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It is indeed a privilege for me to be given an opportunity to participate in the 2-day workshop, titled, "Introducing Gender Equality" on 27 & 28th March 2010. This workshop was conducted was organised by 3Gs (The Good Governance and Gender Equality Society, Penang) and sponsored by the Penang Government.

The aims of 3Gs had brought them forward by initiating this program to ensure that to bring about transformation for gender and social justice at all levels of society, not just by implementing gender mainstreaming policies but also by engaging in good governance principles (including competency, accountability and transparency).

By attending this workshop with my fellow comrades from DAP Ipoh Barat, I had managed to capture the aspects & factors on Gender Equality values which had been lacking by practise in our community either consciously or unconsciously. Having attended this useful workshop, it is likely a good move to organise activities and training workshops to recognise, respect and embrace diversity within our multi-ethnic and multicultural society in Perak.

DAP could also conduct leadership skills workshops to promote and concretise the policy of at least 30 percent of women in decision-making positions in all sectors in society.I would like to extend my aprreciation to YB Chong Eng (MP Bukir Mertajam), who had informed us on this program and also thank you to YB M. Kulasegaran (MP Ipoh Barat) for his undivided support & encouragement for me to attend this workshop together with my fellow comrades Sdri Carmen Yoon & Sdri A. Suganthi.

V. Shasha

The impact for the seminar on Gender Equality conducted in Paradise Beach Resort conducted by 3Gs Penang is that there are in fact many gender discrimination; conscious or unconsciously, being practiced in our community which is a multi-races, religion and culture in the country.

As a DAP woman who is having the opportunity to be exposed to this seminar I would say I am a lucky one but I do hope that the rest of my fellow ladies in Perak will have the same opportunity to receive the same; and yet, my fellow guys, to sit for the seminar as gender equality not only a matter of women but for both genders.

As such, may I raise my wish to the state committee to work with 3Gs Penang in order to organise another set of seminar for same in Perak State; that would benefit both genders to understand gender equality in depth.


Rumah Terbiar Menjadi Sarang Penagih Dadah, Penduduk Risau Kebakaran Berlaku

Nanyang Siang Pau Tarikh -18/03/2010 (M/S B8)
Rumah kosong beralamat No. 450, Jalan Jerlun, Buntong telah terbiar sejak lebih sepuluh tahun dan menjadi sarang penagih dadah pada waktu malam. Tambahan pula cuaca panas sejak kebelakangan ini, penduduk risau kebakaran akan berlaku serta menjejaskan rumah jiran.
Setiausaha DAP Bahagian Ipoh Barat, En. Balan, Setiausaha Politik kepada Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat, En. Tanabalan dan Pengerusi DAP Cawangan Pasir Pinji, En. Lee Kin Chiew telah membuat tinjauan bersama-sama, semalam.En. Balan berkata rumah kayu tersebut telah terbiar sejak lebih sepuluh tahun dan menjadi tempat tidur penagih dadah pada waktu malam.
Penduduk risau kebakaran akan berlaku sekiranya tertinggal puntung rokok atau bahan mudah terbakar.Menurut beliau, terdapat banyak rumah yang terbiar di sekitar kawasan Buntong. Pada 28 Februari lalu, kejadian sebuah rumah kayu terbakar telah berlaku.
Sehubungan dengan itu, MBI diminta mengeluarkan arahan kepada pemilik rumah berkenaan bagi membersihkan semak-samun atau merobohkan rumah yang terbiar bagi keselamatan penduduk di sekitar.
Menurut beliau, surat aduan berkenaan telah dihantar kepada MBI pada bulan Februari dan Mac 2010 bagi mendapatkan tindakan segera, tetapi agak kecewa tidak sebarang maklum balas diterima.
Penduduk di belakang rumah terbiar berkenaan, En. Tan berharap pihak MBI akan memberi perhatian serius terhadap perkara tersebut. Beliau risau kebakaran akan berlaku dan menjejaskan rumah bersebelahan.
MaklumbalasTindakan telah dijalankan melalui No. Fail K1/E2/5/45/03 dan rumah usang tersebut telah dirobohkan pada 28 Mac 2010.

