Thursday, April 21, 2016

From Malaysiakini News : Multi stream education system is not a cause of racism

Press Statement by M Kula Segaran, MP for Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Ipoh on 21st April 20, 2016

Multi stream education system is not a cause of racism

Principal Fellow at UKM’s Institute of Ethnic Studies Professor Teo Kok Seong’s call for the implementation of a single stream education system to combat racism in the country is wrong and unacceptable. (

His argument is flawed right from the start as the cause of racism in Malaysia is not due to the existence of multi stream education system . Single stream education is therefore is not the solution.

I will advise Professor Teo not to think from his ivory tower but to take a bold look at what is causing the rise of racism in this nation.
Cannot he see that the major causes of racism in this nation are due to racial politics , racial policies and racial speeches?

Why is he targeting the vernacular and religious schools when he should be targeting the real and major causes ?

He must be aware that many of the nation’s past and present government and opposition political leaders went to vernacular schools and I therefore challenge him to point out who among them are racists as a result of their education background.

Language does not make one a racist and language does not divide the people. Proponents of single stream schools like Professor Teo should stop blaming the vernacular schools as the cause of lack of unity or as the cause of racism in the nation.

There are many reasons why many non Malay parents send their children to vernacular schools and there are many reasons too why the national schools are not these parents’ preferred choice. I don’t have to teach a professor like Teo , what he needs is the preparedness to look at the issues with a bold and critical mind.

Teo should realise that the right to learn and study one’s mother tongue education is protected by the Malaysian constitution and he should respect the people’s rights.

Secondly, he should know too that abolition of the vernacular schools which is actually not a cause of disunity and racism, will in fact lead to more disunity in the nation.

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