Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan should resign or his contract should be terminated - 30/04/2010

When commenting on criticisms hurled against the police after the shooting of Aminulrasyid Amzah, Inspector General of Police ( IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan was quoted yesterday to say “If people do not want the law to be enforced, then I shall instruct my men to refrain from stopping cars or from going after illegal racers” .

He also questioned if it was okay for culprits to do whatever they wanted while police simply sat back and did nothing.

IGP's outburst has shown that he does not understand the public concern and outrage at the latest incident of death caused by police shooting.

Monday incident which happened in Shah Alam was not the first incident where death had happened as a result of police shooting. Neither was the Monday incident the first or the only case where the victims' families did not accept the official version of shootings given by the police.

According to one report, there were 44 and 39 deaths caused by police shooting in 2008 and 2009 respectively. The families of some victims had openly questioned and condemned the police over their trigger happy behavior.

In fact, in November last year, I had even moved an emergency motion in Parliament following public outrage over the Klang shoot out where five Indian men died in a police shoot out . Unfortunately, my motion was rejected by the Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi.

As the nation' s number one police officer, Tan Sri Musa must understand and accept public concern, outrage and criticisms over deaths caused by trigger happy police.

With his threat to call the police off the streets, it is obvious that Tan Sri Musa Hassan has overstayed his welcome and he should therefore tender his resignation as the nation's top cop or his contract should be terminated.

Call for thorough and independent probe into police shootings which caused the deaths of 14-year-old Form III student Aminulrasyid Hamzah and others.


There have been quite a number of public allegations against police shootings in the past. Public have been very concerned about the alleged trigger happy behavior of the police.

In November last year, I had moved an emergency motion in Parliament to conduct a public inquiry on the Klang shoot out where five Indian men were killed. The police had claimed they were suspected gang members.

Unfortunately, my motion was rejected by the Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.

Three days ago, 14-year-old Form III student Aminulrasyid Hamzah became the latest fatal victim of trigger-happy police shooting.

The official police version of the shooting/killing of Aminul has been challenged by the family , just like in many past cases of deaths caused by police shooting.

In the Klang shoot out incident, I had raised the question as to why the police could not capture the suspects and bring them to court instead of shooting them. Many Malaysians too asked the same question.

Today, more Malaysians are asking why was there a need for the Police to open fire at Aminulrasyid . More Malaysians are also concerned and outraged at the trigger happy behaviour of the police.

It is time that we must put a stop to such trigger happy police shooting.

The government must therefore ensure that there is no cover up and must set up independent , credible Committee of Inquiry to conduct thorough probe into the incident.

Additionally, the Federal government must also set up another similar Committee of Inquiry to investigate into all past complaints of deaths caused by police shootings.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

MIC President Dato Seri Samy Vellu should answer three key questions on MAIKA

Maika Holdings Bhd, the brainchild of SamyVellu the MIC President., was formed in 1982

Samy was able to raise over RM100 million for the company with assurances that MAIKA would be able to pay handsome dividends annually and would be an effective vehicle to uplift the economy of the Indian community.

But the assurances and promises made by Samy have remained unfulfilled and the Indian community who invested in MAIKA feels cheated and let down.

After Samy's defeat in the 2008 elections, he admitted the Indian community voted against BN due to MAIKA's failure to deliver as he had promised. But still there has been no concrete solution from him since.

For the last 3 years, MAIKA which is a public company did not have its annual AGM. No reason has been given to date for this failure.

Generally over the years some who have questioned MAIKA's failure have been physically dealt with.

In 2006, I attended its AGM held in Kuala Lumpur and raised the issue of Samy's involvement in MAIKA.

I was assaulted. A police report was lodged but no action was taken.With over 20 percent of Indians voters in Hulu Selangor, BN knows very well that Samy's MAIKA fiasco has to be settled or they will have to face the possibility of Indian voters punishing BN.

