Friday, December 6, 2019

Soft skills can determine success, along wth hard skills.

hard skills soft skills

Soft Skills are the recently focused star in the sky of every management list. Not only for employees but also freelancers, they are indispensable. The shortage of skilled workers in the IT industry means that companies are desperately looking for employees and freelancers have a busy schedule. Whether employees or freelancers, tt is essential not only to shine through talent and experience but also through social skills, to start joint projects as well as possible to grow the freelance business.

Along with the technical skills, the so-called 'hard skills' , some use these words intermittently or also called extra-specialist skills, the so-called soft skills. While hard skills describe the job-specific qualifications, soft skills are individualized and, for example, essential for a harmonious coexistence or convincing presentations. Such non-interdisciplinary skills are about personality and, unlike hard skills acquired through study or practical experience, are harder to obtain. Soft skills can determine success, both at home and at work, because they include social, personal and methodological skills that are equally important to employers, employees and the self-employed/ Freelancers.

Hard skills - it depends on technical know-how.: Hard skills are first and foremost, the technical competencies that you acquired during your studies. However, hard skills also include know-how that you have learned through training. The training, together with your additional personal qualifications, characterizes your expertise.

By putting extra effort on your training path, career and the listing of additional skills, both hard skills and soft skills will get you special attention to prospective employers. They will assess your skills and give you a valuable edge over other applicants who are looking for the same job.

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