Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Speech by M Kulasegaran , DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat, at DAP political ceramah at Malim Nawar on Friday, June 25, 2010 .

In the 1969 general election, the then Alliance coalition which consisted of 3 communal parties UMNO, MCA and MIC suffered heavy electoral losses.

The then Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak knew one way to strengthen the Alliance and kept the coalition in ruling power was to enlarge the coalition membership. Hence, the Barisan Nasional was formed in 1973.

The Alliance became a bigger family but UMNO continues to be the dominant party. All other component parties know too well that UMNO means “You must not object”. MCA, MIC, Gerakan continue to be“in office but not in power” (当家不当权—dang jia bu dang quan)

Since 1973, the Opposition had to fight a stronger ruling coalition in many unfair, unjust and dirty general elections.

But the 2008 general election saw the rise of the people power where the Malay, Chinese and Indian voters dealt BN its severest electoral blow since its formation.

When Dato Sri Najib became the new Prime Minister last year, some political analysts believed that he would employ a political tactic which his father had used—by enlarging the existing BN.

Apparently though the son wanted to borrow his father’s tactic but he did not want to be seen as a total copy cat.

So we do not see increased Barisan Nasional membership but we see the emergence a pro BN political party in Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) and the so called pro BN or pseudo independent MPs and Aduns.

I have no doubt that the people can see that through the BN’s tactic.

Come next general election , not only the MMSP which “ sounds like MIC, looks like MIC but is not the MIC” will be rejected like the MIC was in the 2008 general election, and all the pro BN and pseudo Independent MPs and Aduns will also be taught their lessons.

BN can deny that they have anything to do with Keshvinder’s resignation from the DAP. Keshvinder can give all types of excuses to justify his betrayal of the people’s trust. But the voters have eyes to see and they will not fooled.

Keshvinder had said that he quit DAP in the interest of his constituents. If that is so, he should be confident that his quitting will be welcomed by his constituents.

Then he should have the courage to appear and walkabout in Malim Nawar, instead of taking leave or hiding away.

If he has any sense of honour left, he should vacate his seat and allow a by election to be held.

It is sad indeed that some people do not have the political conviction, stamina, integrity and courage to continue their political struggle.

I wish to apologise to the DAP supporters in Malim Nawar for the political betrayal of their trust committed by Keshvinder. But rest assured that their voices for justice will be aired inside and outside the Perak State Assembly through other DAP Aduns.

Let me also assure the voters that DAP’s and Pakatan Rakyat’s battle to regain Perak state and the Federal power will not in anyway be distracted or derailed by the resignations and betrayal of Opposition MPs and Aduns since the last general election.

DAP has suffered several defections in the past. But today DAP is at our strongest.

If any BN leader thinks that such spate of defections, resignation and betrayal will weaken or even demolish the DAP and the Pakatan Raykat, they should just recall past history.

In fact, a former Alliance leader once predicted in the early seventies DAP’s political death by saying that “DAP’s one leg is already in the grave”, but with the people’s continued support and trust, and the unwavering fighting spirit of our selfless, courageous and principled leaders and members, DAP did not die and today the DAP Secretary General is the Penang Chief Minister.

Since DAP’s formation in 1966, a few DAP elected representatives had betrayed the people’s trust. But our supporters still can feel proud that DAP is the party that they can trust.

Let me assure the voters that DAP’s and Pakatan Rakyat’s battle to regain Perak state and the Federal power will not in anyway be distracted or derailed by the resignations and betrayals of several Opposition MPs and Aduns since the last general election.

Come next general election, let’s make all the “political frogs” lose their candidature deposits. In fact I doub’t any of them have guts to contest the next elections. As money is their “god” all most any of the elected reps who resign from the DAP or become BN friendly would be very comfortable money wise.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Call for a Special Committee of Educational Experts to study and make recommendations to revamp the present school system and curricular.

On June 20, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) and Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examinations may be abolished. He said this was part of government efforts to restructure the learning system which was seen as too examination oriented and failed to provide a holistic education.

His announcement has drawn mixed reactions.

Undoubtedly, there have been public criticisms that our school education system is too much examination orientated.
Due to this culture of examination and the need to excel in the examinations, many students have to take after school private tuition for up to 3 or 4 subjects.

As a result, many students and even the schools tend to place less emphasis on extra curricular activities.

However, it must be noted that while some educationists and academicians have generally welcomed the proposal to make our school system less examination oriented, they have also called for a careful study before implementing such a proposal.

The government has made a serious mistake in the introduction of Teaching Maths and Science in English policy. Our children must not be made guinea pigs again.

