Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jamal Md Yunus should reveal his source of fund

Press Statement by M Kula Segaran, MP for Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Ipoh on 1st September, 2016

Jamal Md Yunus should reveal his source of fund
At the Sungai Besar Umno division meeting yesterday, its division chief Jamal Md Yunus announced that all those delegates present would receive a total of RM 1000 each after the promised Dubai trip was cancelled.

He said he would pay RM 500 yesterday and another RM 500 next year.

In March this year, former information and tourism minister Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir said he quit Umno in 2012 to form Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (Ikatan), because of the prevalence of money politics in the Malay ruling party.

Jamal’s announcement therefore has shown the practice of money politics mentioned by Tan Sri Abdul Kadir.
It has also shown that money politics is much alive in Umno today.

sence of top Umno leaders like the Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Umno Informational Technology Unit Head Ahmad Maslan, Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed, Selangor Umno Chief Noh Omar.

His announcement has raised one question, that is where and what is the source of his funds?

I am sure not only Umno members but Malaysians too would like to know if the fund comes from his own pocket, his division or donation.
If the money is from his own pocket, then he has to justify that his income is sufficient for his generosity.

If it is from his division or donation, then he should be transparent about it, especially there was allegation last year that he was given RM 3 million by the Prime Minister Najib to organise the United People’s Gathering but which he had denied.

If Jamal is not prepared to be transparent on his source of fund, then MACC should move in and carry out an investigation.

Is Jamal Yunus the real face of UMNO? When if ever, money politics will end in Malaysia?

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