25/03/2010 - History must not be forgotten-- Alliance Government did not honour its pledge to return local government elections

In response to the Penang state government's historic decision to restore local council elections, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had on March 9 made it clear that his BN government would not agree with and accede to the request.

The Election Commission 's yesterday's decision and explanation with regard to both the Penang and Selangor state governments' requests to hold local government elections is somewhat expected but still very disappointing.

While the two Pakatan Rakyat state governments will have to find ways to restore the voters their third vote, Malaysians must again be reminded not to forget history -- that the Alliance Government did not honour its solemn pledge to return local government elections.

The Alliance Government had in 1965 suspended local council elections on the ground of the Indonesian Confrontation threat.

The then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman gave a solemn pledge that the moment peace returned, local government elections would be restored.

But when the Confrontation had ended, the suspended elections were never restored and were instead later abolished.

All Malaysians who cherish democracy must therefore not forget history -- that the Alliance Government failed to honour its solemn pledge to return local government elections.

Local government election is part and parcel of a true, healthy and vibrant democracy. There can be no justification whatsoever for the BN government not to return the people’s right to third vote.

If Najib is not convinced that majority of Malaysians want the local government elections restored, then I challenge the government to hold a national referendum and let the people decide on whether such election should be restored.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Great news! Perak Wanita is proud to announce that they have selected 3 women leaders to participate in the Gender Equality programme organized by the Good Governance and

Gender Equality Society, Penang and Persatuan Untuk Tadbir Urus Baik dan Kesaksamaan Gender, Pulau Pinang.

The 3 lucky leaders are Sdri. V. Shasha, Chairman for DAP Taman Merdeka & Secretariat Wanita PR, Sdri. A. Suganthi, Secretary for DAP Kepayang & Special Assistant to Ipoh Barat MP and Sdri Carmen, Secretary for DAP Tasek Damai.
Ipoh Barat is proud to be associated with all these 3 leaders as they all are from the Ipoh Barat constituency.

We hear the programme would be conducted by 6 Professional on the various topics relating to Gender Equality.

Our best wishes to our 3 Wanita leaders and in all others attending the leadership programme

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Minster must reveal who is the third party interfering in the running of the police force.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin was anxious to convince Malaysians that the claim that there was a rift between him and the IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan was baseless.

Instead of waiting for tommorrow's Police Day function where both he and the IGP will appear together , Hishammuddin had yesterday called a press conference at Putrajaya flanked by Musa and the deputy IGP .

But both he and Musa did not tell what should be told to Malaysians -- who is the third party interfering in the running of the police force.

A paragraph in today's NST report says " Musa, explaining his remarks in a Sunday newspaper, said he was merely quoting section 4 of the Police Act which states that the administration of the police was under the purview of the IGP only and that there should not be a third party speculating on related matters."

But in today's Star report , it was reported that Hishammuddin said he had clarified with Musa over the “third party” claim and the IGP had confirmed that he was not referring to the minister.

If what Musa said was that there should not be a third party speculating on related matters, why was the news reported as " a third party" interfering in the running of the Police force?

Both Hishammuddin and Musa certainly know that a third party speculating on related matters is not the same as a third party interfering in the running of the police force,.

Why then did not the IGP or the Home Minister strongly react against the newspaper 's misreport, just like the way they had reacted over the recent erroneous Chinapress report on alleged IGP's resignation?

I am not suggesting that any action should be taken against the newspaper if indeed there was a misreport but I am merely pointing out that Musa's explanation does not sound convincing.

Moreover, Hishammuddin's clarification that Musa was not referring to him has just confirmed that there was truth in Musa's claim of third party interference.

Since Musa had clarified to Hishammuddin that he was not referring to the Minister, he would also have
revealed the third party identity to Hishammuddin, hence the Home Minister must make a Ministerial Statement on the interference claim in Parliament.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

IGP’s allegation—Malaysians have a right to know the truth

In response to Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan ‘s allegation of third party interference in the running of the police force, the home minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said that he had not received any complaint about the alleged third-party involvement from Musa and did not know if there was any truth in the statement.

