA is split right down into 2, and the leadership recently talked about 1 MCA.

Recently, Najib has also named Malaysia's FI racing team as I Malaysia FI team. It will not be a surprise if many foreigners in future will think our nation has a new name called 1Malaysia, no longer Malaysia.

In today's Star report, it was said that the Terengganu state government will introduce a “1Toilet” policy in a move to liberalise education, where teachers – and even principals – will soon have to share toilets with their students.State Education, Higher Learning, Human Resource, Science and Technology Committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman said the policy was mooted in line with the 1Malaysia concept, and teachers and students could have a feeling of “oneness”.

What will come out next , I don't know. 1 School?

But one thing for sure, true unity and racial harmony can only be achieved if Malaysians have the feeling of " oneness". This can only be achieved through 1 Policy, not 1Toilet!

Najib should be reminded that what Malaysians want is 1 Policy-- just and fair polices for all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion. 1 Policy where all Malaysians can enjoy an equal place under the Malaysian sun. 1Policy that enables all Malaysians to truly have the feeling of "oneness".

more news at

Monday, October 12, 2009

Have you done enough for the Indian community, Mr Prime Minister?

At the launch of the Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party ( MMSP ) yesterday, its President Thanenthiran had proclaimed Najib as "Wira Makkal Sakti" and said: "Our decision to support BN is due to Datuk Seri Najib Razak's leadership, especially his 1Malaysia concept which is in line with our party's struggle. He also said that within four months of his leadership, Najib has shown great promise in improving our community's lot and has captured a place in the heart of every Indian in the country."

For a party that " sounds like MIC, looks like the MIC but is not the MIC", Thanenthiran 's sky high praise for Najib did not surprise anyone. That has always been the style and language of MIC leaders who always feel subservient to UMNO"s leadership.

But Thanenthiran has betrayed the origin and cause of the political awakening of the Indian community when he hijacked the Makkal Sakti slogan. Yesterday he delivered the greatest insult to the Makkal Sakti awakening when he proclaimed Najib as the Wira Makkal Sakti.

If he felt thankful that his party's application to register itself could be speedily approved by the Registrar of Societies and that the Prime Minister was willing to launch his " " sounds like MIC, looks like the MIC but is not the MIC" party, he could proclaim Najib as Wira Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party. But Wira Makkal Sakti is certainly and totally unacceptable. In fact, I think Najib himself would feel embarrassed to be bestowed with such a title.

Let me remind Thanenthiran that while he himself may have short memory, the Indian community will never forget why Makkal Sakti power and spirit came about. The most important factor that gave birth to the Makkal Sakti power which led to the political tsunami at last year's general election is simply because the BN government had failed the Indians!

Speaking at the launch of the Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party ( MMSP ) yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that the government under his leadership will always be guided by the 1Malaysia philosophy in drawing up programmes that would do justice to all segments of Malaysian society.He said since taking office, the government had strived to help the Indian community in many ways, including providing a RM100 million allocation for Tamil school development, RM15 million in micro-credit for Indian businesses, skills training for 2,635 Indian youths and a 15 per cent allocation in Amanah Saham 1Malaysia.

Before he continues to blow trumpet about his assistance and contributions to the Indian community, let me remind him and MMSP of the independent report released by Centre for Public Policy Studies in 2005. The report says:

“Malaysian Indians are increasingly being marginalized, economically as well as socially. More than 30% of Indians do not own a house; over 300,000 Indian poor have been evicted from their plantation livelihoods and residences; and there were 21.1 suicides per 100,000 Indians a year 2005, the highest rate amongst all communities. Indians also have the lowest life expectancy at birth amongst the major races.”

Is the new Prime Minister brave enough to say that he has done enough for the Indian community who have been long marginalised by the BN government?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

DAP demands answers on the alienation of land where Cherry Park Rukun Tetangga Association premises is built on

We me up with local residents at Cherry Gardens. One of the senior residents one Mr Lucas called me a few days to complain that their Rukun Tentangga premises has been given evicition notice.