Effective changes to an education system can only be brought about by a holistic approach and total revamp.
Hence, I call on the government to set up a Special Committee of Educational Experts to study and make recommendations to revamp the present school system and curricular.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Keshvinder Singh must do the honourable thing by vacating his seat and allow a by election to be held.

Speech by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat n DAP National Vice Chairman in wet market Malim Nawar on 19June2010

The loss of Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) state power in Perak last year due to the betrayal of 3 PR ADUNS was a dark chapter of Malaysian political history.It was also a day of immense sadness, disappointment as well as anger for the Opposition supporters.The defections of the 3 ADUNs shows how some people just could not have the political stamina, commitment and integrity to adhere to the struggle for democracy, justice and reforms.June 15 was yet another day of disappointment and sadness for opposition supporters as the young DAP elected representative for Malim Nawar, Keshvinder Singh, announced his decision to quit DAP to become a pro BN independent.Political defection, whether to switch to a new party or to become a pseudo Independent is unacceptable and disgusts the people.How could Keshvinder try to add insult to injury by giving the ridiculous reasons that only the government can help the people and his defection was for the benefit of the constituents of Malim Nawar.DAP was established in 1966 and our elected representatives, be they ADUNs or Members of Parliament have been able to serve the people well without any constituency allocation.If Keshvinder truly believes in what he says, that is, his quitting is for the benefit of the people, then there is no need for him to go on leave or disappear from his constituency or residential home.He should have an immediate walk about in his constituency and see how the public response will be towards his betrayal of their trust and confidence. He will also be able to know whether those who have supported him in 2008 general election accepts his reasons for quitting, as well as his claim that he has quit on his own accord and was not pressured into making such a decision by anyone.However, I don’t think he will be bold enough to test the degree of the voters’ disgust of his betrayal of their trust.I wish to urge Keshvinder who is on holiday to search his conscience whether he has been fair to the DAP which fielded him in Malim Nawar state constituency in the 2008 general election and the Malim Nawar voters who had elected him to be their voice.In fact, Keshvinder should do what is honorable –vacate his seat and allow a by election to be held since he was elected on the DAP ticket.Without a doubt, he was elected because of DAP, not because of his own personal qualities.The right and honourable thing for him is therefore to vacate his seat.Finally, I wish to assure the Malim Nawar voters that DAP will not neglect them and will continue to speak up for their rights and interests.A house to house signature campaign need to be carried out to demand the resignation of Keshivender SinghFinally time has come to enact a law on anti hopping. This law will ensure a bye election in the event an elected rep resign from his political party.Let me assure our supporters and the people that such unethical and disgusted political resignations/ defections will not distract the DAP’s and Pakatan Rakyat’s electoral objective and preparation to recapture Perak state power in the coming general election.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Medical profession cantering towards serious trouble

Humayun KabirJun 12, 103:50pm

Twenty-four medical colleges for a population of 27 million could be a major contributing factor for the projected oversupply of doctors in the next five years, the DAP has suggested.

The party's national vice-chairperson M Kula Segaran pointed out that Malaysia has an oversupply of medical colleges when compared to Britain's population ratio of 61 million to 26 medical colleges and Canada's 34 million to 17 medical colleges.The DAP Ipoh Barat MP sounded the warning that the profession may go to the dogs if the government does not take serious measures to address the problem highlighted by MCA president Chua Soi Lek.

"I call upon the health minister to treat this matter as urgent and inform the public as to what are the steps it will take to prevent our future doctors from becoming jobless," said Kula (left).Recently, Chua, himself a doctor and former health minister, had claimed that the current doctor population of 30,000 would rise to 55,000 or 60,000 in about five years time when Malaysia starts to churn out 4,500 doctors annually from next year.

Kula said that the government should also check the existing medical colleges' teaching quality as there is suspicion that some do not meet the high criteria for such degrees set by the government.Quantity over quality?"Is quantity overriding quality of medical degrees in the mad rush to fill the vacuum of doctor shortages in the country?" he asked.He said inevitable consequence of such a policy will be oversupply forcing doctors and other professionals to hunt for jobs outside the field of their training.

"Then what will be the value of a medical or other degrees?" the DAP state deputy leader asked.He also brought up another possible side-effect: interns facing difficulty in getting compulsory training.Even if they can be placed in the public hospitals, the pressing question will be whether these interns will receive adequate and high quality training, in the face of the high housemen to patient ratio.

On this potentially serious problem, there has been no response thus far from Health Minister Liong Tiong Lai to his party chief's claim, Kula said."I cannot imagine parents' heartaches in finding that their children graduate to become jobless after spending over a million ringgit in educating them in either Ireland or England, " he said.