Announcement has been made that a new flagship-G Team Resources will buy MAIKA shares at 80 sen per share.

Samy thanked the Government for clinching and making this deal a reality. Apparently the Task Force set up by the Cabinet Committee to address Indian issue has been the main player in bringing about this deal.

The only tangible and golden asset of MAIKA is Oriental Capital Assurance where MAIKA has a 74.6 % stake and a piece of land worth RM 10million and a cash balance of RM 6million.

In 1982 a RM1000 is now at least worth RM10,000( taking into account inflation and interest). Why should the Indian community sacrifice their hard earned money for MIC and Samy foolishness and negligence by taking back what they have invested in MAIKA?

How come Samy promised in 2007 that MAIKA can returned for each ringgit(RM1) a ringgit and thirty sen(RM1.30)?

Despite the announcement, Samy should answer three key questions on MAIKA:-1) why has MAIKA failed to achieve the purposes it was formed?

2) Why the TELEKOM shares which were meant for MAIKA never reached MAIKA? Whom and why were the shares diverted to? Can Samy deny that if the TELEKOM shares had reached MAIKA and not diverted to organizations connected to him, a whooping RM100mil should have benefited MAIKA?

3) In 1982, the Indians had United Asian Bank as an Malaysian Indian's Bank. This was later merged with Bank Of Commerce and the identity as an Indian Bank has been lost.

Now the crown jewl of MAIKA an Insurance Company known as United Oriental Assurance would be gone when MAIKA is sold. All these Indian owned assets would be wiped out when MAIKA is sold. Is this reasonable and fair to the Indian community?

Lastly, I call on the Federal Government to set up an Inquiry Committee to look into all MAIKA’s business dealings as there is widespread perception that MAIKA has been badly mismanaged and some fraud may be involved.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Can Kamalanathan be a voice of the people in Parliament when he dares not criticise PERKASA

Right-wing group Perkasa is not belligerent against non-Malays as its aim is to promote the empowerment of the Malay community, said BN's Hulu Selangor candidate P Kamalanathan.

The 44-year-old public relations manager, whose task is to convince Hulu Selangor's 34,020 - or 52.7 percent of - Malay voters of Hulu Selangor that he is their man in the upcoming by-election, said that Perkasa's role is about "empowering” the Malay race and it does not trample on the rights of other races.

"Perkasa has its own role. It is strengthening its (Malay) race, its language and its religion, and we (MIC) are also doing the same by strengthening our race, religion and language," he stressed.

"Is it wrong for me to want to memperkasakan (empower) my race and my language? Is it wrong for me to want to memperkasakan Tamil schools?" he asked
The above was part a Malaysiakini report after the portal spoke to Kamalanathan .

There is no doubt that Perkasa has come across to majority of Malaysians as a right wing and extremist group.

Perkasa's president Datuk Ibrahim Ali has also on many occasions made baseless and dangerous accusations against the Opposition.

I have no doubt that if a public survey is conducted among the people as to what is their opinion of Perkasa, the result will be an overwhelming disapproval and rejection of Perkasa's policies,speeches and politics.

Yet in the crucial Hulu Selangor by election , BN has fielded a young MIC politician who not only does not criticise Perkasa, but has even defended Perkasa.

If Kamalanathan does not have the courage to call a spade a spade and denounce Perkasa's extreme and right wing politics, can the Hulu Selangor voters expect him to be a voice of the people in the Parliament?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

SJKT Ladang Escot finally gets Tenaga Nasional electricity because of Hulu Selangor by election.

Two days ago, I have moved a parliamentary motion to cut RM 10 from the additional supplementary expenditures requested by the Ministry of Education.

I have made the proposal as a way to censure the Education Minister and the BN government for their neglect of Tamil primary schools, in particular, SJKT Ladang Escot, Ulu Behrang.

Despite the fact the nation has achieved Merdeka since 1957 and that the Prime Minister has recently declared that Malaysia will become a high income economy and developed nation in 10 years time, SJKT Ladang Escot has been without Tenaga Nasional electricity supply since its existence in 1940.

