Saturday, December 12, 2009

Write up in Malaysian Indider on Malay supremacy

DAP veep lodges report on Malay supremacy attacks
By Clara Chooi
IPOH, Dec 11 — Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, who has come under severe criticism recently for allegedly questioning "Malay supremacy" and the New Economic Policy in Parliament, lodged a police report here today against those who threatened his safety.
The national DAP vice-chairman said that he “feared” for his safety and that of his family as threats had been made against him over the issue.
He cited People's Unity Action Committee deputy chairman Ibrahim Sabri as one of the alleged perpetrators in issuing the threats, when the latter lodged a police report against him at the Shah Alam police station on Dec 8.
“Ibrahim Sabri actually threatened to 'hunt me down' and what he said might also influence some individuals to do what is wrong and unacceptable,” Kulasegaran (picture) said outside the Ipoh district police headquarters this afternoon.
He added that his report would also be against all those who had issued threats against him as well as defamed him over the same issue.
The other groups are the Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) and the Gagasan Melayu Perak (GMP).
“GPMS handed over a memorandum to me at the Parliament lobby on Dec 10. In the memorandum, among other matters, the following was stated — 'If you still continue to question Malay supremacy and refuse to apologise openly, we will take whatever action necessary to protect Malay supremacy',” said Kulasegaran.
He said that such a statement was tantamount to a threat against his person.
The GMP, on the other hand, had recently staged a small protest outside the Perak DAP headquarters and had erected a large banner bearing Kulasegaran's name urging him to go home to his “countrymen” and give up his citizenship.
Kulasegaran maintained that he had not questioned “Malay rights” but had raised the issue that the concept of “Malay supremacy” was an obstacle to racial unity in the country.
“In the first place, Malay supremacy is not enshrined in the Federal Constitution. It is a political concept propagated to serve not the Malay race but the political interest of Umno.
“It should be replaced by people's supremacy instead,” he said.
Kulasegaran added that Article 153 of the Federal Constitution encompassed “Malay rights” and not “Malay supremacy” as claimed by some parties.
“I am not questioning Malay rights. They are entitled to their rights. What I am raising is 'Malay supremacy', which is just a creation of Umno's,” he said.
He added that the people of PAS never once championed the concept of “Malay supremacy”.
“In fact, both PAS and PKR are with us on this matter,” he said.
Kulasegaran also lauded former Gerakan president Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik's recent statement calling all party members to speak out against “Malay supremacy”, even if it meant a jail term.
“According to a report in a Chinese daily, Lim said no race had the right to lord over another and therefore, there is no room for Malay, Chinese or Indian supremacy in Malaysia. He also said that any person who pushed for Malay supremacy must be an extreme racist,” he said.
Kulasegaran also urged the police to take appropriate action against those who had issued him threats.

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