MMA: What sort of doctors are we producing?

Susan LooneJun 14, 1012:15pm

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) expressed concern that the hundreds of house officers (or housemen) who throng major urban hospitals share the same patients and duties.
“What is worse, they have lesser personal time with their trainers, registrars, clinical specialists and consultants,” said MMA president Dr David Quek, when contacted yesterday.

“What sort of doctors would we be producing? This is particularly worrisome, and it would be extremely difficult to train them all well when the glut seems to overflow the system.”

Dr Quek was responding to DAP national vice-chairperson M Kula Segaran (left), who had noted on Saturday that 24 medical colleges for a population of 27 million could be a major contributing factor for the projected oversupply of doctors in the next five years.

The Malaysian Medical Council's latest annual report states that the number of doctors (including 3,651 house officers) has hit 27,709.

According to the report, which the MMA cited, Malaysia is expected to produce 3,500- 5,000 medical graduates annually.

Based on an annual growth rate of 2.5 percent, the country may have 45,000-50,000 doctors for a population of about 32 million to 35 million people.

If the over-supply continues, there could be a staggering 75,000-80,000 doctors by 2020.
Worry over 'diploma mills'

Dr Quek (right) said Malaysia should not emulate countries such as the Philippines, which are exporting trained doctors as re-trained allied health paramedics, as this is a huge waste of money and resources.

He drew a comparison with the legal profession which had around 10,000 registered lawyers about 10 years ago; this year the figure is a mere 14,000.

“Why are we mass-producing doctors with no end in sight, and undermining our hitherto much-vaunted profession?” he queried.

“Our diploma mills unfortunately might then begin to shortchange our uninformed citizens and parents, who relentlessly continue to push their children to enter such a profession, which cannot guarantee their employability at such enormous costs and borrowing.”

Dr Quek, however, noted that Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai is mulling the possibility of imposing a moratorium on private medical colleges following MMA's concerns about a possible glut in poorly trained doctors within the next decade.

Two weeks ago, at the MMA's 50th annual general meeting, Liow said a moratorium is necessary to allow the government to produce quality doctors.

He said there are currently 31,273 registered doctors nationwide with the government focusing on achieving a ratio of 1:600 by 2015.

Senators lounge fight who started it?

