Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Getting into a career as a graphic designer or User experience (UX) designer in Malaysia can help a lot, and there are always clients that you need to serve. Malaysia needs creative people such as product designers, packaging designers, building designs & infrastructure designs. Creative thinking can be developed both by an unstructured process such as brainstorming and by a structured process such as lateral thinking process. The best part is that you have to find out what kind of services you need to adapt and adjust, and the payoff alone can be impressive. With this industry requirement in focus, there are a lot of institutes providing a list of design skills you do not want to miss.

Interactive media

Nowadays a good graphic designer needs to have a whole lot of skills. Interactive media is crucial. People are drawn to movement, new features and adaptable content. That’s why using such media makes sense. It’s very creative, distinctive, and it encourages you to push the boundaries and come up with new designs all the time. Of course using interactive media has its fair share of challenges, but the payoff is amazing and that’s what really matters at the end of the day. Try to do that and the adaptability will be second to none if you do this adequately.

Typography and communication

A good graphic designer will also need to know a lot about communication and typography. Communication is crucial when it comes to talking with clients; for example, understanding their needs and requirements is pretty much mandatory. And then there are things like typography that make a lot of sense, and you have to adapt to them the best way you can. Typography is all about bringing the right style to the desired company. And it does indulge itself in creativity and lots of tries. It's a worthy effort if it is handled professionally.


As a designer, being part of the branding exercises are the order of the day, because it pushes the boundaries, and it brings in front of creative skills all the time. It’s the type of effort that pushes to the next level, and the quality itself is downright amazing if you do it adequately. It’s important to learn more about branding as a graphic designer, as most of your clients will be companies that want to establish their brand. So understanding what they want should be a crucial aspect.


Believe it or not, a bit of coding is required for any graphic designer. Different applications may require this additional skill sets to make the work perfect. If you know some coding too, then your skills will be a lot handier to companies as they might not have to hire an additional coder. So it’s a good idea to have such skills, and it will be worth it to learn it quickly.

It’s never easy to try and find the best results and the value that you need. In the end, it’s all about understanding the challenges that might arise and with the best approach, the payoff alone can be second to none. Yes, there are tricky situations to handle all the time, but if you are committed and focused on results, nothing will stand in your way. Just make sure that you take your time and learn these, it will help a lot!

Our industry needs more and more designers who are creative and make the brands unique. We want Malaysia to become an international hub for design, studios and attracting global brands in manufacturing and services.

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