Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MP for Pasir Salak runs "amok" again!

I have received many calls since last week from concerned comrades, friends and supporters as to what happened between the Pasir Salak MP YB Tajuddin and my self.

On Thursday 8thApril10 at about 11.20am, I was at the Parliament lobby when Tajuddin suddenly approached me and started hurling abuses.
He said his “good name” had been tarnished by me in my blog.

I retorted if that if it was so, he should either sue me or lodge a police report.

He said he was not bothered and unless I refrained from tarnishing his name, he would punch me and further send people to my area to beat me up.

It was just then that Senator Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon was coming out of the Dewan when Tajuddin continued to be abusive and Tajuddin said the DAP MP’s are like monkeys running mad! Will Koh who heard part of the abuse confirm it?

I immediately entered the Dewan and brought to the notice of the Speaker of the unbecoming conduct of Tajuddin and asked for an inquiry to be conducted on the issue.

I am still waiting for the Speaker to investigate and revert back to the House.

I was perplexed by the acts of Tajuddin. I felt insecure, disturbed and threatened by the actions and words of Tajuddin.

After the event, Tajudin had publicly explained that he “had scolded me for being irresponsible in my statements made in my blog. He further said that he obtained information that I had used my blog to make irresponsible statements and that I had apparently mentioned that he is a racist.

I would like to state that all the allegations made by Tajuddin are unfounded and baseless. I am steadfast in my stand in that I have done no wrong against the Tajuddin.

His outburst was related to an issue which happened last year while debating in Parliament. He had uttered unparliamentary words against me and had even referred to me as a “bastard”.

His shameful behavior was recorded in the Hansard- verbatim records of Parliamentary meetings

If one visits my blog http://www.ipohbaratvoice.blogspot.com/ , one can see if there is anything defamatory I have written about the great Tajuddin.
Beside the above events, Tajuddin had caused other ruckus in Parliament and in the Perak State assembly.

In 2005, a police report was lodged by DAP state Assemblyman Nga Kor Meng against Tajuddin who had threatened him in the state assembly of Perak.

Last Wednesday Tajuddin had made false allegations against Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang. He alleged that Guan Eng had made frequent trips to Singapore to sell state secrets.

Tajuddin also alleged that Kit Siang was formerly working for Singapore ’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Both these allegations are unfounded and preposterous. But Tajuddin was not referred to the Privileges committee as BN has a majority in Parliament.
Tajuddin’s unbecoming, shameful and irresponsible conduct has tarnished the image of Parliament.

In fact, instead of making false accusation that his name has been tarnished, he should realize that he himself has tarnished his own name by his own conduct and that of UMNO and BN.

I urge the Dewan Speaker and the Prime Minister to view seriously Tajuddin’s unbecoming conduct and in the name of dignity of Parliament, take appropriate action against him.

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