A good write up in MalaysiaKini
Senators lounge fight - BN MPs started it
Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan Jun 11, 10 1:32pm
This is about the report published by
Malaysiakini MPs clash in Senate lounge.
The commotion was started by the BN MPs. Otherwise the meeting was peaceful and orderly. They claimed they went in to take food, to discuss etc. They are lying. They went there to smoke. They said the meeting was illegal, but Parliament officially sanctioned it. Earlier, I had only heard but that day I saw for myself the gangster-like intimidating attitude, arrogance and misbehavior of BN Mps. It is also not true that they were rudely chased away. All the Pakatan MPs and NGO leaders were seen pleading to them to ‘please leave’ and let them have their meeting in a peaceful environment. But the BN MPs behaved very inappropriately.
Bung Mokhtar was shouting that there was no security but the Parliament security was there and the meeting was legal, peaceful, and sanctioned, so why should they interfere? The unruly behaviour and the commotion were created by BN MPs, nobody else. All the accusations by Bung Mokhtar are not true and Idris Harun, despite having earlier shouting matches, still behaved better than Bung Mokhtar. If his attitude is any indication, it is a shame such characters are elected to Parliament.
I am not a member of any political party so I do not take sides. I was present in Parliament as an Aliran exco member to see meet some MP friends regarding an upcoming Aliran function in Petaling Jaya soon. While there, I was told by Ipoh Barat MP M.Kulasegaran that there is going to be a roundtable to discuss the unfair distribution of students scholarship by the government to the non-bumis So I followed another MP friend to the roundtable meeting to hear what the NGOs had to say.
A notice at the lounge entrance clearly indicated that the venue was reserved for MP M Kulasegaran for a meeting from 12 noon to 3 pm. Why the BN MPs still went in, what was their intention, only they can answer.
The meeting was very peaceful and went on in a civilised manner until about 30 minutes into the meeting and just when MP Nizar Jamaluddin (Bukit Gantang), the third speaker began to speak, four BN MPs, Bung Mokhtar (Kinabatangan), Idris Harun (Tangga Batu), Tiong Kin Sing (Bindle) and Ismail Kassim (Arau) came into the lounge seemingly to smoke and seemed surprised to find a meeting in session. I was at the back and surprised to see the BN/Umno MPs come into the lounge despite so many empty seats just outside the said lounge.
All four of them began teasing the oppsotion MPs and MP Nizar saying among others ‘Dalam Dewan tak cukup, sini mahu buat politik lagi?’ and ‘Ini semua orang busuk hati perut’ when Nizar said even ministers’ and deputy ministers’ children are also given scholarships but other deserving children better qualified are not given scholarships, this is injustice.
‘Apa bising-bising sini? Mahu cakap, masuk Dewan lah. Sudahlah’ etc. The BN MPs ridicule just intensified. When the next MP Manikavasagam’s (Kapar) turn came up, these Umno MPs began to pass their remarks a little louder. Agitated, Manikavasagam angrily among others said:
‘Ini semua panacea, Kita tidak takut dia orang, in semua celaka punya orang.’
Noticeably all the Pakatan MPs, about 10 of them, several state reps and about 50 NGO leaders were also visibly upset with the nuisance and misdemeanor of the BN MPs. Immediately hearing their comments, the BN MPs led by Idris Harun began shouting.
Several other BN MPs such as MP Lenggong Shamsul Anuar, and Rosnah Shirlin (Papar) who were seated outside, upon hearing the commotion rushed in to help their fellow BN MPs. Idris Harun kept barging in despite so many Pakatan MPs telling him, ‘This is a private meeting. Please don’t disturb our meeting. This is an important meeting, please go away. We Indians are here to seek Pakatan MPs’ help for our children’s right to scholarship. Please don’t disturb. Kalau tidak di Parlimen kami datang minta hak kami, nak pergi mana?’
But Idris kept barging in. He went to meet Lim Kit Siang who was seated in the center and said something we could not hear. By that time, the shouting match between the BN MPs and NGO leaders (not the Pakatan MPs) became very loud and noisy and a huge crowd, especially the reporters, rushed in to see the commotion.
Idris Harun was seen having a real intense shouting match with NGO leaders. Finally, Dr Kumar (Sg Siput) managed to coax him to leave the lounge. Seeing so many people, especially the reporters, the BN MPs and more BN MPs joined them outside the lounge; Bung Mokhtar, Idris Harun and Shamsul Anuar began shouting even louder and were demanding for the security to chase all the people attending the meeting out of Parliament saying ‘Ini semua orang tiada pendidikan. Ini orang daripada gua batu. Ini orang semua pengacau. Nak cakap politik, masuklah Dewan, kita jumpa sana’ etc.
Finally, the people attending the meeting were outnumbered by the security. Some were seen trying to entice the people to leave the lounge but the NGO leaders refused. Photographers were called in to take photos and video. One Parliament officer was seen calling the shots and giving instructions to the security. Finally the meeting just went on and the security closed all doors so that nobody else came into the meeting venue. The meeting was back to normal and peaceful, with about 10 more speakers taking the stand, although the BN MPs kept making noise outside.
Mainly the speakers were requesting for the Pakatan MPs to raise the unfair distribution of scholarship in Parliament. They could have taken to the streets, but they said they wanted to do it correctly through Parliament. The meeting ended on a good note with Pakatan MPs saying they will pursue the issue. Understandably, while the Pakatan MPs were at it, they spoke about the need to change the present government if the wrongs are to be corrected because they claimed, the present government was not only not listening to the cries of the general populace but was also arrogant.
Bung Mokhtar and Idris Harun’s attitude was exactly the point they had wanted to prove about PM Najib’s callous and uncaring government especially towards the non-bumi populace

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oversupply of doctors in 5 years

I gave a press conference at the Perak DAP HQ on the oversupply of doctors.

MCA president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek has recently said that there will be an over supply of doctors in 5 to 6 years time.

He said that Malaysia will be producing 4500 doctors each year beginning next year.

Hen added that the rate of growth would also see the current 30,000 doctors doubling to 55,000 or 60,000 five or six years from now.

An oversupply will mean that the new medical graduates will face the problem of getting their compulsory housemanship training.

Even if the graduates can all be placed in the public hospitals, the question that arises is whether they will obtain sufficient and quality training needed due to the high housemen to patient ratio?

When there is an over supply of doctors, where can the doctors find employment?

A doctor blogged in 2008 about the coming surplus of doctors and he said “already in some urban centres, we can see two to three general practitioner clinics in a single row of shop houses. The value of a medical degree will drop as doctors will be forced to find employment outside their field of training. When that day comes, it will be a sad day for doctors in Malaysia .”

I cannot imagine the parents’ heartaches when their children graduate to become jobless. I worry too about the lack of quality and adequate training that the new medical graduates will face.