He said if allegations made by (IGP) were true, then Musa should take action against those concerned.

Hishammuddin also said that such matters should to reported to him.

Two questions have arisen from IGP’s allegation and Hishammuddin’s reply.

Firstly, why did IGP resort to publicly make a serious allegation and why did he not raise the issue with his superior, the home minister?

Secondly, why did Hishammuddin not say that he would immediately summon the IGP to explain his public allegation?

Malaysians have a right to know the truth and the home minister should make a Ministerial Statement in Parliament on the serious public allegation made by the nation’s top cop.

Home Minister should make a Ministerial Statement in Parliament on the IGP’s allegation of third party’s interference in police work

In an interview published in Utusan Malaysia’s Sunday edition Mingguan Malaysia, Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan revealed the presence of a ‘third party’ that is making demands on the police force.

He said the third party could be “pihak politik” (politicians) or “orang-orang tertentu" (certain individuals). He further said that the efforts at putting pressure on the Royal Malaysian Police Force (RMP) may derive from being uncomfortable with orders that he had given.

“So there have been some orders issued directly to officers under me without the knowledge of the top management (of the police force),” said Musa in Mingguan Malaysia.

The IGP has made very serious allegation which cannot be taken lightly by the government.

The police force is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the people’s life and property and the society’s peace and security.

Interference is therefore both wrong as well as dangerous.

When one reads IGP’s revelation, it is obvious that he was talking about ‘third party ‘interference into chain of command of top police officers.

For the nation’s top cop to have to resort to publicly revealing such interference, the ‘ third party’ must be very powerful or influential person/s.

The Home Minister cannot keep silent as IGP’s public revelation is serious and shocking and will erode public confidence in the operation of the police force.

Datuk Hishammuddin should make a Ministerial Statement on the issue in Parliament.

Ribuan Tilapia mati di logi kumbahan Indah Water Konsortium (IWK)

Monday, March 22, 2010

18/03/2010 - Deputy Prime Minister should turun padang to address and solve the Orang Asli 's grievances

Bravo to the more than 2000 Orang Asli who staged a historic protest at Putrajaya on March 17 to demand fair treatment from the government !

The protest reminds Malaysians of the brave Hindraf led Indian protest at Putrajaya and the political awakening of the Indian community to fearlessly stand up for their rights interests.

I am not surprised that the Prime Minister who has talked about government leaders must be prepared to turun padang has failed to personally meet the Orang Asli or their representatives. His turun padang programme is only confined to activity which will give the government positive media publicity.

Yesterday's protest was certainly one event which would not put the government in positive light and one that he would certainly want to avoid.

But I am shocked that the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had said that he was not aware of the Orang Asli's protest and the community's demands .

He nevertheless stressed that the government has always supported the Orang Asli and taken an interest in their welfare.

"If they are unhappy, they can submit their views on it and the department concerned will scrutinise it. If there is any proposition which is reasonable, we will do what is necessary," he said.

How could it be that the Deputy Prime Minister of a government which claims to always support the Orang Asli and their interest was not aware of the community's grievances when more than 2000 of them had traveled to Putrajaya to stage a rare protest.?

No community will stage a protest at Putrajaya the moment a problem crops up and such protest is usually held after their grievances are not addressed for some time., long and frustrated enough for the angry folks to
go all the way to Putrajaya.

If Muhyiddin truly wants to help the Orang Asli, he should turun padang to personally meet the community to address and solve their grievances .

Opening of Lahat DAP service center

Lahat is a former tin mining town with a population of 10,000 people. It comes under the Jelapang constituency. In the last elections the state assembly seat was won by DAP.

But the Adun Hee Yit Fong betrayed the voters’ trust and left the DAP. Nevertheless, our commitment to serve the Jelapang people does not stop. Jelapang Service Center (JST)’s expansion and the opening of this branch are most welcome and it is a testimony of our commitment.

This service center will be able to serve the locals as well to expand the influence of DAP locally.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the JST for opening up this service center.

