Monday, March 7, 2016


The country is in turmoil. There are too many demeaning incidents that do not inspire confidence in the present leadership, particularly Dato Seri Najib Razak. Foreign governments are not too comfortable to deal with the present Prime Minister, because his explanations about the money found in his personal bank account varied from one another which is nothing but a clear case of vaccillating. His handpicked Attorney-General believes that he is the law and whatever he says must be accepted. In this regard he treats the whole legal system as being incapable of differentiating between chalk and cheese. An Attorney-General who condones criminal acts is unfit to be one. And in handling Najib's case he has clearly abused the discretionary power he has.

UMNO Baru is split, hence within the country Dato Seri Najib Razak's prestige as Prime Minister is in shambles. His integrity as a leader is questioned. The most important question that looms at large is who needs to be saved? Najib or Malaysia? Who needs to be protected UMNO Baru led by Najib or Malaysia? The answers to both question would be if you love Malaysia, then, it need to be saved. If you love Malaysia, then, it needs protection. Thus, Malaysia needs to be saved from greedy, unscrupulous, and corrupt leaders like Najib. Malaysia needs to be protected from Najib and those who support him. Therefore, the Citizens' Declaration first of its kind in the country's history can only be seen as a genuine effort to save Malaysia from leaders whose motive is self-aggrandisement and unjust enrichment and at the same time the declaration seeks to protect the country and the people from unjust laws perpetuated by Najib and his supporters.

What is remarkable is the fact that the current UMNO Baru is Mahathir's brain child, and its transformation into a political Frankenstein is there for all to see. This Frankenstein under the control of Najib actually caused more damage than one could imagine. It is time the creator of this Frankenstein come out to destroy what he had created. Besides, Najib the Frankenstein is also Mahathir's creation, hence it is only befitting that he leads to ensure that his creation does not cause more irreparable damage.

The signatories to the Citizens' Declaration by mostly of political parties with diverse objectives and non-government organisations can only be seen as awakening to meet the challenge the unjust course pursued by Najib and his supporters. The significance of the Citizens' Declaration could only mean that its motive is to see a clean, efficient, transparent and fair Malaysian government whose aim must be for a just society. SAVE MALAYSIA.

K. Siladass

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