The surplus of doctors is a serious problem but the Health Minister Dato Seri Liong Tiong Lai has yet to respond to what his Party President has claimed.

Is the government not concerned about this issue?

Actually, Liow did say in January 15 this year that there will be no surplus of doctors in the public sector by 2015 as there is still a shortage of between 14,000 and 15,000 doctors from the 25000 needed.

He explained that while some 3,000 new medical graduates enter the workforce yearly, an average of 300 to 400 doctors quit the public sector for greener pastures each year.

But his explanation actually supports the claim that there will be surplus of doctors in 5 years time.

With say 3500 new doctors being produced annually, the 15,000 shortage will be filled in 5 years. And Chua Soi Lek said 4500 doctors will be produced beginning next year!

Where will the new doctors go for their training when the vacancies have been filled? Where will doctors find employment?

In our tweeter exchanges a few days ago, Deputy Education Minister Dato Wee Ka Siong said that the students’ choice to do medicine must be respected.

I had rebutted such a claim by asking him whether he meant respecting the students choice and making them jobless in future.

Respecting the students’ choice is not an acceptable answer.

In fact, a few weeks ago, Penang Gerakan chief Datuk Teng Hock Nam had revealed that Britain which has a population of 61 million has 26medical colleges, and Canada with a population of 34million has 17 medical colleges.

But Malaysia which has a population of 27 million has 24 medical colleges.

Does not this mean that we have too many medical colleges and they are overproducing doctors?

I call on the Health Minister to treat this matter as urgent and inform the people what are the steps that the government will take to prevent our future doctors from becoming jobless.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Posting from Free Malaysia

Write up in Free Malaysia
By B Nantha Kumar
KUALA LUMPUR: One of the parents present at the ruckus in Parliament's open senate lounge yesterday has claimed that a Barisan Nasional MP called them “keling”.

According to DAP's Sungkai assemblyman A Sivanesan, the parent told him that one of the three BN MPs at the lobby had remarked: “Keling semua ini buat apa kat sini, bilik dah gelap ni, apa mereka mahu” (what are they doing here, the room has become dark, what do they want).

Sivanesan said the parents had come to Parliament with the hope of drawing Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s attention to the situation of numerous outstanding Indian students without scholarships.

“What transpired was embarrassing to the Indian community. The parents came to Parliament to show that they were not stupid or afraid.

“Their children have studied hard and excelled but instead of listening, we had these BN MPs humiliating and cursing them..,” he said.

Sivanesan said every year, a few hundred Indian students are “discriminated” against by the government in scholarship allocation.

He said the government should understand that the Indians were no longer interested in working as rubber tappers.

During the meeting between Pakatan Rakyat representatives and the some 100 disgruntled parents, Sivanesan said BN backbenchers Bung Mokhtar Radin (Kinatabatangan), Idris Haron (Batu) and Lenggong MP Shamsul Anuar had stormed in, and shouted: “Ini himpunan haram, keluar dari sini.’ (This is an illegal gathering. Get out!).

Motion filed against DAP MP

Sivanesan also revealed that Bung Mokhtar has filed a motion to refer DAP's Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran to the Parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee over the incident.

If found guilty, Kulasegaran could be slapped with a six-month suspension.

Contacted later, the Ipoh Barat MP said he was unperturbed by the move and took a dig at Bung Mokhtar saying, “I did things in the open. I did not marry secretly.”

This was an obvious referrence to the legal tussle surrounding Bung Mokhtar 's marriage to actress Zizie Ezette.

After days of repeatedly denying the marriage, the Kinabatangan MP admitted that he and the 31-year-old starlet are husband and wife.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kelakuan wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional harus diperbaiki.

Berturutan dengan pertengkaran di antara wakil rakyat BN dan PR semasa mesyuarat meja bulat di ruang rehat parlimen mengenai isu biasiswa Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam dan kemasukan ke kolej matrikulasi.

Sebenarnya isu yang dibincangkan semasa mesyuarat meja bulat adalah satu isu yang penting bagi generasi kaum India akan datang tetapi wakil rakyat BN memandang rendah terhadap mesyuarat tersebut serta menganggu mesyuarat supaya dihentikan.

Mesyuarat ini adalah satu perbincangan mengenai sistem kuota biasiswa JPA dan kemasukan ke kolej matrikulasi antara kaum di negara ini, Keadaannya menjadi rumit semasa ketiadaan bilik untuk bermesyuarat di Parlimen kecuali ruang rehat anggota Dewan Negara.

Ini adalah kerana kelakuan Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional memang tidak bermoral dan memalukan serta mendiskriminasi kaum India di Malaysia.