Yesterday Gua Musang MP and UMNO veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah revealed that the national oil company Petronas had discovered an oil field which could be the largest in the world.

Apparently the government is aware of this. But it is puzzling that no announcement has been made.

Oil found in any part of Malaysia belongs to its citizens. There is no reason why the government cannot announce this good news in the Parliament the soonest possible.

Last year RM75b was contributed to the national coffers by Petronas and this represents 42per cent of GNP. In 2008 Petronas was the 95th largest company in the world and for 2009 it went up to become 80th largest.

Petronas should not be a play tool of UMNO and its huge revenue should not be used to bail out ailing companies. It is imperative that Petronas must be open and transparent in its operation.

Additionally, a certain amount of Petronas profits should be kept in a fund for use of future generations. In Norway , billions in US dollars are invested in this manner PERKASA is coalition of over 180 NGOs started by Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali.

The coalition is nothing but an ultra group frightening Malays in that over time Malays will lose their grip of power unless they unite to protect their special rights.

No one can question the bumi's special rights as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Ibrahim is therefore just fanning racial feelings by raising this matter which is a non issue.

.It is more disheartening to note that the former Prime Minister Mahathir is one if PERKASA’s ardent supporters.

Mahathir has even agreed to attend its AGM.Being a former PM , Mahathir should realize that by attending this function it can be construed as him endorsing the ultra right wing stand of PERKASA.

(DAP Lahat Service Center was opened at 2pm. Among those present were Lahat branch Chairman Sdr Wong Kow, State Chairman, Sdr.Ngeh Koo Ham, YB Lim Peik Har, YB V.SivaKumar, YB Leong Mei Meng and Sdr Frankie Wong.)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Parliament must bring a finality and certainty to the issues of conversions and custody of children

Indira rang me up yesterday asking me if she had any good news on the return of her last child to her. As nothing has moved since the court order last week after discussion with her, we had a press conference in DAP HQ in Ipoh today.

The following is my press statement.

M. Indira Gandhi, who was embroiled in a custody battle with her Muslim convert husband, Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah, was given custody of her 3 children by the Ipoh High Court last week.
It was indeed a most welcomed and long waited judgment for her.

Her husband had in March last year, without her consent and knowledge, converted all their three children into Muslims.

However, there was no total joy as till today, her youngest child has still not been handed over to her although Justice Wan Afrah Wan Ibrahim had ordered that Prasana Diksa be handed over immediately.

The judge had said as Indira Gandhi's two other children were with her now, it was in the family's best interest that the toddler be returned to her.

The children's father and their lawyers were in Court last week when the Judge gave the order of custody.

We have given notice to all concerned to hand over the child but one week has passed and Indira continues to suffer the pain and torment of being separated from her loving child.

In fact, she has been separated from the toddler for more than a year.

We ask that the father or anyone having custody of the child to immediately return her to the mother as failure to abide by the Judge’s order is an act of contempt. of the Court.

Yesterday Mohd Ridzuan through his lawyers served a copy of an application to stay the order made by the Judge. The application is now fixed for Hearing on 25thMarvh2010 at 8.30am the Ipoh High Court.

We would like to notify all that notwithstanding this application it is pertinent that the child should be handed to the mother at all cost.

The law and practice on children's custody and their upbringing is so uncertain now and different courts come with varying and confusing decisions.

It is the duty of Parliament to clarify and bring a finality and certainty on issues of conversions and custody of children.Why is the BN government dragging its feet with no light at the end of the tunnel? Why are they causing so much of emotional stress to families affected by conversion?
Why is there no political will by the government to resolve this issue?Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world yet it has no similar conversion problems. We should ask why we have such problems here?

We urge the BN component parties to prevail on the government to legislate laws which will bring certainty to all Malaysians when a conversion to another faith takes place

M.Kula Segaran

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Soalan Lisan No.34 pada 16/03/2010 - Parlimen Malaysia

17th March 2010, Why have you overreacted, Mr Home Minister?

