Saturday, March 20, 2010

Parliament must bring a finality and certainty to the issues of conversions and custody of children

Indira rang me up yesterday asking me if she had any good news on the return of her last child to her. As nothing has moved since the court order last week after discussion with her, we had a press conference in DAP HQ in Ipoh today.

The following is my press statement.

M. Indira Gandhi, who was embroiled in a custody battle with her Muslim convert husband, Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah, was given custody of her 3 children by the Ipoh High Court last week.
It was indeed a most welcomed and long waited judgment for her.

Her husband had in March last year, without her consent and knowledge, converted all their three children into Muslims.

However, there was no total joy as till today, her youngest child has still not been handed over to her although Justice Wan Afrah Wan Ibrahim had ordered that Prasana Diksa be handed over immediately.

The judge had said as Indira Gandhi's two other children were with her now, it was in the family's best interest that the toddler be returned to her.

The children's father and their lawyers were in Court last week when the Judge gave the order of custody.

We have given notice to all concerned to hand over the child but one week has passed and Indira continues to suffer the pain and torment of being separated from her loving child.

In fact, she has been separated from the toddler for more than a year.

We ask that the father or anyone having custody of the child to immediately return her to the mother as failure to abide by the Judge’s order is an act of contempt. of the Court.

Yesterday Mohd Ridzuan through his lawyers served a copy of an application to stay the order made by the Judge. The application is now fixed for Hearing on 25thMarvh2010 at 8.30am the Ipoh High Court.

We would like to notify all that notwithstanding this application it is pertinent that the child should be handed to the mother at all cost.

The law and practice on children's custody and their upbringing is so uncertain now and different courts come with varying and confusing decisions.

It is the duty of Parliament to clarify and bring a finality and certainty on issues of conversions and custody of children.Why is the BN government dragging its feet with no light at the end of the tunnel? Why are they causing so much of emotional stress to families affected by conversion?
Why is there no political will by the government to resolve this issue?Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world yet it has no similar conversion problems. We should ask why we have such problems here?

We urge the BN component parties to prevail on the government to legislate laws which will bring certainty to all Malaysians when a conversion to another faith takes place

M.Kula Segaran

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