Today with my political secretaries Sdr. Chong Chee King, Sdr. D.Tanabalan and the Secretary of DAP Maxwell Branch Sdr. A.Wasu met the local residents. And this is news;

Cherry Park, situated in the center of Ipoh City, have more then 500 houses and a population of over 2000 people.

Concerned local residents of Cherry Park formed a Rukun Tetangga Association sometime in the late 70’s. The locals wanted this association to be the main organization to connect one another in the local community and also to fight crime in the area.

In 1978, the Association obtained monetary contribution to build permanent structure on a piece of state government land. The ¼ acres land is known as Geran 00027388 lot no 04408. To date over RM100,000 has been spent to put up the Association's premise there.

The premise is also used for recreational and educational activates. A kindergarten opeartes there and it caters for the over 50 families who send their children there.

On 23rd September this year, a lawyer acting for a private individual claiming to be the owner of the above said land sent a notice of eviction to the Department of National Unity and Integration ( Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Intergrasi Nasional). The lawyer's notice specifically demanded that the building on the above land should be demolished/removed by the 31stOctober09. Subsequently the Department sent a notice to the Association asking them to comply with demand of the notice.

From investigation done by the members of the Association, it has come to their knowledge that some time in 2005 , the above mentioned land was alienated by the state government to a private individual. The private individual owns over an acre of land adjoining the above mentioned land.

The government's decision to alienate the land to an individual is shocking and irresponsible. Surely the sensible and right thing that the governmnet should have done is to alienate the land to the Association which has been playing its role well in serving the local community, rather than to any individual.

Should this be the government's "reward" to an Association for its dedicated public service to the local community ?

The Department of National Unity and Integration has a duty to assist the Association to protect their premise. It is therefore disappointing to say the least that the Deaprtment has instead urged the Association to comply with the demolition notice.

The locals have approached the DAP to help them. As a first step, we will meet up with the land office to demad answers on the following questions:

1) why was the land alienated / sold to a private individual?
2) at what price was the land sold to the individual ?
3) why was there no prior consultation with the association on the sale of the said land?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why are A Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock issues considered sensitive in Bagan Pinang by election?

I was informed by DAP Bagan Pinang by election operation center that since the nomination day, the Election Commission had removed or gave instructions to remove publicity banners and billboards put up by DAP.

Among them removed were those which highlighted Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock issues. Reason given for their removal apparently were because these are sensitive issues.

If the Home Minister has rightly allowed media to freely report on such issues since day 1 when these issues happened, why should Election Commission classify them as sensitive.

I challenge the Election Commission to reveal their criteria on deciding on what are considered sensitive issues?

Are they considered sensitive simply because they will affect Barisan Nasional's chances in winning the Bagan Pinang by election?

There are many questions which remain unanswered on Kugan's death. Malaysians and Bagan Pinang voters have a right to be informed of the issue and demand answers.

In January this year, Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail classified Kugan 's death as murder. The post-mortem done by the Head of the Forensic Unit of Serdang Hospital, Dr Abdul Karim Tajuddin, concluded the cause of death as Acute Pulmonary Oedema. A second post mortem conducted by Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) pathologist Dr Prashant N Sambekar had indicated that Kugan had died of Acute Renal Failure due to Rhbdomyolysis due to blunt trauma to skeletal muscles. In April, Attorney-General (AG) Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had assured the family members that if there were foul play on Kugan's death, the culprits would be brought to court as soon as possible.

It was only 8 months later that constable Navindran Vivekanandan was finally charged , not for murder but for lesser charges.He was charged in the Sessions Court with two counts of causing grievous hurt to A.Kugan .

Gani has not satisfactorily explained the delay in charging Navindran, but I am sure he will have come to hear the cynical public joke that it has to take the occurrence of a by election for anyone to be charged in connection with Kugan's death.

Although a cop has finally been charged, public sentiment has not been pacified and many questions nevertheless remain unanswered. Two important questions which are lingering in the public minds are:

1. Why was Navindran not charged with murder or causing death?
2. Why only 1 cop was charged when 11 people were initially suspected?