Yesterday, DAP parliamentary leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang revealed that the editor-in-chief of Chinapress Daily has been asked to resign over an erroneous report that the inspector general of police has tendered his resignation, failing which the Daily will face three to six moths suspension.

In an immediate response, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein denied that the China Press Daily editor has been told to resign.

Hishammuddin said at a press conference that the ministry has only issued a show-cause letter, and that the newspaper has replied with its explanation of the incident.

I like to remind Hishammuddin that many Malaysians are watching as to what kind of action he will take against the Daily following his calling the Daily's report a lie and his talk of taking tough action against the Daily, on the day when the report appeared.

I also wish to remind him that many Malaysians are puzzled as to why he has overreacted over an erroneous report which is a simple mistake and issue that could be easily rectified.

Has the Daily's mistake caused instability to the police force or the nation? The answer is no.

Has the Daily’s mistake created racial tension or disrupted social harmony? The answer is again no.

Does the Daily's mistake warrant such tough talk and reaction from the Home Minister? Hishammuddin will know the answer if he truly listens to the voice of the people.

Let me tell Hishamuudin that many Malaysians believe that a correction of the erroneous report by China press Daily is sufficient and they are still very puzzled why he has overreacted over such a mistake.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Government should do more for the old folks and the old folk’s homes

Care for old folks must mean total care and it should not stop at just providing them with just daily food requirement and a place to live.

Their mental and physical health must be well taken of. Hence, the government has the responsibility to do more for the old folks and the old folks homes.

Government should therefore provide medical assistance to the old folks by sending medical doctors and specially trained nurses to government and privately run old folks homes on a regular basis.

In July last year, a Starprobe report had highlighted the growing number of old folks being dumped at hospitals and on the streets.Although this problem does not seem to have reached an alarming level, the government has a duty to stop such cruel act done to the elderly.

Singapore has already in place the Maintenance of Parents Act 1996 which comes with a jail term of up to six months, could be adopted if found to be suitable .

The government should consider, by way of law, making it mandatory for Malaysians to financially support their aged parents . For those who abandon their parents at hospitals or on the streets. they should be sent to jail.

Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat, YB M.Kulasegaran hari ini telah menyampaikan sumbangan Tahun Baru Cina berupa wang tunai dan barangan keperluan harian kepada 70 warga emas dalam majlis yang dianjurkan bersama cawangan-cawangan DAP kawasan Ipoh Barat di Kg.Tawas.

Majlis anjuran bersama cawangan-cawangan DAP kawasan Ipoh Barat dan Pejabat Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat itu juga dihadiri oleh Sdr. Cheong Chee Khing, Sdr. Frankie Wong,Sdr. D.Tanabalan,Sdri Jessy Yoon, Sdr. A.Wasu, Sdr. Sugumaran, Sdr. Anandhan, Sdr. Tham Yee Chin, Sdr. Tan Hong Lau, dan lain-lain lagi.

Kerajaan harus memberi lebih banyak sumbangan kepada warga emas dan rumah orang tua.Sumbangan yang dihulurkan kepada warga emas adalah untuk meringgankan beban harian mereka serta ianya merupakan satu-satunya peluang untuk menghargai jasa mereka.

Lebih-lebih lagi, ianya adalah wajar untuk kita menghargai segala pengorbanan mereka dengan menghulurkan sedikit sumbangan sebagai tanda ingatan. Pemberian sumbangan kepada warga emas tidak sepatutnya terhenti dengan pemberian keperluan harian seperti makanan, pakaian dan tempat tinggal malah harus dipertingkatkan dengan rawatan perubatan harian mereka.

Adalah kewajipan kerajaan untuk menangung keselesaan kesihatan mental dan fizikal warga emas di Malaysia. Oleh kerana itu, kerajaan patut bertanggungjawab untuk meningkatankan peruntukan bagi warga emas dan rumah orang tua.

Kerajaan juga harus memberikan bantuan perubatan kepada orang-orang tua dengan menghantar doktor dan jururawat yang terlatih khususnya untuk menjalankan rawatan di rumah orang tua secara teratur.