While the BN government has always liked the people to believe that the schools which are still without supply of Tenaga Nasional electricity are those located in the deep interior of Sabah or Sarawak, SJKT Ladang Essot is here in West Malaysia, and is only located about 300m from the Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur main road and the Universiti Pelajaran Sultan Idris campus.

The school is run with a generator and the diesel is supplied by the PIBG. Monthly the expenses come to about RM 300.

Since there is no electricity supply, the teachers can’t use computers to teach Science subjects and the students can’t use computers.

The generator is so noisy and this affects the students’ concentration to study.
After such long neglect, the BN government has suddenly woken up and I have been informed by the school’s PIBG Chairman this morning that the BN government has agreed to solve the school’s plight and Tenaga Nasional workers have started the work of laying of cables this morning.

I have no doubt that the school, being located in the constituency of Hulu Selangor, must thank the by election for such positive development.

If it were not for the Hulu Selangor by election where every vote counts, I believe the BN government will continue to take the people for granted and the school will continue to go on without supply of electricity from Tenaga Nasional.

Be that as it may, I must remind the BN government that the long standing land issue faced by the school must be resolved or at least there must be a concrete commitment from the Federal government to resolve the issue within three months, no matter which party wins in the Hulu Selangor by election.

The school was once asked to vacate its premises by the previous owner and the present owner, FG Manufacturing, has also in 2006 told the school to do the same.
The BN government must either allocate an alternative place for the school or acquire the present piece of land so as to solve land issue once and for all.

Lastly, I wish to remind the BN government not to take the people’s support for granted and only resolve their plight when election or by election arrives.

The people have eyes to see and they will not cast their votes for a government which has taken them and their support for granted for such a long time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Speech by M.Kula, MP Ipoh Barat while debating on the necessity to deduct RM10 from the additional supplementary estimates for Education Ministry.

