Friday, October 30, 2009

Call for independent investigation into the collapse of refurbished roof incident at SMK Sg Pari, Buntung.

The Sekolah Menengah Kebangsan Sg. Pari, Buntong, Ipoh has nearly over 400 students.

Some two months ago, the roof of the school was refurbished with an estimated costs of over RM300, 000.

Last evening at about 4.30pm, the awning/ roof just gave way. There after the rain made the situation worse.

I was given to understand that the teachers room and a science lab were destroyed because of the collapse of the refurbished roof. Luckily no students were studying when the roof collapsed last evening. The estimated damage is in the region of RM100, 000.

I was further given to understand similar works have been done in many other schools. How safe is it?

Parents and public have a right to know answers to the following questions:

1) How could roofs which were only refurbished just two months ago collapsed ?

2) Who had supervised and approved this project?

3) Who will now absorb the loss occasioned by the collapse?

A few days ago the nation was shocked and outraged that a newly constructed suspension bridge across Sungai Kampar could collpase . Three precious lives were lost.

Now we have a new incident where a newly refusrbished roof had collapsed. The collapse might have caused student injuries or perhaps death.

We demand an independent inquiry be conducted on this incident . The Inquiry report must also be made public.

Nevertheless, the Education Minister must understand that what the people want is total safety which means zero injury and death at schools or school camps. He must therefore, other than ordering an independent investigation into the above roof collpase incident, also let Malaysians know what are the effective steps and measures which will be aken to ensure total safety for students and teachers.

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