Pada bulan Julai tahun lalu, sebuah laporan Starprobe telah membawa kepada pengetahuan masyarakat bahawa peningkatan bilangan warga emas yang dihantar atau boleh dikatakan dibuang ke hospital dan terbiar di jalan raya.Walaubagaimanapun kerajaan mempunyai kewajipan untuk menghentikan tindakan kejam seperti ini yang dilakukan kepada warga emas. Janganlah masalah ini menjadi masalah yang serius dan mengkhawatirkan masyarakat.

Di Singapura terdapat undang-undang di bawah Akta Penjagaan Orang Tua 1996 yang boleh membawa hukuman penjara sehingga enam bulan jika anak-anak mereka membiarkan orang tuanya. Malaysia harus mengimplimentasikan undang-undang seperti ini supaya dapat mengurangkan masalah ini berlanjutan.

Kerajaan harus mempertimbangkan perkara ini dari segi perundangan dan kewangan untuk membantu individu daripada menghantar ibubapa mereka ke rumah orang tua0Bagi mereka yang meninggalkan orang tua mereka di hospital atau di Jalanraya, mereka dihukum dengan menghantar mereka ke penjara.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Challenge the government to hold a national referendum on restoration of local government elections.

In response to the Penang state government's historic decision to restore local council elections, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said that such a move would not necessarily enhance their services to the people.

Najib said with such elections, the local councils' focus would shift to campaigning instead of providing and enhancing services to the people.

I am not surprised that the Prime Minister has rejected the call to restore local council elections as restoration of such elections has not been the BN's election pledge since the suspension and ultimate abolition of the elections by the Alliance government.

I am surprised though that he has used the laughable excuse of " focus on politicking" and " services not enhanced".

I believe that the real reason is simply because BN fears losing the majority of the local government if election is allowed. This was the same reason why the Alliance government did not honour its promise to hold local elections after the end of the Malaya-Indonesia confrontation.

Although there have been excuses that local government election will incur cost, time and even involve politicking, these are not valid and acceptable reasons. If such excuses can be accepted, they too can apply to state government or even federal government election!

Local government is a very important level of government in a democracy and there is no justification whatsoever not to allow the people the right to elect who should run their local government

In fact, the abolition of local council elections in the early seventies has resulted in many inefficient and unresponsive local councils which are not transparent and accountable in their policy formation, decision and implementation.

Since taking over the office of Prime Minister, Najib has vowed to bring about reforms and he has mentioned many times the government's slogan is " Rakyat Di Dahulukan" .

But is he walking the talk if he is not prepared to respect the people's democratic right to choose their local government?

I have no doubt that majority of Malaysians want the restoration of their right to elect their local government. I therefore challenge the Prime Minister to hold a national referendum and let the people decide on whether local government election should be restored.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How many BN politicians have truly embraced and are committed to the 1 Malaysia concept?

The MP for Tambun and Second Finance Minister Datuk Datuk Ahmad Husni Mohd Hanadzlah has always been known as a rational and moderate Umno politician.

In Parliament, his is always viewed as one who is interested in intellectual debates on issues.He is also not one who will harp on political rhetorics . He does not engage in shouting matches in Parliament chamber.

It has therefore come as a shock to many that he was reported to have uttered racist remark on March 5 while attending a dinner organized by the Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce .

Newspapers reports said that he had uttered "“Kalau orang Cina di Pulau Pinang buli kita, kita lawan balik orang Cina” .

The only probable reason I can think of as to why he could have made such offensive, racist remark was because he wanted to play to the gallery at the dinner function.

Nevertheless, for a moderate Umno Minister to make such a racist remark so soon after Datuk Nasir Safar had to resign as the special aide to the Prime Minister over his offensive remark at the 1 Malaysia seminar in Malacca, one begins to wonder how many BN politicians have truly embraced and are committed to the 1 Malaysia concept?

Whatever it is, Ahmad Husni should realize that his remark is totally unacceptable and he must apologise for making it.

If he is unwilling to do so , he must be prepared to face fire and even demand of his resignation as a Minister , from the Opposition MPs when Parliament convenes next week.