Our nation has achieved Merdeka since 1957. The Barisan Nasional government and the previous Alliance governments have been in government since 1955.
It was only on March 30 this year that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib announced the New Economic Model with the aim to make Malaysia a high income economy and a developed nation.But today in Hulu Selangor, we still have a Tamil primary school which does not even have supply of electricity.
This school, SKJT Ladang Escot, Tanjung Malim, is located at about 1 km from the main road- Ipohto Kuala Lumpur (old road) and University Pelajaran Sultan Idris(UPSI) campus.The school is run with a generator and the diesel is supplied by the PIBG. Monthly the expenses come to about RM 300.
Since there is no electricity supply, the teachers can’t use computers to teach Science subjects and the students can’t use computers. The generator is so noisy and this affects the students’ concentration to study.
For so many years the school PIBG has approached the former MP for Hulu Selangor Datuk G Palanaivel on this matter but there has been no outcome. It is therefore not surprising that based on ground feedback; Palanivel was not nominated as the BN candidate in the Hulu Selangor by election.
Another issue faced by the school is the land matter.I have been given to understand that the school was asked to vacate their premises in 1995 when it was owned by Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK).When the new owner Datuk Yahaya Koming of F.G Manufacturing bought the estate in 2006, the school was once again asked to vacate their premises.
The law firm Tengku Azlina, Rao, Low & Associates who represented the present owner F.G. Manufacturing, in their latter dated 3rd October 2006, had allowed the school to be there on a temporary basis and requested the school to find alternate site as soon as possible.
Dato K.Sivalingam the then EXCO of Selangor State in a letter dated 18th December 2006 addressed to the lawyers informed that the Selangor State EXCO had reaffirmed the condition that the employer/land owners must prepare 3 acres of land near the main road as replacement if the present school was asked to move.
In a meeting held on 28th December 2007,chaired by Tuan Norhisham Bin Ahmad Dahlan ,the Pegawai Daerahof Hulu Selangor to discuss the school land matter and which was attended by all the parties, the estate owner agreed to give 1 acre of land and they requested the balance 2 acres has to be discussed with the previous owner.
Why did MIC agree to 3 acres of land when it should be 6 acres?According to the Manual Garis Panduan dan Piawaian Perancangan Negeri Selangor prepared by Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa Negeri Selangor :-
For Sekolah Rendah - Keluasan Tapak Tanah -a minimum of 2.4 hectar (6 acre) of land should be allocated if the ground is flat and 3.2 hectar (8 acre) if the site is slopey.
The student per class ratio is 30-35 as per this guide line. And one school for a population of 3000-7500. But as of 2009, the school’s student per class ratio is about 50 and the size of fenced up area is only 0.5 acre.
The Prime Minister Datu Seri Najb has recently said that Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat has always been a BN stronghold which was “on loan” to Pakatan Rakyat in the 2008 general election and come April 25, Hulu Selangor must be returned to BN.
I say that the problems affected by SJKT Ladang Escot are examples of the years of neglect by the BN. It is a testimony that BN‘s pledge to bring development is only empty talkMatters not addressed by Education Ministry
1) The government allocated RM130m, as part of the two stimulus packages, to build 133 Tamil Schools.
All these school building are to have been completed by December 2009. How many of these schools have gotten their building? Many haven’t yet. Why not?
2) Around 70% of Tamil Schools are located in plantations; whereas 70% of Indian parents live in urban areas. There is a great need to relocate Tamil Schools in rural areas suffering depopulation to more strategic urban locations.
Unfortunately, Ministry of Education is slow in allowing Tamil Schools to relocate. In Selangor, the State Government has already allocated two pieces of land in urban areas for Tamil Schools to relocate. Why nothing has been done?
3) The Education Act 1996 requires all National Type Schools (i.e. all Tamil Schools) to have board of governors. However, only around 10% of the schools currently boards. Moreover, the state school registrars regularly discourage Tamil School Headmasters from having school boards.
What steps has the MOE taken to ensure every national type school has a school board?
4) The National Curriculum requires every Malaysian child to receive early childhood education. However, the Ministry of Education only has around 160 preschool classrooms catering to 4,000 children (10% of the total). What steps has MOE taken to rapidly increase these numbers?
Why not work with private providers to ensure every Tamil School child receives early childhood education?
Hulu Selangor voters must not only reject BN on April 25, Parliament must today vote to cut by RM 10 from the expenditure requested by the Ministry of Education to censure the Education Minister and the BN government for neglecting SJKT Ladang Escot to the extent that it has been without the supply of electricity till today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Speaker Issues Stern Warning To Pasir Salak MP

KUALA LUMPUR, April 13 (Bernama) -- Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia on Tuesday issued a stern warning to Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) for threatening fellow member of parliament M. Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh Barat).Pandikar Amin said he had called up the two MPs and asked them to explain the incident."As a speaker, I have issued a stern warning to the Pasir Salak MP to no longer disturb the Ipoh Barat MP," he said after question time in the Dewan Rakyat.Kulasegaran claimed on Thursday that Tajuddin had threatened to assault him at parliament lobby for having allegedly tarnished his name.Tajuddin claimed that Kulasegaran had been using his blog to spread lies and tarnish his name.Pandikar Amin said during the meeting, he had advised both MPs to take into account the integrity of parliament in their actions."I thank Ipoh Barat MP for accepting my view positively and he agreed not to demand that Pasir Salak MP be referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee," he said.He also urged members to maintain decorum at all times.Pandikar Amin also said he received a letter from Datuk Ibrahim Ali (Independent-Pasir Mas) who wanted to refer Saifuddin Nasution Ismail (PKR-Machang) to the Rights and Privileges Committee for claiming that he (Ibrahim) owned shares in gambling-related companies."I have not called up both MPs but I would like to call for cooperation from all members to not simply hurl accusations which can hurt the feelings of other members," he said.Meanwhile, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said the Dewan Rakyat speaker had the right to issue a warning to Tajuddin for threatening a fellow MP.He said the speaker had the right to reprimand anyone who had gone overboard and was only doing his duty, without favour to any party.Meanwhile, Tajuddin when met, said he was ready for any action."It's not a contempt against him (Pandikar Amin) but it's not fair to censure me for no reason," he said.Tajuddin, who was not in the Dewan Rakyat when the warning was issued, said he could not accept the warning as he felt that he had done nothing wrong."I did not threaten (Kulasegaran). I warned him to watch his mouth. Democracy is not a licence for anyone to malign others," he said.Tajuddin said he had explained to Pandikar Amin what transpired on Thursday but was not told that he would be issued a warning.He added that there were many other members of the house who deserved similar warning.-- BERNAMA

