Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It is indeed a privilege for me to be given an opportunity to participate in the 2-day workshop, titled, "Introducing Gender Equality" on 27 & 28th March 2010. This workshop was conducted was organised by 3Gs (The Good Governance and Gender Equality Society, Penang) and sponsored by the Penang Government.

The aims of 3Gs had brought them forward by initiating this program to ensure that to bring about transformation for gender and social justice at all levels of society, not just by implementing gender mainstreaming policies but also by engaging in good governance principles (including competency, accountability and transparency).

By attending this workshop with my fellow comrades from DAP Ipoh Barat, I had managed to capture the aspects & factors on Gender Equality values which had been lacking by practise in our community either consciously or unconsciously. Having attended this useful workshop, it is likely a good move to organise activities and training workshops to recognise, respect and embrace diversity within our multi-ethnic and multicultural society in Perak.

DAP could also conduct leadership skills workshops to promote and concretise the policy of at least 30 percent of women in decision-making positions in all sectors in society.I would like to extend my aprreciation to YB Chong Eng (MP Bukir Mertajam), who had informed us on this program and also thank you to YB M. Kulasegaran (MP Ipoh Barat) for his undivided support & encouragement for me to attend this workshop together with my fellow comrades Sdri Carmen Yoon & Sdri A. Suganthi.

V. Shasha

The impact for the seminar on Gender Equality conducted in Paradise Beach Resort conducted by 3Gs Penang is that there are in fact many gender discrimination; conscious or unconsciously, being practiced in our community which is a multi-races, religion and culture in the country.

As a DAP woman who is having the opportunity to be exposed to this seminar I would say I am a lucky one but I do hope that the rest of my fellow ladies in Perak will have the same opportunity to receive the same; and yet, my fellow guys, to sit for the seminar as gender equality not only a matter of women but for both genders.

As such, may I raise my wish to the state committee to work with 3Gs Penang in order to organise another set of seminar for same in Perak State; that would benefit both genders to understand gender equality in depth.


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