Monday, March 8, 2010

PR MPs' full and continued support for Anwar Ibrahim as the parliamentary opposition leader

Despite the fact that DAP now has more MPs than PKR , Anwar Ibrahim will continue to be the parliamentary opposition leader as he has the continued support from all PR MPs.

While it is true that the parliamentary opposition leader 's position has often been held by an MP from the opposition party with the largest number of MPs, the parliamentary convention and procedure is that this position will be held by a person who commands the majority support of the opposition MPs.

In fact , Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia had on March 5 said that according to the Standing Orders of the House, a person can be made Opposition Leader even if he or she did not belong to the opposition party with the most number of seats – as long as the MP commanded majority support of Opposition MPs.

Section 4A(3) of the Dewan Rakyat Standing Orders reads:

“The Leader of the Opposition means, in relation to the House, that member of the House who is presently the Leader of the group in Opposition.”

All PR MPs have expressed their full and continued confidence in Anwar's leadership and support for his continuing as the parliamentary opposition leader.

Hence, for those BN politicians who think that the PR MPs will abandon Anwar Ibrahim as the parliamentary opposition chief, they will be most disappointed.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jama­luddin had said on March 4 that allowing Anwar Ibrahim to stay on as parliamentary opposition leader was an unusual move for Pakatan Rakyat as political convention would dictate that a person from the largest oppositions party should become the opposition leader.

It is obvious that Khairy has to learn more about Parliament's Standing Orders.

Since he has touched on the subject of political convention, is it not appropriate that he should publicly explain why the Prime Minister has not followed Umno's political convention and has not till today appointed him as a minister or at least a deputy minister , by virtue of his position as Umno Youth chief?

May be Khairy is getting impatient about not being made a minister and was trying to use the opposition leader issue to openly remind the Prime Minister about the Umno's political convention.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

PR must gear up for a possible early general election

The MCA Greater Unity Plan suddenly collapsed when MCA Deputy President Dr Chua Soi Lek led 7 others to tender their resignations and cauesd fresh MCA party elections.

Chua said he did not inform the MCA President Datuk Ong Tee Keat or the Prime Minsiter earlier about his resignation.

If indeed he did not inform Ong, then it is not surprising that if Ong 's faction will now lament that the Greater Unity Plan has become the Greatest Sellout Plan!

Of course, who will seriously believe that Najib played no part in influencing Chua's resignation?

In fact, if MCA leaders are people of credibility and principle, Ong and Chua ought to have immediately resigned their party positions when they were both rejected by the MCA delegates at last year's MCA's extraordinary general assembly.

For the next 3 to 4 weeks , there will be almost daily media coverage about the upcoming MCA elections. MCA leaders seeking relection will make all kinds of speeches as to how they will champion the people's causes and how the Party election will help MCA regain credibility.

But one thing is for sure, whoever becomes the new MCA President or Deputy President, MCA is not about to change in the year of the Tiger. It will not become an aggresive tiger but will reamin as a sick cat in terms of championing the peoples interest.

After the 2008 general election where BN was rocked by the unprecedented political tsunami, Prime Minsiter Datuk Seri Najib declared that BN must change to regain the voters' support.

Has MCA changed? Yes but for the worse! It has become a party where resolutions passed by its Delegates at the Extraordinary Assembly were not even respected.

It cannot change and even with the expected Cabinet reshuffle in April, MCA 's position in the BN government will continue to be " Dang Jia Bu Dang Quan (当家不当权)", which means " In office but not in power". It was Ong Tee Keat who once coined such pharse to describe MCA's position in the BN coalition government.

When opening the DAP Pahang State Convention late last year, I had said that it could be expected that the Prime Minister Najib would dissolve the Parliament in 18 months time. However, no one should also rule out the possibility of him calling for fresh election in 12 months time.

Given the resignations of 3 PKR elected representatives , the aggressive political attacks launched against the Penang Chief Minister and the sudden turn of event that caused fresh MCA Party election, I now believe that there is a real chance that a general election may be held this year.

Najib will surely be more tempted to dissolve the Parliament by this year if BN performs well in the Sarawak state election which is expected to be held soon.