There have been too many deaths in the Police lock up. Kugan was not the first victim of Police brutality. Justice must be done and seen to be done.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The sabotage act of splashing paint on DAP Deepavali Ria Bersama Rakyat banners is despicable and totally unacceptable.

In conjunction with the arrival of Deepavali, DAP Ipoh Barat office, together with DAP Taman Loke Lim have planned a Deepavali Ria Bersama Rakyat function at 7 pm on Thursday, October 15 at Taman Loke Lim , Ipoh.

Wednesday night , we had put up 10 banners in the Ipoh Barat parliamentary constituency to publicise this event where public are most welcomed.

I was shocked to be informed this morning that 4 of our banners displayed in the Buntong, Silibin, Medan Kidd and Hospital area were splashed with red paint by unknown person/persons.

I challange the paint man to come openly to challenge me. I suspect the paint has done by my political opponent who is cowards.

While I will leave it to the Police to conduct a full probe into this despicable and unacceptable act, I cannot rule out that this could be an act of sabotage which could be done by any person/persons.

If the motive of the saboteur/saboteurs is to try to stop us from organising such event , I wish to stress that such sabotage will not and cannot intimidate us at all. The function will definitely be on as planned.

I will call on the public to come out in full force at the above event as a way of sending a clear message to the saboteur/saboteurs that such sabotage is despicable and totally unacceptable .

Why 1 Malaysia concept does not mean or include 1 Policy?

Speaking at the 35th Unesco General Conference yesterday, the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has proudly talked about his 1 Malaysia concept.

He said " Our founding fathers in their wisdom chose at the outset of independence to use integration rather than assimilation as a national policy to manage race relations and to forge a new nation. It was a conscious choice much criticised when it was taken but ultimately vindicated by history. We have evolved from merely tolerating diversity to acceptance and now finally the apex of this mindset is celebrating diversity as a source of national strength rather than a source of conflict. This is at the root of the 1 Malaysia philosophy which I introduced at the outset of taking office last April. We believe in this philosophy, predicated on mutual trust and respect between all communities; my clarion call for Malaysia is 1 dream, 1 people, and 1 nation."

Although most Malaysians today still do not really understand his 1 Malaysia concept, Najib is determined to promote it, not only in Malaysia but to the world. Earlier he has done it by naming Malaysia's F1 racing team as 1 Malaysia F1, now he has said it in his speech at the world forum.

What actually is 1 Malaysia concept ? Is it a dream, an objective, a target or a slogan? Is there a time frame? Is there an implementation plan?

I wonder how many Cabinet members who are the policy makers and the civil servants who are policy implementers have really understood his 1 Malaysia concept. But one certain fact is that many Malaysians still do not know what it means.

In August, it was reported that a recent survey by Merdeka Center showed that 76 per cent were aware of the 1 Malaysia concept but 39 per cent did not know what it meant; 23 per cent believed that it meant unity among races; 18 per cent felt it signalled fairness and equality among the races and 6 per cent thought it sketched a Malaysia with no differentiation of races.For other Malaysians polled, 1 Malaysia was a political gimmick, a plural society, etc.

In fact, it was not that long ago when former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir had mentioned that he still could not grasp what 1 Malaysia means. Yet, Najib was promoting his concept to the world through his speech at yesterday's UNESCO Conference when even a former Prime Minister has admitted that he still does not know what it means.

Najib told the world forum that his clarion call for Malaysians is 1 dream, 1 people , and I nation.

He should explain why has he left out " 1 Policy'. Why cant Malaysia have 1 Policy that is fair and just to all Malaysians , irrespective of race and religion?

How can all Malaysians enjoy an equal place under the Malaysian sun if the BN government continues to implement policies which are divisive and discriminatory?

Najib can feel proud of his 1 Malaysia concept , but he should know that it is a concept that most Malaysians cannot be proud of and accept if it does not mean or include 1 Policy which is just and fair to all Malaysians.

Let Najib be reminded that true harmony and genuine unity among Malaysians of all races can only be achieved through the implementation of just and fair policies.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


There is so much of untruth in that DAP is anti Islam. Read ROKET kini for more info on what DAP stands for.

