Monday, March 14, 2016

Suppport the Citizens Declaration and Save Malaysia campaign to prevent Malaysia lurching towards a Prime Ministerial dictatorship

Media Statement by M. Kula Segaran, MP for Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Ipoh on 14th March 2016

Suppport the Citizens Declaration and Save Malaysia campaign to prevent Malaysia lurching towards a Prime Ministerial dictatorship

Since the launching of the Citizens Declaration on March 4, there have been some criticisms against some of the signatories who are from the Opposition and civil society.

These signatories from the Opposition and civil society, despite their having fought courageously and selflessly for a better Malaysia, have been accused of compromising their principles and even called hypocrites.

The main criticism stems from the fact that the Declaration and save Malaysia campaign were initiated by the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir who has long and often been criticized for his past wrongs.

Some opposition supporters have viewed working with Tun Mahathir as unbelievable and unacceptable, some have viewed the working together with him is as good as forgiving or forgetting his past mistakes and wrongs.

There are others who have said that the campaign will be a futile exercise and that the Save Malaysia campaign is sure to fail.

While it is understandable for some opposition supporters to find it difficult to accept the new political realignment that brings together former political rivals, nevertheless it is unfair to question the integrity of these great fighters who have been consistent in their fight for a better Malaysia.

The main question that critics should first ask and ponder is whether the objectives which include the ousting the Prime Minister Datuk Najib are right and necessary.

I view the joining of forces by Mahathir and others to oust Datuk Najib as a necessary strategy after it has become so clear that there is no way that Najib will resign either on his own or forced by Umno.

The nation has been bogged down and will continue to suffer if Najib continues to lead Malaysia. Malaysians should be concerned about the nation lurching towards a Prime Minister’s dictatorship.

The longer Najib stays on as Prime Minister, the more damage will be done to Malaysia.

Mahathir and the opposition have tried hard to get Najib to account for the 1MDB scandals but to no avail. Mahathir has also failed to oust Najib.

The coming together to save Malaysia does not mean forgetting all the differences with and misdeeds of Tun Mahathir, but rather it entails the willingness to work together despite the past differences and his past misdeeds.

Will the campaign succeed in ousting Najib? This is a question that no one will know the answer. But the lack of a definite answer cannot be the reason for not attempting to do what is necessary to save Malaysia.

The Citizens Declaration therefore deserves the support of Malaysians who believe that Najib should not lead Malaysia any longer and who want to prevent the nation lurching towards a Prime Ministerial dictatorship.

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