Monday, October 19, 2009

Is 1Malaysia concept truly fairness for all, Mr Prime Minister ?

When launching 1Malaysia programme at Stadium Perak in Ipoh yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib had said , “The principle behind 1Malaysia is to create social equality and fairness for all. The concept must be meaningful, it should not be a mere rhetoric or political gimmick".

He also reiterated that he is the Prime Minister for all and no race will be left out.

What Najib said was not something new. Former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah had also said before that he was the Prime Minister for all.

Najib had also said at the recent UMNO Assembly that UMNO is not a racist party.

I will suggest that he conducts an opinion poll among non Malays on two questions. Firstly, do they think that he is the Prime Minister for all? Secondly, is UMNO a racist party?

I dare to predict that majority polled will say that the Prime Minister is not the Prime Minister for all and UMNO is a racist party.

The point that I wish to stress is that people will judge a politician by what he does , not but what he says.

The public view that UMNO is a racist party does not just happen overnight or come about because of personal prejudices or political bias.

Actions always speak louder. Therefore, if Najib wants to convince Malaysians that he is the Prime Minister for all , he has to do so through actions and not mere words or slogans. Malaysians will only believe that 1 Malaysia concept is truly fairness for all as claimed if the concept also incorporates 1 Policy.

How can there be true fairness for all if the BN government headed by him still implements policies based on racial consideration?

How can Malaysians feel "oneness " if government's policies are not colour blind?

Najib can go on declaring that his 1 Malaysia concept means One Dream, One People, One Vision and what not , but his concept can only be meaningful and truly mean fairness for all if it incorporates 1 Policy that will ensure all Malaysians can have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

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