Friday, July 19, 2019

Competence building in VUCA World

Competence in a behavioural perspective is a capacity that includes knowledge, insight, attitude and skill aspects to do a set of tasks to attain specific goals. It is a skill or competence that you have acquired by learning or training. It is something that you can do perform and drive expected outcomes.

Competences or skills are specific, personal characteristics that are reflected in successful behavior. Competencies determine whether you are suitable for a particular position and whether you fit within a specific organisational culture.

The new world of work, whether construction industry, services, or manufacturing which is characterized by digitisation in one end on the other to face a situation termed as VUCA world, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity demands on the workforce: they should be able to deal creatively and effectively with unknown situations and make decisions. Knowledge and hard skills certifications are not enough. Rather, it is essential that employees know how to use their knowledge & skills effectively with soft skills as per conditions.

Soft skills, such as Adaptability is critical.  The employers will be assessing you on how you handle 'changes'. How do you respond to stressful situations? How you find balance in your work, in private and work or in your life? How assertive are you? How you give feedback or how you receive feedback?  How you communicate and treat your colleagues below and above.

Analytical skills:

Along with Soft skills, competence also covers analytical thinking that is essential not only for engineers,  project managers, computer scientists and natural scientists but also for consultants, accountants, Management Information Systems, program controllers and tax specialists.

Problem-solving skills:

It is the ability to solve complex problems that you face at work and also develop new ideas. It is the willingness to make decisions to implement creative solutions. To make sure not to postpone the problem or not to pass the problem but make sure that the solving ideas are executed and have the necessary effect. Finally, it is the willingness to take responsibility for possible wrong decisions also.

So competence is a specific range of knowledge, skill, ability to do the tasks effectively and also capable of meeting the expectations and outcomes. In our organisations within Malaysia, as well as across the globe, there is an increased need to build the right competencies for the employees who can manage change, creativity, productivity and growth.

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