Monday, August 10, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat will prove DPM's prediction wrong

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said in Perth two days ago that Pakatan Rakyat ( PR ) was on the verge of implosion.

He said that the polemics and squabbles among its component members showed PR could not last.

He even estimated that PR would be history in a year or two.

It is unfortunate that since last year's general election, PR has faced some inter party spat and differences. The BN controlled media has of course given prominent coverage on such spat and differences.

I have pointed out that such open inter party spat and differences have done damage to PR's image, even to the extent that some of our own supporters have started to worry about up the possibility that come the next general election, up to three PR state governments may fall into BN's hands. Some have wondered whether PR will last long as a coalition.

Muhyiddin was certainly talking about the perception some voters have of PR.

But I have said that I believe our ground support is still strong. I certainly don't believe that PR will not last more than 1 year or till the next general election. Yes, it cannot be denied, there are times we can’t see eye to with our coalition partners but don’t forget we are a young coalition formed just after the last general elections. PR top leaders will soon meet to work out some internal mechanism to address the grouses among the PR members.

PR must not only prove Muhyiddin's estimate wrong, we must even shock him at the next general election by performing even better than last year's general election.

In the early seventies, a former Deputy Prime Minister also once predicted DAP's early demise by saying that DAP's one leg was already in the grave. But DAP has weathered all challenges and obstacles . We are still around today, stronger than before.

I am confident that PR can weather our challenges. It is imperative that as a first step, we must stop giving public the perceptions that we are a coalition in disarray .

PR must therefore buck up and go all out from now to prepare for the next general election and aim for results which will totally shock Muhyiddin.

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