We are distributing ROKET kini to all especially to Muslims. A group of volunteers from the Ipoh Barat team good response when we distributed ROKET kini at the Ashby road flats where the majority of the residents are Malays/Muslims.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Election Commission should get its priorities right

Election Commission ( EC ) deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar had 3 days ago reminded political parties that only contesting parties were allowed to put up campaign paraphernalia.

"I am calling for cooperation from parties, which are not contesting, not to complicate things by going against the law. If these parties are not contesting, they are not paying any election deposit; why then should they put up their campaign materials?" he was reported to say.

DAP opposes such unnecessary and undemocratic restriction and urges EC to get its priorities right .

EC must be reminded that its most important role is to ensure an election or by election that is free , fair and clean. It must not complicate things or make things difficult for the opposition.

There are a few key issues which the EC must give priority to in the Bagan Pinang by election:-

1. ensure that the electoral roll is clean and without any phantom voter
2. ensure that candidates are allowed to campaign in army camps
3. ensure that fair media coverage is fair and honest
4. ensure that there is no abuse of government recourses and funds

EC's time and resources should therefore be spent on resolving the above issues rather than on imposing unnecessary restriction on trivial issues.

Let me ask the EC two basic questions:

1. Is it wrong for Kugan's relatives and friends who are unhappy with the Attorney General 's decision not to press murder charge against any cop to distribute leaflet at the by election?

2. Is it wrong for any NGO or interest group to use the by election as a platform to highlight their issues?
A free , fair and clean election or by election will include allowing the voters to gain as much information as possible on any issue so that they are able to make an informed decision. What is the issue , which group is highlighting the issue , what posters are being put up should not be matters which require the approval of the EC.

Hence, any political party or NGO or even individuals should be allowed to campaign in a by election or general election irrespective of whether they are contesting.

EC must always bear in mind of its constitutional responsibility to ensure free, fair and clean election .

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bagan Pinang indian voters want to see results, not recommendations or promises

Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said yesterday that Indian community had responded positively to a spate of initiatives created for them, especially through the cabinet committee on Indian affairs.

He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who chaired the committee's meeting last Monday, promised to ensure MIC's recommendations were studied and implemented where possible.
"These are not merely proposals but practical measures that would be met by the government, and the prime minister was very receptive to them," said Samy in Port Dickson.

Samy also said that many of the recommendations made by the MIC in previous meetings of the cabinet committee have been implemented.

Samy has nowadays been talking as if the Prime Minister Najib is the hope of the Indian community, the man who will deliver promises to help the Indian community. But he should realize that results speak louder than words.

Samy has to realise too that the Indian community , including the Indian voters of Bagan Pinang constituency want results and not recommendations and promises.

Despite his claim that the Indian voters had rejected the Barisan Nasional and not him, Samy knows very well that the Indian voters had voted for change due to their bitter disappointment with MIC and BN which had failed them.

In fact, Samy himself has openly admitted that the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir has not done much for the Indian community .

It has been more than 18 months since the last general election when MIC candidates were heavily trounced. And Samy has continued to lead the MIC despite call for him to step down from his presidency.

The most important question today is therefore whether BN and MIC have taken the Indian voters' disappointment seriously since last year's general election.

Results is the best proof. Hence, Samy has to go to Bagan Pinang with a report card on what MIC has achieved for the Indian community since March last year to prove that MIC has understood and responded to the message sent by the Indian community through their votes in the last general election.

I therefore challenge the MIC to distribute its report card to the Indian community in Bagan Pinang and not to make announcement on what recommendations it has submitted to the Prime Minister.

Additionally, due to his controversial remarks that MIED and AIMST do not belong to MIC, Samy should reply to open criticisms raised by the former CEO of MIED , Chithirakala and former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam.

Chithirakala has said that Samy intends to take the party's past successful ventures with him. She told Malaysiakini that Samy will keep himself busy with the six of seven non-governmental organisations that he had established.

Samy's comments that "Just because I happened to be the MIC president, it does not mean that MIED and AIMST belong to MIC " has also been called a blatant lie by Subramaniam who that said it only confirmed rumours that the MIC president was planning to hijack the immensely valuable organisations held in trust for the party.

