Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Speech by M Kulasegaran , DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat, at DAP political ceramah at Malim Nawar on Friday, June 25, 2010 .

In the 1969 general election, the then Alliance coalition which consisted of 3 communal parties UMNO, MCA and MIC suffered heavy electoral losses.

The then Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak knew one way to strengthen the Alliance and kept the coalition in ruling power was to enlarge the coalition membership. Hence, the Barisan Nasional was formed in 1973.

The Alliance became a bigger family but UMNO continues to be the dominant party. All other component parties know too well that UMNO means “You must not object”. MCA, MIC, Gerakan continue to be“in office but not in power” (当家不当权—dang jia bu dang quan)

Since 1973, the Opposition had to fight a stronger ruling coalition in many unfair, unjust and dirty general elections.

But the 2008 general election saw the rise of the people power where the Malay, Chinese and Indian voters dealt BN its severest electoral blow since its formation.

When Dato Sri Najib became the new Prime Minister last year, some political analysts believed that he would employ a political tactic which his father had used—by enlarging the existing BN.

Apparently though the son wanted to borrow his father’s tactic but he did not want to be seen as a total copy cat.

So we do not see increased Barisan Nasional membership but we see the emergence a pro BN political party in Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) and the so called pro BN or pseudo independent MPs and Aduns.

I have no doubt that the people can see that through the BN’s tactic.

Come next general election , not only the MMSP which “ sounds like MIC, looks like MIC but is not the MIC” will be rejected like the MIC was in the 2008 general election, and all the pro BN and pseudo Independent MPs and Aduns will also be taught their lessons.

BN can deny that they have anything to do with Keshvinder’s resignation from the DAP. Keshvinder can give all types of excuses to justify his betrayal of the people’s trust. But the voters have eyes to see and they will not fooled.

Keshvinder had said that he quit DAP in the interest of his constituents. If that is so, he should be confident that his quitting will be welcomed by his constituents.

Then he should have the courage to appear and walkabout in Malim Nawar, instead of taking leave or hiding away.

If he has any sense of honour left, he should vacate his seat and allow a by election to be held.

It is sad indeed that some people do not have the political conviction, stamina, integrity and courage to continue their political struggle.

I wish to apologise to the DAP supporters in Malim Nawar for the political betrayal of their trust committed by Keshvinder. But rest assured that their voices for justice will be aired inside and outside the Perak State Assembly through other DAP Aduns.

Let me also assure the voters that DAP’s and Pakatan Rakyat’s battle to regain Perak state and the Federal power will not in anyway be distracted or derailed by the resignations and betrayal of Opposition MPs and Aduns since the last general election.

DAP has suffered several defections in the past. But today DAP is at our strongest.

If any BN leader thinks that such spate of defections, resignation and betrayal will weaken or even demolish the DAP and the Pakatan Raykat, they should just recall past history.

In fact, a former Alliance leader once predicted in the early seventies DAP’s political death by saying that “DAP’s one leg is already in the grave”, but with the people’s continued support and trust, and the unwavering fighting spirit of our selfless, courageous and principled leaders and members, DAP did not die and today the DAP Secretary General is the Penang Chief Minister.

Since DAP’s formation in 1966, a few DAP elected representatives had betrayed the people’s trust. But our supporters still can feel proud that DAP is the party that they can trust.

Let me assure the voters that DAP’s and Pakatan Rakyat’s battle to regain Perak state and the Federal power will not in anyway be distracted or derailed by the resignations and betrayals of several Opposition MPs and Aduns since the last general election.

Come next general election, let’s make all the “political frogs” lose their candidature deposits. In fact I doub’t any of them have guts to contest the next elections. As money is their “god” all most any of the elected reps who resign from the DAP or become BN friendly would be very comfortable money wise.

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