Sepatutnya wakil rakyat BN harus menunjukkan kelakuan yang positif serta harus bersedia berhadapan dengan kritikkan dan menghormati wakil rakyat PR supaya dapat membentangkan keputusan mesyuarat di Dewan Rakyat.

Jika mereka tidak berpuas hati, maka mereka bolehlah membahaskannya di dalam Dewan Parlimen dan bukannya ditempat mesyuarat yang dibenarkan atau diluluskan.Kenapakah isu keselamatan kepada wakil rakyat tidak dipersoalkan semasa YB. S.K. Devamany membawa rakan-rakan orang asli untuk lawatan ke Parlimen?

Dimanakah pendirian wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional semasa Pemuda UMNO mengancam keselamatan YB. Karpal Singh.? Bukankah ianya bermaksud Ahli-Ahli Parlimen BN hanya mahu mementingkan kepentingan diri sendiri mereka sahaja.?

Parlimen adalah tempat yang rakyat boleh datang, bukan hanya terhad kepada mereka yang tertentu. Bertengkar dihadapan rakyat awam adalah satu kesilapan yang paling besar dan ini akan menjatuhkan imej serta kemuliaan Parlimen negara ini.

Kelakuan Ahli Parlimen Kinabatangan sememangnya diketahui oleh ramai orang. Tetapi tindakan beliau bersama Ahli Parlimen BN yang memarahi orang-orang India jelas menunjukkan bahawa mereka ini menentang habis-habisan kepentingan pendidikan kaum India.

Objektif mereka berbuat demikian adalah untuk menunjukkan keberanian berhaluan kosong sahaja. Sikap sedemikian boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai satu sikap yang cukup kurang ajar dan memaparkan ketiadaan unsur-unsur perikemanusiaan terhadap kaum India.

Bagaimanakah mereka ini boleh berkhidmat untuk demi kepentingan rakyat umum sebagai seorang ahli parlimen?

Oleh yang demikian, kami daripada Jawatankuasa Perhubungan Parlimen Ipoh Barat menegaskan serta memberikan amaran kepada wakil-wakil rakyat BN supaya mengikuti lunas-lunas kemuliaan Parlimen serta meminta maaf secara terbuka kepada seluruh kaum India atas perbuataan mereka.

Kami juga mendesak supaya mereka meminta maaf kepada wakil rakyat Pakatan Rakyat dengan serta merta. Pada masa yang kami juga ingin mencabar Ahli-Ahli Parlimen MIC untuk menyatakan pendirian mereka dalam isu ini serta ingin menasihat supaya bersuaralah demi masa depan kaum India dan janganlah menyembunyikan diri dibawah payung UMNO/BN.

Nota: Gambar bagi yang duduk dari kiri Sdri. Jayalachimi, Setiausaha Hal Ehwal Wanita cawangan DAP Ipoh Barat Sdr. A. Wasu, Pengerusi cawangan DAP Maxwell, D. Tanabalan, Pegerusi cawangan DAP Kepayang, Sdri. S. Sarala Devi, Setiausaha cawangan DAP Taman Merdeka, P. Sugumaran, Pengarah Biro Pendidikan DAPSY Perak.

Make all awards of Government scholarships transparent and fair

Speech by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat at the Round Table Conference at Parliament House on the issue of “JPA / Matriculation seats allocation for students” on9thJune2010.

Year in year out we will hear allegations of unfairness in JPA’s awarding of overseas scholarships. Every year hundreds of bright students will have to appeal to try to get a scholarship. Finally many will face disappointment.

The question is not that there are too many applicants or too many bright students and too few scholarships. We should be proud if we have so many bright students. No one is so unrealistic to expect JPA to award 7000 or 8000 overseas scholarships. The question is whether JPA is transparent and fair.
If JPA is transparent and fair, the question of appeal should not arise or at least appeals will only be made by a few people. Appeal should be the exception rather than the rule.

But even with the introduction of A+. A and A- grading system as well the decision to cap the number of SPM subjects, JPA is still unable to satisfy the public that it can award the scholarships in a transparent and fair way. Government likes to talk about the slogan Malaysia . boleh, but JPA is still tak boleh.

By being transparent and fair, I am referring to the question as to how JPA evaluates students according to the four criteria, namely academic results, co curricular activities, economic background and interview performance.
Take for example, how does a student get full mark for the economic background criterion? What is the range of family income that will entitle an applicant full mark for this criterion?

JPA should be transparent by displaying all the relevant details on its website, for example- list of successful recipients, number of scholarships awarded for a particular programme and the number of total applicants etc.

