Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Minister should make a Ministerial Statement in Parliament on the IGP’s allegation of third party’s interference in police work

In an interview published in Utusan Malaysia’s Sunday edition Mingguan Malaysia, Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan revealed the presence of a ‘third party’ that is making demands on the police force.

He said the third party could be “pihak politik” (politicians) or “orang-orang tertentu" (certain individuals). He further said that the efforts at putting pressure on the Royal Malaysian Police Force (RMP) may derive from being uncomfortable with orders that he had given.

“So there have been some orders issued directly to officers under me without the knowledge of the top management (of the police force),” said Musa in Mingguan Malaysia.

The IGP has made very serious allegation which cannot be taken lightly by the government.

The police force is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the people’s life and property and the society’s peace and security.

Interference is therefore both wrong as well as dangerous.

When one reads IGP’s revelation, it is obvious that he was talking about ‘third party ‘interference into chain of command of top police officers.

For the nation’s top cop to have to resort to publicly revealing such interference, the ‘ third party’ must be very powerful or influential person/s.

The Home Minister cannot keep silent as IGP’s public revelation is serious and shocking and will erode public confidence in the operation of the police force.

Datuk Hishammuddin should make a Ministerial Statement on the issue in Parliament.

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