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Senators lounge fight who started it?

A good write up in MalaysiaKini
Senators lounge fight - BN MPs started it
Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan Jun 11, 10 1:32pm
This is about the report published by
Malaysiakini MPs clash in Senate lounge.
The commotion was started by the BN MPs. Otherwise the meeting was peaceful and orderly. They claimed they went in to take food, to discuss etc. They are lying. They went there to smoke. They said the meeting was illegal, but Parliament officially sanctioned it. Earlier, I had only heard but that day I saw for myself the gangster-like intimidating attitude, arrogance and misbehavior of BN Mps. It is also not true that they were rudely chased away. All the Pakatan MPs and NGO leaders were seen pleading to them to ‘please leave’ and let them have their meeting in a peaceful environment. But the BN MPs behaved very inappropriately.
Bung Mokhtar was shouting that there was no security but the Parliament security was there and the meeting was legal, peaceful, and sanctioned, so why should they interfere? The unruly behaviour and the commotion were created by BN MPs, nobody else. All the accusations by Bung Mokhtar are not true and Idris Harun, despite having earlier shouting matches, still behaved better than Bung Mokhtar. If his attitude is any indication, it is a shame such characters are elected to Parliament.
I am not a member of any political party so I do not take sides. I was present in Parliament as an Aliran exco member to see meet some MP friends regarding an upcoming Aliran function in Petaling Jaya soon. While there, I was told by Ipoh Barat MP M.Kulasegaran that there is going to be a roundtable to discuss the unfair distribution of students scholarship by the government to the non-bumis So I followed another MP friend to the roundtable meeting to hear what the NGOs had to say.
A notice at the lounge entrance clearly indicated that the venue was reserved for MP M Kulasegaran for a meeting from 12 noon to 3 pm. Why the BN MPs still went in, what was their intention, only they can answer.
The meeting was very peaceful and went on in a civilised manner until about 30 minutes into the meeting and just when MP Nizar Jamaluddin (Bukit Gantang), the third speaker began to speak, four BN MPs, Bung Mokhtar (Kinabatangan), Idris Harun (Tangga Batu), Tiong Kin Sing (Bindle) and Ismail Kassim (Arau) came into the lounge seemingly to smoke and seemed surprised to find a meeting in session. I was at the back and surprised to see the BN/Umno MPs come into the lounge despite so many empty seats just outside the said lounge.
All four of them began teasing the oppsotion MPs and MP Nizar saying among others ‘Dalam Dewan tak cukup, sini mahu buat politik lagi?’ and ‘Ini semua orang busuk hati perut’ when Nizar said even ministers’ and deputy ministers’ children are also given scholarships but other deserving children better qualified are not given scholarships, this is injustice.
‘Apa bising-bising sini? Mahu cakap, masuk Dewan lah. Sudahlah’ etc. The BN MPs ridicule just intensified. When the next MP Manikavasagam’s (Kapar) turn came up, these Umno MPs began to pass their remarks a little louder. Agitated, Manikavasagam angrily among others said:
‘Ini semua panacea, Kita tidak takut dia orang, in semua celaka punya orang.’
Noticeably all the Pakatan MPs, about 10 of them, several state reps and about 50 NGO leaders were also visibly upset with the nuisance and misdemeanor of the BN MPs. Immediately hearing their comments, the BN MPs led by Idris Harun began shouting.
Several other BN MPs such as MP Lenggong Shamsul Anuar, and Rosnah Shirlin (Papar) who were seated outside, upon hearing the commotion rushed in to help their fellow BN MPs. Idris Harun kept barging in despite so many Pakatan MPs telling him, ‘This is a private meeting. Please don’t disturb our meeting. This is an important meeting, please go away. We Indians are here to seek Pakatan MPs’ help for our children’s right to scholarship. Please don’t disturb. Kalau tidak di Parlimen kami datang minta hak kami, nak pergi mana?’
But Idris kept barging in. He went to meet Lim Kit Siang who was seated in the center and said something we could not hear. By that time, the shouting match between the BN MPs and NGO leaders (not the Pakatan MPs) became very loud and noisy and a huge crowd, especially the reporters, rushed in to see the commotion.
Idris Harun was seen having a real intense shouting match with NGO leaders. Finally, Dr Kumar (Sg Siput) managed to coax him to leave the lounge. Seeing so many people, especially the reporters, the BN MPs and more BN MPs joined them outside the lounge; Bung Mokhtar, Idris Harun and Shamsul Anuar began shouting even louder and were demanding for the security to chase all the people attending the meeting out of Parliament saying ‘Ini semua orang tiada pendidikan. Ini orang daripada gua batu. Ini orang semua pengacau. Nak cakap politik, masuklah Dewan, kita jumpa sana’ etc.
Finally, the people attending the meeting were outnumbered by the security. Some were seen trying to entice the people to leave the lounge but the NGO leaders refused. Photographers were called in to take photos and video. One Parliament officer was seen calling the shots and giving instructions to the security. Finally the meeting just went on and the security closed all doors so that nobody else came into the meeting venue. The meeting was back to normal and peaceful, with about 10 more speakers taking the stand, although the BN MPs kept making noise outside.
Mainly the speakers were requesting for the Pakatan MPs to raise the unfair distribution of scholarship in Parliament. They could have taken to the streets, but they said they wanted to do it correctly through Parliament. The meeting ended on a good note with Pakatan MPs saying they will pursue the issue. Understandably, while the Pakatan MPs were at it, they spoke about the need to change the present government if the wrongs are to be corrected because they claimed, the present government was not only not listening to the cries of the general populace but was also arrogant.
Bung Mokhtar and Idris Harun’s attitude was exactly the point they had wanted to prove about PM Najib’s callous and uncaring government especially towards the non-bumi populace

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