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MP for Pasir Salak runs "amok" again!

I have received many calls since last week from concerned comrades, friends and supporters as to what happened between the Pasir Salak MP YB Tajuddin and my self.

On Thursday 8thApril10 at about 11.20am, I was at the Parliament lobby when Tajuddin suddenly approached me and started hurling abuses.
He said his “good name” had been tarnished by me in my blog.

I retorted if that if it was so, he should either sue me or lodge a police report.

He said he was not bothered and unless I refrained from tarnishing his name, he would punch me and further send people to my area to beat me up.

It was just then that Senator Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon was coming out of the Dewan when Tajuddin continued to be abusive and Tajuddin said the DAP MP’s are like monkeys running mad! Will Koh who heard part of the abuse confirm it?

I immediately entered the Dewan and brought to the notice of the Speaker of the unbecoming conduct of Tajuddin and asked for an inquiry to be conducted on the issue.

I am still waiting for the Speaker to investigate and revert back to the House.

I was perplexed by the acts of Tajuddin. I felt insecure, disturbed and threatened by the actions and words of Tajuddin.

After the event, Tajudin had publicly explained that he “had scolded me for being irresponsible in my statements made in my blog. He further said that he obtained information that I had used my blog to make irresponsible statements and that I had apparently mentioned that he is a racist.

I would like to state that all the allegations made by Tajuddin are unfounded and baseless. I am steadfast in my stand in that I have done no wrong against the Tajuddin.

His outburst was related to an issue which happened last year while debating in Parliament. He had uttered unparliamentary words against me and had even referred to me as a “bastard”.

His shameful behavior was recorded in the Hansard- verbatim records of Parliamentary meetings

If one visits my blog , one can see if there is anything defamatory I have written about the great Tajuddin.
Beside the above events, Tajuddin had caused other ruckus in Parliament and in the Perak State assembly.

In 2005, a police report was lodged by DAP state Assemblyman Nga Kor Meng against Tajuddin who had threatened him in the state assembly of Perak.

Last Wednesday Tajuddin had made false allegations against Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang. He alleged that Guan Eng had made frequent trips to Singapore to sell state secrets.

Tajuddin also alleged that Kit Siang was formerly working for Singapore ’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Both these allegations are unfounded and preposterous. But Tajuddin was not referred to the Privileges committee as BN has a majority in Parliament.
Tajuddin’s unbecoming, shameful and irresponsible conduct has tarnished the image of Parliament.

In fact, instead of making false accusation that his name has been tarnished, he should realize that he himself has tarnished his own name by his own conduct and that of UMNO and BN.

I urge the Dewan Speaker and the Prime Minister to view seriously Tajuddin’s unbecoming conduct and in the name of dignity of Parliament, take appropriate action against him.

If G. Palanivelu is not chosen to contest the Hulu Selangor seat, both Samy and Palanivel should do the honourable act of quiting their positions

Speculation is rife that MIC deputy president Datuk G Palanivel may not be fielded as the BN candidate for the upcoming Hulu Selangor.

MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu had proposed that MIC deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel be fielded as the BN candidate for the seat.Palanivel was the MP for Hulu Selangor for four terms since 1990 before he lost the seat in the general election in 2008.

There were earlier media reports that MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu had proposed Palanivel be fielded an that was the sole candidate proposed.

Palanivel was the MP for Hulu Selangor for four terms since 1990 before he lost the seat in the general election in 2008. He is now the number 2 in the MIC and the likely successor to Samy Vellu.

Hence if Palanivel cannot be chosen to contest the Hulu Selangor seat, both Samy Vellu and Palanivel should do the honour thing and quit their positions.

How could they continue to cling on to their positions if both are considered political liabilities by the BN itself?

At last year's MIC Congress, the Prime Minister had commented that a leader must not only be popular within the party but must be so among the people.

Samy obviously knew he was the target of the message and had immediately responded to Najib's comments..He retorted that in the 2008 general election , the Indian community was fed up with Barisan Nasional (BN ), and not him.

last year, the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir had also said that he was worried that the people’s support for the BN would erode and the coalition would be the victim because Samy Vellu was still leading the MIC.

No president of a BN component party was ever dealt such open and political humiliation.

It will be a further insult to Samy and MIC if the number 2 man in MIC proposed by him is also considered a political liability and therefore unsuitable to be fielded as BN candidate in a seat where he has served as the elected representative for 18 years.

So Samy and Palanivel must be prepared to quit their positions if they don't want themselves and their party to suffer any further political humiliation. .

Friday, April 9, 2010

MP Pasir Salak taking the law onto his own hands?

YB Pasir Salak uttered Bastard to Kula

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Bernam news:

Parliament: Kulasegaran Claims Tajuddin Threatened Him With AssaultBy: Ramjit-->

KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 (Bernama) -- Ipoh Barat Member of Parliament (MP) M. Kulasegaran of the DAP claimed on Thursday that Pasir Salak MP Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman had threatened to assault him at the Parliament lobby for having allegedly tarnished his name.Kulasegaran asked Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia to initiate an inquiry into the alleged threat.

"Fifteen minutes ago, when I was outside the house, (the MP for) Pasir Salak criticised me and wanted to assault me, saying that I had tarnished his good name.

"He warned me that if I do not stop (tarnishing his good name), he will send people to my area to assault me," he said soon after the house had completed discussing the uproar yesterday over the matter of referring Datuk Mahfuz Omar (PAS-Pokok Sena) to the Rights and Privileges Committee.

Kulasegaran asked for follow-up action to be taken, saying Tajuddin had used harsh words against him in the Dewan Rakyat last year.

Last year, Tajuddin and Kulasegaran were involved in a verbal battle and Tajuddin was criticised for having used offensive words on Kulasegaran.

Tajuddin, when asked to explain the allegation, questioned Kulasegaran's use of his blog to allegedly slander and abuse him.

"Why do I want to threaten him? I just scolded him for being just irresponsible in his statements.

I was informed that he uses his blog to make all kinds of accusations against me," he told reporters.

Tajuddin said Kulasegaran, in his blog, had accused him of being uncivilised and a racist, and many other things.

"I had remained silent all this while regarding all the stupid statements he had made in his blog.

Just now, when I met him, I said to him, let's stop all this nonsense.

If you want to make a statement in the blog, you say it with responsibility," he said.

He said that accusing, abusing or slandering someone on a blog created a negative perception of that person.

"Some people who are savvy at blogging, can reply (to such accusations, abuse and slander), but what happens to those who are not?

"You are creating a negative image or perception against that individual for no reason.

I just told him not to use his blog as he wishes," he said.-- BERNAMA

MAKKAL OSAI - 09/04/2010 -->

08/04/2010 - What is new and different about the new Inter Faith Committee compared to the previous Inter Religious Committee?

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon announced yesterday that the Cabinet has agreed to the setting up of an Inter Faith Panel headed by former Member of Parliament Datuk Ilani Ishak.

