Friday, November 1, 2019

Choosing New Skills – Challenges and Advantages

new skills

Humans have managed to outlive all other beings on earth by virtue of their undying curious nature. If you’re not curious about your surroundings and happenings then you’re as good as dead! 
Similarly, if you’re always trying to find and learn new skills then it proves that you’re alive and surely superior than your lazy contemporaries. However, while choosing new skills, you will certainly encounter several challenges but at the same time realize the advantages as well.
Challenges of choosing new skills
Working out of the comfort zone – 

 It’s one of the biggest challenges of learning new skills; you’ll need to come out of your comfort zone and perform. 

Time management – 

 Like everyone else, you too have 24 hrs to manage your personal as well as professional commitment, so time management can be a challenge. 

Fear of failure -  
You might be anxious about your performance and learning capacity; however, learning new skills is all about beating the fear of failure.
·      Fun Yes, learning new skills come with its share of fun, even if you’re learning something as drab as accounting. Real life case studies and practical applications can definitely make learning fun. 

·      Sense of pride and accomplishment – Acquiring new skills every now and then can boost your pride and instill a sense of accomplishment. 

·      Phenomenal Payoff – Apart from monetary payoff, learning skills can boost your confidence like nothing. There’re more reasons than one to learn new skills and enjoy their fruits at different points in time of your life.

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