Friday, October 2, 2009

People Power must rise again in the next general election.

Moon cake festival is an important festival for the Chinese community. There are various versions about how this festival originated but today it is celebrated more as a day of eunion of family members.

According to a widespread folk tale, this festival commemorates an uprising in China against the Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty in the 14th century.
There was no telephone, no fax, no internet, no ceramah and no newspapers. But the rebel leader Zhu Yuan Zhang wanted to overthrow the Yuan dynasty founded by the Mongolians and he had to pass the message around.

An idea was conceived to hide secret messages in the moon cakes which were distributed thousands of people. A successful uprising then took place when the people responded to the call for rebellion contained din the messages. So the moon cake eating finally helped cause downfall of the Yuan dynasty and the establishment of the Ming Dynasty.

Today, we live in modern times where political battles are fought with votes decided by the people. A lot still depends on how effective messages can reach the people.
Former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had admitted that it was a mistake for Barisan Nasional ( BN) to ignore the Internet in last year's general election. He said BN lost the Internet war and the cyber war.

Indeed BN has always controlled and manipulated the print and electronic media to its advantage for so long till the internet power smashed their monopoly.
He of course forgot to mention the sms power.

We in the opposition have always been disadvantaged by the lack of manpower, materials and money have finally been helped by the sms and internet power.
Nevertheless, old methods of spreading messages through faxes, telephone and word of mouth have always been very useful and effective.

Whether it is internet, telephone , fax or internet, they are just the campaign tools. Last year's unprecedented electoral victory by the opposition is manifestation of the people power.

So let's ensure people power will rise again in the next general election. Let the people power sweep Pakatan Rakyat back to power in Perak . Let people power also install a new Pakatan Rakyat government in Putrajaya.

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