When speaking at the Teluk Intan Deepavali function on November 9 last year, I had reminded PR leaders , members and supporters never to underestimate Najib's determination and ability to regain support for BN .

Certainly when I mentioned Najib's ability, I did not forget that the PR state power in Perak was seized when he was the UMNO State Chairman for Perak.

Now BN wants the public to believe that it has nothing to do with the spate of PKR defections, I will say such attempt is just like wanting the people to believe the accusation that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is anti Malay and is communist minded.

Only the ghosts will believe the lies that we are anti Malay or are communist minded!

DAP records are for all to see. We are a multi racial party and we strive for a social democratic society. We are commiited to make this a better country for all Malaysians.

Despite the present set back and challenge faced by PKR, PKR and PR must emerge stronger in the next general election.
Let's all begin to make all out preparation for the next general election. With the people's support, we shall triumph.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PKR and Pakatan Rakyat will emerge stronger

Amidst speculation that there will be more quitting or defections of PKR MPs, PKR MP for Bagan Serai today announced his resignation from PKR.

His resignation from PKR, just like those who had quit recently , did not come as a surprise.

Undoubtedly and unfortunately, such spate of resignation will give political ammunition to the BN leaders to launch political attack against the PKR and the PR opposition coalition.

In fact, the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib yesterday commented that PKR has become Parti Kina Rebah.

In August last year, amidst the inter party spat among the PR, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had also said in Perth that Pakatan Rakyat ( PR ) was on the verge of implosion.He said that the polemics and squabbles among its component members showed PR could not last.He even estimated that PR would be history in a year or two.

In the early seventies, when DAP was rocked by defections of our elected representatives, a former Deputy Prime Minister also once predicted DAP's early demise by saying that DAP's one leg was already in the grave.

But DAP has weathered all challenges and obstacles . We are still around today, stronger than before.

We will stand by PKR and continue to support Anwar Ibrahim as the parliamentary opposition leader.

With the people's continued support for change, I believe that PKR and PR will emerge stronger in the next general elections.

36000 Malaysians jobless

Media Statement by Liew Chin Tong in Penang on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010:

Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Maznah Mazlan said on Sunday in Rompin that some 36,000 Malaysians, or 3.6 percent of the working age population, were unemployed between October 2008 and December last year.
On first glance I assumed the Deputy Minister had been misquoted, but an across-the-board referral to this quote in today’s major newspapers have affirmed this statement was made.

According to the Government's Economic Report 2009/2010, the Malaysian workforce is estimated at 12.06 million people. 3.6 percent of 12.06 million is 434,196. This is 12 times the figure quoted by the Deputy Minister.

It is difficult to see how Datuk Maznah could have so grossly misrepresented the unemployment figure. Perhaps she may have been confusing layoff and unemployment rates. In other democracies, unemployment rate matters hugely in politics.

Nevertheless, I hope the Deputy Minister will ensure that correct research into the best ways to deal with our unemployment rate, and take a serious look at other indicators including the issue of under-employment.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Why did you miss out One Policy, Mr Prime Minister?

Malaysians should accept each other as "one people, one nation with one dream", said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the Chinese New Year celebration hosted by Sin Chew and Guang Ming dailies in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

This was one way to achieve the Malaysian dream of being "united, harmonious and prosperous", he added."Since this is the dream of every Malaysian, we have to take it seriously in terms of our words, deeds and actions," he further said.

I agree that all Malaysians share the same Malaysian dream of being " united, harmonious and prosperous" and that they should accept each other as one people and one nation.

But Malaysians have also been aspiring for a just Malaysia. They have long hoped for the implementation of One Policy, that is , the implementation of just and fair policies irrespective of race , religion and class.

It is such One Policy which will make all Malaysians feel they are all truly Malaysians and ensure that they can all have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

And there can only be true fairness to all if the BN government abandons the Ketuanan Melayu concept. .

Najib should therefore walk the talk and declare the inclusion of One Policy in his 1 Malaysia concept as well as the endorsement of the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept proposed by the Pakatan Rakyat.