What is the justification for reducing this year’s scholarships by 500, making it only 1500 this year? Lack of money is not an excuse. Just cut down on corruption ad wastage and we will have more than enough to provide more scholarships for our young and bright ones.

Talent must not be wasted. Government increase the overseas scholarships to 2000 as well as increase the present 2000 local scholarships for IPTA and IPTS

PM must walk the talk about his 1 Malaysia concept. More places at Matriculation colleges should be opened up for the non bumiputras. /non malays. Present allocation of 10 % is too little. A minimum of 30 % should be opened up.
Also at the same time hundreds if not thousands of scholarships are given by numerous government agencies and GLC’s. What is the criteria used to select the successful applicants and how many were chosen.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Opposition calls for rakyat to deliver 'third miracle' - Malaysiakini

Following the recent “Sibu miracle”, the DAP has called on people power to deliver the “third miracle” of turning Prime Minister Najib Razak and Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir into opposition politicians in the coming 13th general election.

y4c nep forum 060207 m kulasegaranParty national vice president M Kula Segaran (left) said, “Come the next general election, the people must deliver the third miracle - to install Pakatan as the federal government.”

The DAP state deputy chief and Ipoh Barat MP said that the nation has thus far seen two political miracles: the March 8, 2008 general election when Pakatan won five states and BN lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament, and the recent Sibu parliamentary by-election which DAP won against the odds.

Kula was speaking at the four-hour Pakatan political forum organised by DAP at the Chin Woo Hall in Ipoh last night.

About 1,500 Pakatan supporters attended the forum, which also hosted speeches by Pakatan leaders Lim Kit Siang, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Perak Pakatan chairperson Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and PKR state chief Mustaffa Kamil Ayub.

Kit Siang, Guan Eng and Nizar received standing ovations from the excited crowd at their respective entrances into the packed hall.

Say 'enough' to BN
Kula reiterated how the Sibu victory, in particular, signaled a blow to the ruling party's hold on power despite its financial might, and how making the “impossible dream” of winning the seat a reality has given Pakatan leaders the political hope to further dream of reaching Putrajaya, with the help of voters.

“The Rocket (DAP's party symbol) is ready to fly to Putrajaya but we need the fuel of the voters' support to achieve Pakatan's objective (reflected in the coalition's) slogan `from Sibu to Putrajaya',“ said Kula to thunderous applause.

He urged unregistered voters to enrol without delay in order to make Pakatan's dream of reaching Putrajaya a reality.

NONEKula then took pot-shots at the BN component parties MCA and MIC, who he said were more interested in safeguarding their personal interests and political agendas instead of the interests of their respective communities.

“MCA president (Chua Soi Lek, right) wants to safeguard the political interests of his son as deputy minister, while (MIC's) Samy Vellu wants to cling on to his political power instead of resigning his post voluntarily,” said Kula.

“In a way it is good, as MIC will self-destruct and Indian votes will swing to Pakatan in the coming general election,” he said.

The DAP leader added that urban voters were now more politically mature to say “enough” to the BN rule and demand for political change.

Malaysia to join ICC

During his speech, Kula also said that Malaysia is set to gain membership into the International Criminal Court (ICC), when de-facto Law Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz puts forth the motion in Parliament in two weeks' time.

smm meeting with nazri 110907 nazri abdul azizHe has for the past ten years been advocating for Malaysia to be a member country to boost perception and confidence in the country's rule of law and legal system.

Kula was part of a Malaysian delegation led by Nazri (right) to observe the ICC meeting in Uganda, and he said Nazri was sufficiently impressed and promised to pursue the motion.

ICC has around 111 member countries globally. It stipulates that all member states to give protection to its population against genocide, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and war crimes.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Call on Government to increase JPA overseas scholarships to 2000

Every year many top students will fail to get scholarships. Year in year out, many will appeal against the JPA decisions.
Many think that MCA is able to help them win their appeals, but finally many will be disappointed.

Deputy Education Minister Dato Wee Ka Siong said in today that “it is not possible for JPA to award scholarships to all of the straight A students because there are too many of them. He said 7800 students obtained straight As and JPA could only afford 1500 students. He also revealed that MCA has recently brought up 1304 appeal cases from top students with the JPA.

There are two issues here.

Firstly, whether the JPA is transparent and fair in awarding scholarships

secondly, why has JPA reduced the number of scholarships by 500 for this year.
JPA claims that it awards scholarships according to some criteria like an applicant’s academic performance, social economic background, extra-curriculum activities and interview performance. If the JPA is transparent and fair, I don’t think their will be so many year in year in appeals.