Koh stressed that the Committee was not a rigid structure but merely a framework to provide for interaction and exchange of ideas.Koh also revealed that the idea for the Committee was proposed in January and Ilani was asked to put in place a structure, which was accepted by the Cabinet in January.

However, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom said the government-initiated Committee had been in operation for some time.

Two questions have arisen out of Koh's announcement.

Firstly, why is the government so reluctant in forming a formal Inter Faith Commission with powers and responsibilities to receive and investigate religious complaints and issues as well as to resolve religious conflict?

Secondly, what is new and different about this new Inter Faith Committee compared to the previous Inter Religious Committee ?

In January this year, the former president of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism, Datuk Vaithilingam revealed that the Inter Religious committee had not met for a year.

He had urged the Prime Minister to ask the Minister in charge of national unity to reconvene the Committee.

Koh should explain why the Committee did not meet for such a long time and why it had also failed to help resolve the Allah controversy before it became a Court battle ?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

03/04/2010 - Pakatan Rakyat is more than happy to fight the partnership of Perkasa and the BN in the Hulu Selangor by election.

It was shocking enough that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak himself had on April come out to defend his deputy's declaration that he considered himself " a Malay first".

In an interview aired on satellite news channel Al Jazeera last night, Najib shocked Malaysians by saying that Malay rights group Perkasa is “not so extreme' that it cannot be accommodated by the Umno-led government.

The sheer act of Perkasa president raising the keris at its recent meeting is enough for Malaysians to label Perkasa as extreme, yet the Prime Minster did not seem to see it.

It is either Najib was being cautious not to offend Perkasa or he was just ignorant of what Malaysians really think of Perkasa.

In the latest opinion survey conducted by Merdeka Centre, it was reveled that while some 31% of Malaysians placed their trust in Najib, only 22% of Malaysians trusted in Umno.

The survey showed that Najib had earned the trust of 51% of Indians and 46% of Chinese, compared to the 13% and 6% respectively earned by Umno.

I therefore suggest Umno to commission Merdeka Centre to conduct a public opinion poll on the approval ratings of Perkasa among all Malaysians.

There will be no doubt that Perkasa will fare worse than Umno.

And If Najib really thinks Perkasa can be accepted by Malaysians , I also suggest that Umno should get Perkasa to campaign for the BN candidate on its platform in the upcoming Hulu Selangor by election.

Pakatan Rakyat is more than happy to fight the partnership of Perkasa and the BN in the by election.

All 214 students who scored A+ in all subjects in the 2009 SPM examination should be automatic recipients of the National Scholarship

Last year, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the government would create a special scholarship called Biasiswa Nasional (National Scholarship) under the Public Service Department (JPA) based totally on merit.

He said the scholarships would be given to the best qualified students irrespective of race, in line with the Education Ministry's decision to review the award of government scholarships."Only the best will be get the scholarships.

It is the government wish to place people first. We must consider the people's interest," he said .

Last week, it was announced that a total of 30 students have been awarded the National Scholarship.

Two days ago, DAP MP for Bukit Mertajam Sdri Chong Eng highlighted the plight of Edwina Tang Choi Wern, a top SPM scorer who was not awarded the above scholarship despite having scored A+ in all the 13 SPM subjects which she sat for.

When the SPM results were announced, it was reported that she was the best performer from Pulau Pinang.

In response to media query, the deputy Minister of Education Datuk Wee Ka Siong revealed that MCA Youth had also received complaints from top scorers who failed to receive the National Scholarship.

He said the 4 complaints comprised one student who scored 17 A+, One 14A+ and two 13A+.

The new grading of A-, A and A+ was introduced for 2009 SPM results to make it easier for identifying the cream of the cream. A student who scores A+ in all subjects can now be considered the top cream.

Why then cant all these students who have scored A+ in all SPM subjects be awarded the National Scholarship? Why is it that the government has decided to cap the number at 30?

Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday that the Public Service Department (PSD) would offer scholarships to 1,500 top SPM students to further their studies abroad up to their first degree.

Since in the 2009 SPM results, 214 students have scored all A+ . I can see no logic why these 214 students cannot be given the National Scholarship automatically.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hindu wife to keep children

By Jaspal Singh
IPOH: The High Court disallowed an application by a Muslim-convert husband to obtain a stay against the custody order granted by the same court to his estranged Hindu wife last month.
Giving her ruling in chambers yesterday, judge Datuk Wan Afrah Wan Ibrahim decided that there were no special circumstances which warranted a stay of the custody order of the three children she had given in favour of Indira Gandhi.On March 11, Wan Afrah ruled that Indira was not a Muslim and therefore was not bound by the Syariah Court's decision granting custody of the three children to her estranged husband Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah. The judge also ruled that it was in the children's best interest for them to be in the care of their mother, especially since the youngest child was below seven and the two older children were under 21. She decided that the custody of the couple's three children -- Tevi Darsiny, 13, Karan Dinish, 12, and Prasana Diksa, 23-month-old -- be given to the 35-year-old kindergarten teacher.

Yesterday, Wan Afrah upheld her own decision and refused to grant a stay to Ridzuan despite him pleading that he was appealing to the Court of Appeal to overturn the High Court's decision on March 11.Indira's counsel M. Kulasegaran said yesterday's decision meant that the custody matter was over at the High Court level."However, if the father (Ridzuan) is dissatisfied, he has to appeal to the Court of Appeal," he said after leaving court.Of the three children, only Prasana is still with her father after he took her away last April. The other two are with their mother. Kulasegaran said Ridzuan must return the child to Indira even if he wants to appeal against the stay decision.

"If he fails to do so we will initiate contempt proceedings and he will face the prospect of a jail term." Indira said she was very happy with the court's decision."I hope he (Ridzuan) abides by the decision and surrenders Prasana to me.

Her birthday is coming up on April 8. She will be two. I want to hold her and shower her with kisses." She said the family had prepared a birthday bash for Prasana and were waiting for her estranged husband, whose Hindu name was K. Patmanathan, to hand over the child.
Ridzuan was not present at the court and neither was Prasana.

However, Ridzuan's counsel Mohammad Faizal Che Yusof said his client had filed an appeal challenging the custody order.He, however, claimed ignorance when asked about the location of Ridzuan and Prasana.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PM and DPM have proven that they cannot walk the talk on 1 Malaysia concept.

The 1Malaysia Government Transformation Programme Roadmap has described the goal of 1Malaysia as – “to make Malaysia ….a greater nation: a nation where, it is hoped, every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second and where the principles of 1Malaysia are woven into the economic, political and social fabric of society”.

Malaysians were therefore shocked when the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said " "I am Malay first, but being Malay doesn't mean I am not Malaysian,"

If he is committed to the 1Malaysia concept, he should declare that he is Malaysian first and Malay second.

Does not he realise that the Malays, Chinese and Indians , Kadazans, Ibans, Orang Asli and all other races can feel proud to be their own races, but they must always be Malaysians first.

Similarly , there is nothing wrong for any race to fight for their rights, but they must always put themselves first as Malaysians .

It is even more shocking that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak himself has today come out to defend his deputy's declaration that he considered himself " a Malay first".

When the special aide to the Prime Minister, Datuk Nasir Safar made the derogatory , offensive racial remarks in the recent 1 Malaysia seminar in Melaka , questions have been raised as to whether the 1 Malaysia concept actually receives the total and sincere support from the BN and government leaders.

With the top two government leaders saying that there is nothing wrong for Malaysians not to put themselves as Malaysians first , it is obvious that they cannot walk the talk on the concept.

It is also now clearly proven that the 1 Malaysia concept is just a political propaganda designed to hoodwink the voters