Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Why One Shouldn’t Miss to Up-Skill

up skill

Skills are considered a vital commodity for professionals and one should never miss to up-skill because it provides an amazing opportunity to enhance your employability and boosting your confidence. The idea to learn new skills isn’t new because every professional or business leader wants to adapt to different situations while meeting the challenges with confidence.
Here’re some good reasons why one shouldn’t miss to up-skill:
·       Helps you to stay in line with the latest trends and demand –  

      The world of business is undergoing rapid changes driven by Big Data, Robotics and AI and you need to up your game in order to stay relevant in your industry. You need to understand the latest trends and demands and prepare yourself for the new challenges. 

·       Bigger Paycheck  

     Upskilling can actually help you rake in the moolah because your employer would realize your enhanced potential and increase your salary quickly. Industry data reveals that employees who enhance their existing skill set or learn new skills enjoy a higher salary. 

·       Enable smoother career Transition  
    If you’re planning to join a new company and that too in a new role then nothing can ensure a successful transition than learning new skills. Any course or program that helps you to enhance your work with the help of industry-based assignment will prove to be immensely beneficial.
 Upskill to improve your employability quotient while making you more industry relevant. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

How to Become a Leader in What You Do

to be a leader

Natural born leaders are a rare breed. Majority of the leaders take the responsibility of training themselves to inculcate leadership qualities. Irrespective of whether you’re trained by someone wise or learn from various personal experiences, you can always become an effective leader.
Here’s a list of 5 things that you can do to become a leader in what you do:
·       Always keep the promises  
     Never ever break your promises because nothing can harm your credibility more than unfulfilled expectations or breached promises. It’s important to make only the promises that you can keep. Commitment to your words will help in developing integrity and discipline. 

·       Power Dressing 

     Yes, leadership is reflected in your dressing. You need to dress in order to influence. You must dress according to your appearance, personality and professional position. 

·       Respect and treat your team wellRemember a leader is as good as his/her team. Give your team the respect it deserves and treat them well so that they do the same while serving your customers. 

·       Give immense importance to personal growth 

      Commitment to personal growth leads to the team’s growth. All this ultimately culminates into better service levels and operational efficiency. 

·       Frequently ask for feedback 
     Don’t wait until one of your teammates criticizes you. Instead go ahead ask for feedback from your teammates.
All the above things, if practiced properly, can make you a good leader in any field.