YOURSAY ‘You are not only trying to reinvent the wheel, but you are also attempting to invent a wheel with the brakes continuously applied.'

Low: 'Beefed up' EAIC better than IPCMC

your sayOdin: All parties, with the exception of the police initially and Umno Baru now, have accepted and supported the establishing of the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) as per the recommendations of a royal commission of inquiry (RCI).

You are not only trying to reinvent the wheel, but you are also attempting to invent a wheel with the brakes continuously applied, and in the process putting to nought all the time efforts and money expended on the inquiry.

Any such body as that you have in mind with the police and the prime minister or any other members of the executive sitting in it amounts to a wheel with the brakes continuously applied.

Over the last two weeks, four deaths have occurred in a police lock-up. How many more of such deaths will knock some sense into you?

Will you just forget about beefing up or revamping or whatever-ing the useless EAIC (Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission) and just get the IPCMC established.

Mushiro: Why are they so afraid of the IPCMC, which was recommended by a royal commission of inquiry?

The other 18 agencies which the EAIC can control are not of an immediate concern. Control the police first - they are the ones creating havoc.

Lexicon: It's strange how Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Paul Low claims we condemn him and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) even if they have the purest of motives.

You see, the motives mean nothing if the words and actions are as stupid and useless as Paul Low's. The EAIC is impotent and understaffed, unlike the new cabinet, which is impotent and overstaffed.

Green: Minister Low is well on his way to becoming another gallant member of the ‘Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi' group. From now on, just interpret whatever he has to say in this light and you will not be disappointed.

Harapanbaru: It's impossible to clean a dirty windshield with a greasy, soiled rag. That greasy soiled rag is called BN and anyone who joins forces with them gets instantly contaminated.

Anonymous_40c3: The IPCMC could have been formed many years ago and the problems facing Polis Di-Raja Malaysia (PDRM) could have been avoided as there would have been accountability. Sadly, it has taken so many deaths to reach this point.

LLfly: I have a problem understanding why the police can refuse to have the IPCMC when it was recommended by the RCI.

To me, this is like having a naughty child ignore his mother when she's investigating a transgression with his grandmother or father taking his side.

The mother ends up with egg on her face and from then on, can be totally ignored as it is clear that she has no power at all. Consequence: the kid does whatever he wants with no fear of repercussions.

Magnus: Speaking about "integrity" again, I see. So please allow me to go and throw up. The word "integrity" does not exist in the surreal realm of Crooks Central.

It has no meaning when mentioned by members of Umno-BN or others in the ‘unprofessional' civil and security services. It is just more useless and pointless hot air to waste everyone's time.

NewMalaysia: If the EAIC failed to perform over the past two years despite spending millions of taxpayers' money, I doubt any revamp will do any difference. It will be just more money down the drain.

Ipohcrite: The IPCMC is the only workable solution because it is a dedicated police oversight body, since police complaints have been the most numerous, compared with complaints against other government agencies. And, the fact is that the police force is a major and very important limb of the government.

The EAIC's scope, reportedly with 18 agencies under its oversight, is simply too wide for it to effectively deal with police misconduct and complaint issues. Do the right thing for once: stop skirting the issue.

Lawfool: Oh, we need two decades to solve the problem? I think it's logical, because our country is much bigger than Hong Kong.

Wiser: Twenty years to clean up corruption here is just an excuse to allow the exit of current corrupt leaders. He is saying it cannot be done any faster. Low is now in cahoots with the system.

At your age, Paul Low, you have no more time for bullshit. Either be in the cabinet to earnestly transform and be seen to be fighting for transformation, or get out with your reputation intact.

Don't do a MCA or Gerakan "talking behind closed doors", but actually taking directives from Umno. The people knows if you are there doing a good job for Malaysia, or otherwise.
Quigonbond: Low, Hong Kong cleaned up its act in the 60s and 70s. At that time, they did not have the luxury of the Internet technology nor social media.

The East Asian tigers took about 10 years to grow. In more recent times, Vietnam is taking shorter time to catch up. Currently, Myanmar is going to take even shorter time to catch up because of the technology revolution. We're living in different times, where delay means loss of national competitiveness.

So if you tell us that it'll take 20 years for Malaysia to finally clean up corruption, that's nonsense. Besides, that's the luxury we cannot afford to have.

Hong Kong may be corruption ridden back then, but the political structure was sound. Here, the political structure forments corruption. Giving 20 years to clean up corruption will result in our nation becoming bankrupt way before that.

What happened to BN's ‘people first, performance now' slogan? We want results now. No more waiting.

Clearwater: The EAIC was not given teeth, so what teething problems are you referring to, Low?

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