Friday, October 9, 2009

The sabotage act of splashing paint on DAP Deepavali Ria Bersama Rakyat banners is despicable and totally unacceptable.

In conjunction with the arrival of Deepavali, DAP Ipoh Barat office, together with DAP Taman Loke Lim have planned a Deepavali Ria Bersama Rakyat function at 7 pm on Thursday, October 15 at Taman Loke Lim , Ipoh.

Wednesday night , we had put up 10 banners in the Ipoh Barat parliamentary constituency to publicise this event where public are most welcomed.

I was shocked to be informed this morning that 4 of our banners displayed in the Buntong, Silibin, Medan Kidd and Hospital area were splashed with red paint by unknown person/persons.

I challange the paint man to come openly to challenge me. I suspect the paint has done by my political opponent who is cowards.

While I will leave it to the Police to conduct a full probe into this despicable and unacceptable act, I cannot rule out that this could be an act of sabotage which could be done by any person/persons.

If the motive of the saboteur/saboteurs is to try to stop us from organising such event , I wish to stress that such sabotage will not and cannot intimidate us at all. The function will definitely be on as planned.

I will call on the public to come out in full force at the above event as a way of sending a clear message to the saboteur/saboteurs that such sabotage is despicable and totally unacceptable .

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