Saturday, November 2, 2019

How to Become Successful in Disruptive Economy

Image- Courtesy - WIKI

 “Disruption is here to stay”!

Disruptive economy gives rise to two different types of opportunities. First, the companies are able to redefine why and how they work. Second, the companies are able to adopt so that they are able to serve their employees better. The essence of disruption lies in the fact that companies are able to redefine their product or purpose along with the brand’s value proposition.

Disruption leads to eruption and if you too want to become successful in disruptive economy then here’re two things that you need to do:

•    Open innovation – In order to ensure future of work for the company, you will need to use the inflow and outflow of information to drive internal innovation. You’ll have to prepare the company to tap into tactics, trends, procedures followed by your competitors and find out what to train for. This will help you open up new business innovation windows and expand your business to new markets.

•     An eye for the intangible metrics – Financial and data figures are meant for the investors and consumers. However, if you really want to be successful in disruptive economy then you need to manage the intangible metrics associated with the human capital. You can manage the human capital through a forward thinking policy, which facilitates autonomy, transparency, effective leadership and collaboration.

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