Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kula: Irresponsible to postpone compulsory English at SPM

Future generations will suffer if decline in English continues says Ipoh Barat MP

IPOH: The DAP has criticised the government’s indefinite postponement of a compulsory pass in English for the SPM, the fifth form public examination.

The decision is illogical and irresponsible, said DAP vice-chairman M Kula Segaran, who said it would hinder the progress of the English language in Malaysia and would benefit no one.

“Yes, many may have to slug it out to do well to pass the compulsory English paper but the benefits are enormous,” said Kula in an e-statement. He said a poor command of English had affected the well-being of Malaysians, and questioned if the federal government would ever find a permanent solution.

Future generations would suffer if the problem persisted, said Kula, who is MP for Ipoh Barat.

He said it was impossible to conduct diplomacy and commercial relations without a strong command of English. A survey in 2011 had revealed that more than 40,000 graduates from public universities could not get jobs in the private sector because they lacked proficiency in English.

Many of those were from rural areas, and Kula said their lack of proficiency in English would thwart the country’s economic growth.

He suggested that English be reintroduced as the medium of instruction and spoken language in all schools as before and called on the parents to support the call.

He said he had raised the matter in Parliament stating that the federal government must have the political will to make English compulsory in schools to improve standards. He urged the federal government to reverse the decline in English proficiency with urgency.

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