The question is not just that there are too many applicants but there is the more important question of JPA having to be transparent and fair as many students have also complained about JPA’s fairness in awarding scholarships.

Why can’t JPA reveal the overall minimum mark to be obtained by successful students for a particular programme (based on the overall criteria) and inform each applicant their marks? Last year, JPA gave out 2000 JPA overseas scholarships, but this year it has been reduced to 1500, why?

Have we become so poor that the government must also save on scholarships?

Talent must not be wasted. Many poor parents will tighten their belts just to ensure their children will get their education.

Also at the same time hundreds if not thousands of scholarships are given by numerous government agencies and GLC's. What is the criteria used to select the successful applicants and how many were chosen?

There can be no justification for Government to reduce the number of scholarships.

Pakatan Rakyat’s Battle for Putrajaya—People Power to create the Political Miracle.

Speech at DAP forum by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat at Chin Woo Hall “ Sibu to Putra Jaya” in Ipoh ” on 4thJune2010

“We will not lose Sibu”, “Sibu is BN’s traditional stronghold’, “ Sarawak is BN’s fixed deposit—strong and secure”. These were BN leaders’ pubic remarks days before the Sibu by election nomination day.

It was a reflection of how confident the BN leaders were of retaining Sibu parliamentary. seat.

They believed they could not lose. We knew it was tough and we required a miracle to win.

On May 16, the courageous Sibu voters created a political miracle and voted the first Sarawak Pakatan Rakyat MP Sdr Wong Ho Leng.

This was despite the fact the Prime Minister had visited Sibu three times during the campaigning period and played the role of Santa Claus-announcing allocations worth tens of millions to schools and churches.

The people welcomed the allocations but thro their votes, they sent a clear message to the BN -- that they wanted justice, equality, democracy more. And they wanted Change. They wanted the Change to start from Sibu.

During the campaigning, Najib ignored his own “People First, Performance Now “slogan and came up with his “you help me, I help you” deal, but the people said “Lu kasi, gua ambil. Bila undi, sokong Roket”!

With his “You help me, I help you” deal, his “People First, Performance Now” slogan should be changed to “Votes First, Performance Later”.

It is quite puzzling that Najib did not learn his lesson from the Hulu Selangor by election.

On the polling day eve of Hulu Selangor by election, he made the conditional promise to the Rasa village folks that he would allocate RM 3 mil to SJKC Rasa if they could deliver a BN victory.

BN got a shock when polling results showed that compared to the 2008 general election, there was an increase of Chinese support for the PR candidate in Rasa New village as well as the Hulu Selangor constituency.

How could a PM make such a conditional promise with the taxpayers’ money? Voters saw his offer as being insincere. No wonder his tactic backfired.

Yet he employed the similar conditional offer tactic in Sibu, declaring an allocation of RM 5 mil for flood mitigation projects for Rejang Park if the voters could deliver a BN win.

So it looks like not only MCA does not know what the Chinese want, SUPP and the PM Najib also don’t know what the Chinese want.

Sibu’s political miracle has shocked the BN, just like how the 308 (2008) political tsunami caused BN its unprecedented electoral setback.

BN government can also create miracle, except that they are not the miracles the people want or are beneficial to the people.

Former PM Tun Mahathir set 2020 as the target date for Malaysia to become a developed nation. Recently PM Najib said he aims to make Malaysia a high income developed nation in 10 years time.

A few days ago, Minister in the PM’s Department Datuk Idris Jala said that Malaysia will become bankrupt in 9 years time if subsidies are not slashed.

That is the BN’s miracle—leading Malaysia to the road of bankruptcy.

Even if BN can steer the country from being bankrupt, the coming years will be tough days for the people as they will have to tighten their belts. BN really means Barang Naik.

I believe that had BN won the Sibu by election, Najib would call a general election as early as end of this year.

With the Sibu defeat, he will definitely want to wait and see how the BN will fare in the Sarawak state election expected to be held this year.

Perakians waited for 51 years before they saw Perak BN state government toppled.

Malaysians struggled for 51 years before the BN’s political hegemony of two thirds parliamentary majority was smashed.

So if Najib thinks he needs more time to prepare for the general election, the people can also wait. Whether general election is held early or later, the battle for Putrajaya has begun with PR Sibu’s victory.

Yes, 308 general election result was a miracle and 516 Sibu victory by PR was another miracle. Come the next general election, the people power must deliver the third miracle—to install PR as the federal government

Come next general election, all Malaysians must rise to the occasion and deliver the People Power.

Make PM Najib the Parliamentary Opposition Leader and Perak MB Datuk Zamry the state opposition leader!