Saturday, December 12, 2009

Police report made on the threats on my life

First let me thank the numerous supportes who came to the Ipoh Police Station at 12pm to give morale support to me. Immediately after the report, i gave a statement to the police for over 1hour. The contents of the police report is as follows;

Name: M. Kulasegaran
On 8thDecember while speaking to reporters in Shah Alam one Ibrahim Sabri Committee Deputy Chairman of Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Ummah (Peoples Unity Action Committee), Selangor had uttered the following words “We are giving him (M.KulaSegaran) two weeks to apologies or retract his statement or we will gather as many Malays as we can and seek him out no matter where he hides to pressure him to leave Malaysia”

2) On 9thDecember while I was at the Parliament lobby at about 11.30am Jais Abdul Karim President of Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semanjung (GPMS) handed over a memorandum dated 10thDecember09 to me. In the memorandum among other matters the following was stated “Jika Pihak YB masih terus mempersoal Ketuanan Melayu dan enggan memohon maaf secara terbuka, kami akan mengambil sebarang tindakan yang difikirkan perlu untuk mempertahankan Ketuanan Melayu”

The above statements are a threat to my personal and family safety. Request the Police to investigate the above persons and take appropriate action.

M. Kula Segaran
MP Ipoh Barat me.

My written statement for the public is as follows:
1. I shall continue to speak up without fear or favour , and true to my conscience and principles

During a supplementary question in Parliament, I had said that the Ketuanan Melayu concept and New Economic Policy remained as obstacles to racial unity in the country.

Over the last few days, a few groups have made unjustified and unreasonable public attacks, allegations and accusations against me. Police reports were also lodged against me.

To those who have accused me of questioning the Malay special rights or hurting the Malays' feelings, let me say that they should first learn to truly understand the Ketuanan Melayu concept.

The Ketuanan Melayu concept is no where to be found in the Federal Constitution.

If calling for the abandonment of Ketuanan Melayu concept can be interpreted as questioning the Malay special rights enshrined in the Constitution, ,are they going to accuse the deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin who has said that all races in the country shall enjoy equal rights and privileges as questioning the Malay special rights?

Of course, it will be ridiculous to make such an attack on the deputy prime minister for his remarks. Likewise it is an illogic to say that I have questioned the Malay special rights.

To those who have asked that I give up my citizenship or make an open apology, my reply is that the question of apology does not arise at all .

Let me reiterate that I was born here and I shall live and die here. I will never give up my citizenship.

As a Member of Parliament and a patriotic Malaysian, I shall continue to speak up without fear and favour , and true to my conscience and principles.

On December 8, Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Ummah lodged a police report against me at the Shah Alam police station.

Its deputy chairman Ibrahim Sabri has said that I should apologise in two weeks..
"If not we will go to Kulasegaran's office and ask him to do so and if continues to be defiant, we will look for him even if he hides in a hole," he was quoted to have said so to the media.

I view the few police reports lodged against me as mere tactics by misguided and emotional people out to paint me as anti Malay and hence to incite public hatred against me.

I am lodging a police report today because Ibrahim Sabri has actually threatened to "hunt me down" and what he said might also influence some individuals to do what is wrong and unacceptable .

I also wish to take this opportunity to correct an error in the Wednesday’s Bernama report. The report mistakenly said I had apologize on the Ketunanan Melayu issue, which I did not do so.

2. Prime Minister should endorse the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept

Ketuaan Melayu concept is a political concept propagated to serve not the Malay race, but the political interest of UMNO.This concept should be replaced by the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which rightly stresses the people as the masters .

To achieve genuine unity and harmony, there must exist no master and servant relationship among the people.

In fact, the Ketuanan Melayu is no longer supported or endorsed by BN component parties.

In May last year, the advisor of Gerakan , Dr Lim Keng Yaik.gave an interview and part of the tanslated media report was as follows:-

He agrees with MCA vice-president Datuk Ong Tee Keat’s recent statement that the Malay Supremacy, or “Ketuanan Melayu” creates a scenario of presumed “master and slave”, or “tuan dan hamba”

“If you are the master (tuan), then I am the slave. Although the Malays form the majority, “Ketuanan Melayu” cannot be used as a slogan as it will create hate amongst the non-Malays towards the Malays. I hope UMNO stops using the slogan, the faster the better.”

A few days ago, Dr Lim Keng Yaik has called on all party members to speak out against Malay supremacy, even if it lands them in jail.

Malaysiakini's report on what he said is as follows:-

Describing it as a 'foul word' in politics, the former cabinet minister said 'Ketuanan Melayu' or Malay supremacy should be resisted even if it is espoused by Umno."Why do you keep quiet? Are you afraid of being sent to jail?" he asked during his speech at Gerakan’s 41st anniversary dinner in Ipoh last night. "Don't worry, if you get thrown into jail, I would visit you everyday with shark fin soup," he said.According to a report in a Chinese daily, Lim said no race had the right to lord over another and therefore, there is no room for Malay, Chinese or Indian supremacy in Malaysia.The former Gerakan president stressed that if anyone pushed for Malay supremacy, then this person must be an ‘extreme racist’.

It is a test of Najib's leadership whether he will do what is right-- endorse the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which is compatible with the Bangsa Malaysia and 1 Malaysia concepts.

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