Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rest in Peace, Sdr Beng Hock

She had planned to try out her wedding gown that July weekend.They would then go ahead and register their marriage.

But he never came home after going to MACC's office to assist in an investigation as a witness.

He was not able to come home. He could not come home. He had died in a mysterious death which caused outrage in the country.

The incident was July 16 when Sdr Beng Hock was found dead.

His fiancée Cher Wei was totally shattered. His parents were devastated.

Though in shock and grief, Cher Wei bravely and publicly revealed that she was then already two months pregnant.

Such was the tragedy. A young Beng Hock lost his life and a pregnant Cher Wei lost her man who was to marry her in a wedding planned on October 3.

Till today, no one knows what is the cause of his death. Many questions remain unanswered. The Inquest has entered into 9th day of its hearing. What will be the verdict? Malaysians are anxious to know.

There was a new report yesterday that Cher Wei was formally been welcomed into the Teoh family.

She prayed to the Teoh family's ancestors and she offered tea to Beng Hock's parents. The ceremony signified that she was recognized as daughter in law of Beng Hock's parents.

Cher Wei has become a part of the Teoh family. So too for the unborn child that she is carrying.

So rest in peace, Sdr Beng Hock. Cher Wei and your unborn child will be loved and well taken care of by your parents and siblings.

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