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Is Malaysia heading towards a republic?

A write up in Utusan Malaysia 13thDecember09
ARKIB : 13/12/2009
Is Malaysia heading towards a republic?
Why is that the concept of Malay supremacy which no longer shouted about by the Malays, being made an issue by the DAP? Is this another ploy to cover up the shortcomings of the opposition and the coming of Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial, which Awang incline to believe?
All knows that DAP need Anwar badly to break the Malay social structure which is the backbone of the country’s strength. After attacking the National Civics Bureau (BTN), the party sparks another issue – the Malay supremacy.
The argument is still the same, that there is no justice in the so-called Malay supremacy as it treats other communities as slaves.
The DAP Vice-President, M. Kulasegaran had even pledged that he would continue to raise the issue and was not afraid of anyone.
Awang has explained time and again that the Malay supremacy has never made the Malays as masters and the non-Malays as slaves. The Malay supremacy is just a symbol and the position of the Malay rulers act as a foundation of the nation in safeguarding the interest of Islam, Malay cultures and Malay language.
The concept of Malay supremacy is based on the national constitution. Does the DAP leaders which struggle for the Malaysian Malaysia concept want to push aside the position of the Rulers and prefer to turn Malaysia into a republic?
Awang tends to believe that this is the underlying struggle of the DAP. However due to the forced circumstances that does not favour the party, many of its underlying struggle has come out to the fore.
Indications are aplenty in the systematic preparation of the DAP towards achieving a republic nation with the main target to rewrite the Constitution.
The action by another DAP leader, Nga Kor Ming questioning the hefty government’s allocation in the construction and maintenance of mosques compared with other houses of worship, is another attempt to question Islam as the official religion of the country (it is in line with other DAP leaders in opposing Malaysia being referred to as an Islamic country).
The statement by Kor Ming is nothing but extreme and totally unacceptable. The suggestion by Karpal Singh in making English as the second national language is also deplorable.
It is an attempt to weaken the Malay language as the national language, which enjoy an exclusive position in the Constitution.
Several months ago, all still remember that the Malay Rulers were ruthlessly ridiculed by the opposition leaders, a situation unprecedented in the country’s history.
On the issue of Malay supremacy, Awang find it strange why the DAP is so fearful of the concept which has been giving the best safeguard to other community.
It never happened in other countries where the majority race and backbone of the population is so generous to the minority.
Today, the real master in Malaysia is not the Malay, especially in controlling the economy. Majority of the poor and backward are the Malays in the Peninsula and the bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak.
The sacrifice of the Malays in giving the citizenship rights to non-Malays and giving way to other community to control the country’s wealth is being reciprocated with betrayal.
Just like Kulasegaran, Awang has nothing to fear any of the DAP leaders who are getting overboard in their action and throwing the political reality of the country to the wind.
Since the DAP’s action is becoming more extreme, it is suggested that Kulasegaran and Kor Ming migrate to other countries. Live there where there is no shadow of the Malay supremacy to haunt them.
He can live in India, where the religion of its core community is Hinduism which is inherently linked to the Indian sovereignty. Or he can migrate to
Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where everything is in the control of the Chinese.
It will be better if they want to live and die in the United States, Britain and Australia, where the whites are the supreme race.
But if they want to continue to live in Malaysia, Awang suggest that Kulasegaran and Kor Ming be detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) or legal actions be executed against them as done by the Singapore government towards the opposition leaders.
Leaving them free to stir up racial sentiment is dangerous and posed a high risk on the national harmony. Many of the minority leaders in other countries uphold the Constitution of the land where they live.
The United States President, Barrack Obama, as an example, defends the constitution of the US since the early stage of his involvement in politics and never veered from its foundation.
Unfortunately, the DAP leaders are none of that picture. They are too racist by taking cover behind the cry of democracy. In this context, Awang would like to ask what if the interests of other communities are being drastically questioned.
There are many matters which are seen as unjust to the Malays and bumiputeras. In the end, those who become victims are those in the majority representing the people of various races who want to live in harmony.
Failure in handling such issue will spark racial extremism. Many of the Malays are keeping silent. But that does not mean they agree. A time will come when they are running out of patient, the outcome of which will bring disaster to the country.
Awang is mixing around with the Malay at the grassroot involving all parties and can feel their overwhelming sentiment. So do not take for granted the patience and generosity of the Malays.
Does the DAP leaders like Kulasegaran and Kor Ming want to be responsible when the explosion come?

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