Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MACC Advisory Panel Members duty bound to speak without fear or favour

A Malaysiakini report has said that recently emails were sent to members of the MACC Advisory Panel to find out their opinions on adverse media comments made by panel members Tan Sri Robert Phang and Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam.

Robert Phang has today shot back in an interview, questioning the role of the Secretariat's role and intention.

He said that it was unbecoming of the Secretariat to poll the Advisory Panel members in this way. He asked if the Secretariat was trying to divide the members and pit them against each other.

Phang is right to feel humiliated and angry . In fact, I feel all members of the Advisory Panel members should feel angry at such unwarranted and unbecoming move by the secretariat. They must demand action against the person who was responsible for such action.

MACC must know that the Advisory Panels members were appointed with the aim to scrutinize MACC. If members cannot even speak their minds, how can they play their "watchdog role "effectively ?

To play their roles well , the Panel members must not only be able to speak without fear or favour at closed door meetings , they must also be able to do so publicly.

Some people at the MACC obviously have the wrong view about the role of the Panel members. They could also be people who are unable to take public criticism or who
take public criticism as being against the MACC itself.

The Prime Minister should come out publicly to declare that the Panel members are truly independent advisors who can speak publicly without fear or favour

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