Saturday, January 6, 2018

Media statement by M. Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat in Kualal Kangsar on 5th January 2018

Teacher charged under Official Secrets Act –Expert testifies disputing the Government report

UMA MAGESWARI A/P PERIASAMY @ MAYANDY 28 YEARS OLD a teacher was charged in 2014 in Kuala Kangsar Sessions Court under the Official Secrets Act for being in possession of UPSR question papers.

The case was fixed today for continued trial, where the Defence produced their second witness, a Digital Forensic expert to give evidence before Kuala Kangsar Sessions Court Judge, Tuan Johari bin Hassan.

A total of 14 wittiness gave evidence for the Prosecution. Uma gave evidence on 22nd December 2017

Today Internationally-renowned Digital Forensic expert, Mr Fong Choong Fook was called to give his expert opinion regarding the Digital Forensics Report prepared by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), which he concluded that the report produced by MCMC and tendered by the Prosecution lacks details and was incomplete.

He further stated in Court that the methodology of data extraction was not explained and the findings of the report were inconsistent and misleading, which he considers unsafe for the Court to rely on.

An example of such misleading findings was the access time of the impugned image was 12:00AM, but the image was created at 12:40PM of the same day. With the lack of explanation and details in the Digital Forensics Report, Mr Fong opines that it is not possible for an image to have access date/time before the creation date/time.

The Prosecution reserved cross-examination and requested another date to consult the experts from MCMC in order to study the evidence given by Mr Fong. The Court has fixed 19.01.2018 as the next date for the Prosecution to cross-examine Mr. Fong.
The Prosecution was led by En. Yusaini Amer while Mr M Kulasegaran, Mr Omar Kutty and Miss Divya (Pupil-In-Chambers) represented the accused.

If found guilty Uma faces a jail term of 7 years


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