Saturday, April 30, 2016

Urge the IGP to set up a special task force to track down the ex hubby of IndiraGandhi

Press Statement by M. Kula Segaran MP for Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Ipoh on 30th April 2016


Urge the IGP to set up a special task force to track down the ex hubby of IndiraGandhi

Yesterday’s Federal Court’s decision brought much long overdue good news to IndiraGandhi and many others who are in her similar predicament.

I got numerous calls from all and sundry both locally and internationally congratulating the decision. People want immediate action and for a closure of this matter. Will this happen or the Inspector General of Police ( IGP) will keep on dragging his feet??

In view of the Federal Court’s directions against the IGP , I urge the IGP to form a Special Task force to oversee the arrest of Indira Gandhi’s ex husband Pathamanathan a/l Krishnan now known as Muhammad Riduan bin Abdullah .The Task force should updateIndira on the progress of the police efforts and progress in locating Pathamanathan a/l Krishnan

During the marriage, Pathamanathan a/l Krishnan used to frequent Thailand and stayedthere for many days. He used to have a lot of friends and connections there according toIndira Gandhi. Thus there is real fear and possibility the child could be abducted to Thailand or other places. In the circumstance, it would be wise for the police to take note of this and ask the immigration to monitor the border exits strictly.

Further, the last known place the said Pathamanathan a/l Krishnan was around was KotaBaru. He had been using the same phone number since 2009 and it would easy for the police to trace his whereabouts.

Indira first obtained an interim custody order and an order ordering the police to assist her. When we served the first order on the police in April 2009, the Police in Ipoh should have immediately acted on it. A good 8+ years of separation of mother and daughter could have been avoided. Due to the inaction of the police, Indira and many others have suffered in silence for many years. Police should act on court orders without questioning it. No body is above the law and that includes the police.

The police should also come with proper reasons/explanations as to why the police did not carry out the 2009 High Court order which was set aside in May 2009. Police had a valid order for a good 14 days and why there was inaction during this time. The sooner the explanation is provided the better before public lose confidence in the police handling the issue.

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