Wednesday, November 6, 2019

High Trust and High Performance Culture in Work Place

high performance culture
If you wish to improve performance of your team then it’s imperative to build a culture of high trust. Research has revealed that trust helps in reducing social frictions and enhancing cooperative behavior among the team members. Team leaders/managers can easily create a high trust and high performance culture in workplace by sticking to some of the fundamentals. 

Culture can actually propel the growth rate and profit of your company as it influences the behavior of every team members and their interaction levels with their colleagues. This in turn influences the way all team members work towards creating a value for the company. Culture isn’t static and can actually be measured as well as improved like other existing business processes. Organizational trust is a vital part of culture and it has a direct impact on the team members’ willingness to push themselves beyond their set roles. 

Trust actually works like a lubricant that reduces social frictions, which makes it easier for team members to work with their colleagues while being more efficient and enjoying their work. It’s a well-known fact that when every team member works effectively as a team, the productivity as well as innovation level rises. 

You need to improve the trust factor in your business and if you’re able to measure as well as manage your organization’s high trust and high performance culture then it can actually enhance performance by quite a few notches.

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