I believe that not only Chithirakala and Subramanaim want answers, the Indian community including the Bagan Pinanag Indian voters want answers too.

Samy cannot remain silent. He must reply to both Chithirakala and Subramaniam.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Could the tragedy of building collapse and the deaths and injuries in Ipoh avoidable?

Today together with local residents and my political secretaries Sdr. Cheong Chee Khing, Sdr. D. Tanabalan and I visited the Fair Park where some old buildings had collapsed. On Friday, two men were killed while another was injured when an row of shop houses collapsed on their car in Jalan Kamaruddin Isa , Fair Park near Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh . In May this year, Jaya Supermarket in Petaling Jaya collapsed while demolition was being carried out, killing two Indonesian workers.

Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha said yesterday that every developer, engineer and architect must comply with the law if they wanted to demolish old buildings for redevelopment purposes.

"The Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI) will get reports from the police, the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), and the Fire and Rescue Department, and the outcome of the investigation would be submitted to my office this Monday for my perusal," he told the media after visiting the scene.

Kong did not rule out the possibility of negligence as one of the factors contributing to the collapse.

It seems to be the habitual behaviour of BN Ministers to visit a tragedy scene and announce that they have asked for submission of reports.

Given that Jaya Supermarket collapse had just happened less than 6 months ago, Kong should know that the two most basic answers that the public want to know are firstly, what went wrong in the Ipoh building collapse and secondly, why lessons have not been learned from the Jaya Supermarket collapse?

After the Jaya Supermarket collapse, the Cabinet set up a Special Committee to investigate the causes and Datuk Seri Kong had also on September 16 announced that the report was ready and submitted to the Cabinet.

He revealed that several recommendations were also included in the report, particularly on the procedures and proper methods of demolition for different types of buildings.

The first thing that Kong should have done when visiting the scene was therefore to reveal what were the recommendations adopted and whether all local authorities have been provided with the new guidelines and procedures. I will raise this matter at the earliest opportunity when Parliament recommences its sitting which starts on 19thOctober09.

As MBI itself is the approving and supervising authority on demolition work, any investigation must also involve probing any possibility of negligence on the part of MBI. Hence, DAP calls for the setting up of an Independent Committee to probe the causes of collapse.

Friday, October 2, 2009

People Power must rise again in the next general election.

Moon cake festival is an important festival for the Chinese community. There are various versions about how this festival originated but today it is celebrated more as a day of eunion of family members.

According to a widespread folk tale, this festival commemorates an uprising in China against the Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty in the 14th century.
There was no telephone, no fax, no internet, no ceramah and no newspapers. But the rebel leader Zhu Yuan Zhang wanted to overthrow the Yuan dynasty founded by the Mongolians and he had to pass the message around.

An idea was conceived to hide secret messages in the moon cakes which were distributed thousands of people. A successful uprising then took place when the people responded to the call for rebellion contained din the messages. So the moon cake eating finally helped cause downfall of the Yuan dynasty and the establishment of the Ming Dynasty.

Today, we live in modern times where political battles are fought with votes decided by the people. A lot still depends on how effective messages can reach the people.
Former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had admitted that it was a mistake for Barisan Nasional ( BN) to ignore the Internet in last year's general election. He said BN lost the Internet war and the cyber war.

Indeed BN has always controlled and manipulated the print and electronic media to its advantage for so long till the internet power smashed their monopoly.
He of course forgot to mention the sms power.

We in the opposition have always been disadvantaged by the lack of manpower, materials and money have finally been helped by the sms and internet power.
Nevertheless, old methods of spreading messages through faxes, telephone and word of mouth have always been very useful and effective.

Whether it is internet, telephone , fax or internet, they are just the campaign tools. Last year's unprecedented electoral victory by the opposition is manifestation of the people power.

So let's ensure people power will rise again in the next general election. Let the people power sweep Pakatan Rakyat back to power in Perak . Let people power also install a new Pakatan Rakyat government in Putrajaya.