Monday, February 1, 2016

The Attorney-General's statement that prime minister Dato Seri Najib Razak has not committed an offence of bribery thus no further investigation is needed and informing the anti-corruption office to close the file does not come as a surprise.

 What must irk the Malaysian public is the AG's disclosure that the money came from the Saudi royal house by way of a gift. If that is a gift then why must it be returned? AG is behaving like a cat which thinks that the whole world is dark just because it closed its eyes. The AG may be satisfied but the Malaysians are not.

 What AG should have done is to bring the matter to court and let it clear Najib. Whatever the AG says in respect of the corrupt acts of Najib it will be assumed that the handpicked AG to replace the former chief prosecutor will be loyal to Najib. The pertinent questions which the AG had to answer are:

1) A gift is a gift, so why was it necessary to return?
2) To whom it was returned?
3) Is the Bank Negara aware of this refund?
4) Since it was alleged that the donation was for 13th GE, how did
Najib raise the amount to refund?

By K.Siladass
Dated this 28th January 2016

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