Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Perak government legally correct, morally and politically acceptable, Mr Prime Minister?

Just when everyone thought MIC President Samy Vellu's continued clinging to power was the biggest problem of the BN component parties that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has to face, MCA 's leadership quandary is now Najib's new headache.

Despite a motion of no confidence having been passed against his leadership by MCA's Extraordinary General Assembly on October 10, MCA President Ong Tee Keat has not announced his intention to relinquish his post.

On Friday, Prime Minister Najib told the MCA that the solution to MCA’s leadership quandary must not only be legally correct but also morally and politically acceptable.
He said that the MCA must take steps based on these factors or it would never win the support of the Chinese community.

Good and sound advice indeed. Time will tell whether MCA can find the solution without Najib's interference, whether directly or indirectly, openly or from behind the scene.
On Sunday, Najib told Perak folk to accept that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) takeover of the state government earlier this year was done according to the law.

He was quoted as saying , “I hope the people will accept that the due process of law has taken place in Perak; from the formation of the government and then back to the process in court.“We will not do anything against the provisions of the law. We will follow the rules."

I want to challenge Najib to apply the three criteria that he has set for MCA leadership on the Perak situation. I also challenge him to answer these three questions:

1. Is the BN Perak government legally correct?

2. Is the BN Perak government morally acceptable?

3. Is the BN Perak government politically acceptable?

Najib has said that if MCA does not solve their problem based on the three factors of" being legally correct, morally and politically acceptable", it will never win the support of the Chinese community

Najib may have convinced himself that the Perak government is legal but he knows too well what the people think. He knows that Perak government will not win the support of the majority of Perakians as the BN Perak government do not meet the three factors. That is why until today, BN is still fearful of calling for fresh election and allowing the Perakians to decide.

Najib should not be too surprised if MCA does not accept his advice . After all, if he does not do as he preaches in the Perak case, why should MCA listen to him?

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