Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It is time that the Prime Minister must speak up.

A December 12 Malaysiakini report titled " Nazri lashes out at Malay supremacy advocates " says:-

" Premier Najib Abdul Razak concept of 1Malaysia does not subscribe to Malay supremacy which is feudalistic in nature and not inline with uniting all the races as Malaysians.

This is the clear message from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz to extremists who keep harping on the community’s supremacy for political mileage and self interest.

He said this when asked by Malaysiakini to comment on the current trend of some organisations and groups to play on the Malay supremacy theme, stirring up uneasiness, tension and fear among the other races.

This cry for blood intensified when DAP Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran described Malay supremacy and the New Economic Policy at a recent parliamentary sitting as drawbacks that went against the concept of uniting the various races under the banner of the 1Malaysia concept.

This sparked an emotional chain-reaction among various groups and organisations that lodged several police reports against Kula for questioning the special rights of Malays (read as Malay supremacy) and some even called for the revoking of his citizenship and deporting him to India.

Responding to this, Nazri said “It is their personal right to lodge such police reports but at the end of the day, this move will only be a setback for the 1Malaysia concept."

Although I do not often see eye to eye with Nazri on many issues, I must commend him for his honesty and courage in saying what is right on the question of Malay supremacy.

Actually, it is plain obvious to all that the Malay supremacy concept is not and cannot be the right recipe for forging genuine racial unity in the country.

But why are the other BN ministers keeping silent on this issue when Utusan Malaysia and its writer Awang Selamat are playing fire with the Malay supremacy controversy by making false, dangerous, seditious accusations against me and the DAP?

It is nonsensical and irresponsible for Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat to accuse me and DAP of wanting to sideline the position of the Rulers and to rewrite the Constitution.

They must not be allowed to continue with playing with fire which can cause inter racial animosity and public unrest in the country.

It is time that the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib must speak up .He must declare that Malay supremacy is not compatible with his 1 Malaysia concept.

Let Malaysians know clearly that in his 1 Malaysia concept, the way to go forward is Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which stresses that the rakyat , irrespective of race religion , are the equal masters of this beloved land.

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